Discover the Top 10 attractions to visit Zermatt with Irro Charter
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Top 10 Attractions

Discover the Top 10 attractions to visit Zermatt with Irro Charter!

Discover the Top 10 attractions in Zermatt with Coach Charter Europe - your bus rental company Zermatt is a high ski resort (1608m above sea level) in the Swiss canton of Valais, in the Swiss Alps region near the Italian border. History records show the first nature enthusiasts arrived to Zermatt around 1780s, with first documented stopover by foreigners recorded during 1820s. An English mountaineer named Edward Whymper arrived in Zermatt, and was the first foreigner on record to successfully climb and reach the majestic Matterhorn Mountain Summit in 1865, and this was the event that took this town and astonishing mountain to international fame. It is documented that Theodore Roosevelt conquered the Matterhorn Mountain in 1881. Once interest started gathering pace, the Visp-Zermatt railway was built in 1891. Rumer has it that a young 20 something Mr. Winston Churchill ascended the near by mountain of Monte Rosa in 1894.

With ever growing tourism, Zermatt has flourished expressively over time, and chose to serve the high end of the tourist market segment. Today Zermatt is regarded among the most glamorous ski resorts in the Swiss Alps catering for Aristocracy and their classy friends. You can find some historic spots in the little old town center, but it is surrounded by posh amenities and luxurious hotels all around.

Please note that Zermatt is a car-fee town, and coaches can only stop at the Matterhorn Terminal Täsch, then group can take the train by Matterhorn-Gotthard Railway to Zermatt, or their hotel can offer special electric shuttles from Täsch that should be organized earlier with their hotel bookings.

Coach Charter Europe’s bus company has been prospering in the coach charter marketplace for over four decades. Bus company can provide options of a variety of bus rental sizes and services. Our airport shuttle coaches can pick you up from Zurich airport to travel comfortably to your hotel in Zermatt. Another option is to rent a chartered bus with driver to visit all landmarks around Zermatt safely, and comfortably. Of course the option of having a coach with driver for multi-day trip visiting other cities, and crossing into neighboring countries by rental bus and Tour Bus is also possible. For all kinds of itineraries, Coach Charter Europe is the reliable transport to have when exploring Zermatt, and its beautiful surrounding areas. You can just send a request to Coach Charter Europe’s tour bus section by email and find more details about our charter bus services.

Coach Charter Europe can advocate top 10 points to be on your program when exploring Zermatt as follows:

Zermatt, bridge and Matterhorn Switzerland
  1. Mount Matterhorn

    The fascinating, pyramid like shape summit of this glorious mountain is mesmerizing to see, and still keep attracting people by the droves from around the world. You can reach the mountain by taking the Matterhorn Express gondola to Trockener Steg, then hopping on the Klein Matterhorn cable car. Or you can take the Matterhorn Express located at the other end of Zermatt from the train station.

  2. Matherhorn Glacier Paradise

    From all the great views in the Swiss Alps, this part is stunning, and a must see because no photos will represent the true glory there. Make sure it’s a good weather day and then take 3S cable car to watch and take in the beauty of fourteen glaciers, with thirty eight mountain peaks from the Panoramic Platform. On top of the amazing views you can visit also the Glacier Palace, and enjoy the glittering ice sculptures.

  3. Gornerschlucht

    This one is for hikers, with little walk from Zermatt village ( around 10 minutes), walking first along the river, then you reach this intense gorge, naturally carved out of green serpentine rock, but the people have done a remarkable job of wooden walkways and staircases that gives access to this breathtaking natural monument.

  4. St Mauritus Church

    For some spiritual time, or history time, you can visit St. Mauritius church, considered the main Church in Zermatt. It was constructed in 1913 and located at the end of the main street.
  5. Matherhorn Museum - Zermatlantis

    This very modern museum tells the story of Zermatt over time. The chronicles are from the start as a village, to the start of tourism, then the development of Zermatt till today. Also on exhibition are the stories of the dear price paid by humans to conquer the great summit of Matterhorn over the ages.

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  7. Sunnegga

    Sunnegga Mountain is a baby cousin of Matterhorn. When taking the tunnel funicular or the (Sunnegga Express) make sure to have your Camera ready as during the ride you have the best clear views of the Matterhorn great Summit. After Sunnegga you can take the Leisee Shuttle to the lake below for great family time. Once you are rested you can easy walk down hill to Zermatt, but it will take around 90 minutes, so make sure to have comfortable footwear.

  8. the 5 Lake Trail

    For a hiking day, take the train up to the Blauherd station and start the hike from there. The hike mostly goes downhill and the Matterhorn Summit is reflected in some lakes making great views. The 5 lakes are super lovely; all have a different water color for some reason.

  9. The Rothorn

    For the real best view of the Matterhorn, it is easy to reach the Rothorn from Sunnegga in around 15 minutes hike, and once there, the Matterhorn will grace you with its most beautiful side.

  10. The Riffelsee

    On this lake, The Matterhorn Summit reflection on the lake’s surface is an impressive natural spectacle, it is no match to the other lakes. You can take the Riffelseeweg (No. 21) route that goes straight to Lake Riffle. The special view of the Matterhorn from this lake as the Summit will stand alone on the horizon and gives overwhelming effect not found on any other lake in the region.

  11. Summit Ski & Snowboard School

    For most of us Ski enthusiasts still need some tips and training, and the summit School is the answer. The friendly and professional staffs are key to make your Ski experience so much more fulfilling.

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