Irro Future Days: In a bus without driver
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Irro Future Day - In a bus without driver

Lüchow-Dannenberg. "Wow, I've never been in a bus without a driver before," said Lucas, a 5th-grade student from KGS Bad Bevensen, as the bus sits in the car wash and the system starts. Together with eight other children, he sat in the large vehicle of the Lüchow-based company Irro and watched as the bus was washed from the outside. "It's like with a car, just much, much bigger," he marveled, changing his seat frequently.

Yesterday, Thursday, the nationwide Future Day took place, also known as Girls' Day and Boys' Day. It's an action day that offered students in grades five to ten the opportunity to swap the school bench for a workplace. In Lüchow-Dannenberg, numerous companies, firms, authorities, and institutions also opened their doors. They invited children and teenagers to immerse themselves in the world of work for a day.

After the bus was washed, bus driver Tatjana Behn returned to her young passengers. She asked, "So, did everyone stay dry?" A loud "Yes" echoed back to her. She laughed and confessed, "Not me. When you stand near the emergency button at the back, you still get hit by a splash of water."

A short bus tour and this wash later, the children had the choice between four different departments: the travel agency, the incoming office, which deals with bus rentals and is often active abroad, the taxi center, and the workshop. Clara, a girl from the 5th grade of KGS Clenze, chose the travel agency. "I dream of becoming a pharmacist," she confessed. "But I'm also fascinated by travel. That's why I chose Future Day at Irro." [...]

Source: EJZ 26 April, page 5

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