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Irro Charter is one of the most experienced and competent bus charter companies in Europe. We have our own fleet of modern buses for rent. Our bus charter team offers individual service and assistance when planing your tours and events. Our coaches are at your disposal - punctual and reliable to guarantee the best service for you and your valuable travellers.

Our customers' contentment and convenience are important to us. Therefore we only use our own buses for charter or buses from qualified partner companies that are conforming to the highest standards of safety and comfort. Our fleet features the latest models from Mercedes Benz Tourino and Tourismo Buses as well as MAN Lion's Coach Buses with capacities between 20 and 72 seats.

Free WiFi in Europe
We offer free wireless internet connection in all our buses during the tour. Get into the bus and get connected.

Safety and Technology

Safety on the road is the basis for our daily work. For this reason, we operate an in-house master workshop with our own employed engineers. Our buses are maintained by us and regularly inspected by German Technical Inspection Agency (MOT). We can therefore ensure that you reach your destination at any time without complications. Our bus drivers regularly take part in module trainings and traffic safety trainings. By constantly practicing dangerous situations they are able to act with routine in a case of emergency.

Seat Belt Safety
It is European law that seat belts must be worn at all times during a bus ride. We comply to the new Department of Transport Seat Belt Regulations relating to Bus, Midi and Minibus Renal Services.

First Aid All our buses as well as buses of our qualified bus partners carry a First Aid Kit and each kit is sealed so we know when any items have been used. In addition to that, it is part of the driver 's daily check list to ensure the kit is in place and sealed. The First Aid Kit is also checked as part of our regular preventative maintenance inspections.

Fire Extinguishers All buses must carry a fire extinguisher. All extinguishers are sealed so we know if it 's been used (or tampered with). This is also part of the bus drivers daily check list to ensure the extinguisher is at the correct place and sealed. The fire extinguisher is also checked as part of our regular preventative maintenance inspections by our engineers. The bus driver will also make passengers aware of fire exits before departure.

Irro Engineers maintaining a Bus Vehicle Maintenance The maintenance of our buses has top priority and as a consequence we carry out all bus maintenance in-house by our team of expert engineers. Bus maintenance records are tracked and maintained by our Transport Manager. As a precondition of our operators licence buses have to undertake preventative maintenance inspections regulary and these inspections are also carried out by our engineers.

Vehicle Defect Report System
As a bus company that is open to technology, we are ready to break new ground at any time. In Awake Mobility, we have found a partner in 2021 who can make our buses even safer. With the help of sensors in the buses and their real-time evaluation, we will be able to react more quickly to signs of wear in the future. Artificial intelligence helps us including as material condition, driving style, driving routes and weather conditions into the analysis.

Safety Pack
Each bus carries a safety pack which includes a High Visibility Safety Vest and Hazard Warning Triangle. This safety pack is a legal requirement in parts of Europe.

Woman looking out of an Irro Bus Smoking
Smoking on board any company vehicles is prohibited by law.

On appointment all staff undergo an induction programme. This includes regular safety trainings and test drives in order to keep a cool head in the event of an actual accident, and to safely navigate the bus through any dangerous situation to keep bus and passengers safe at all times.
All staff must hold the appropriate driving licence for the class of vehicle to be driven. The licence is checked before the member of staff is appointed. Procedures are in place that the driving licence is checked, copied and signed every 6 months so as to ensure nothing has occurred to make the licence invalid. All driving staff have to undertake regular medicals to hold a licence. The expiry date for these medicals is also checked at the same time as the driving licence review.

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