Our responsibility
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We are taking responsibility

As a family-owned bus company, we have been deeply rooted in our home region in Lower Saxony, Germany, and are committed to the people and environment in our area as well as our guests that are coming from all over the world.

With all what we do, we always take responsibility:
Responsibility for your safety. Responsibility for a beautiful vacation in one of our buses. Responsibility for getting you to your destination quickly. Responsibility for our environment.
We want to fulfill this responsibility by setting up our bus company in a technological and sustainable way to lead it into a successful future.

Our Carbon Footprint
Basilica of Superga, Turin, Italy
As a bus charter travel and mobility service provider, we are at the very center of the climate debate. Our bus charter business model is based on transporting people and goods both to and from school and work and for leisure. Our vehicles are energy and resource intensive and our bus depot requires space to park and maintain the vehicles. We meet this responsibility by measuring the company's ecological footprint and doing everything we can to keep it as small as possible.

Since 2020, we have been balancing our Carbon Dioxide consumption in cooperation with ClimatePartner. We view Carbon Dioxide consumption as a business indicator and have established CO2 balancing as a fixed element in our operating processes. This creates transparency and enables us to determine exactly where we can operate with less energy. By supporting offset projects, we make our contribution to the global CO2 compensation. Click here to read the 2020 Corporate Carbon Footprint report.

One of our main transformational processes was the introduction of a fully photovoltaic system on the rooftop of our administrational building. These panels produce enough energy to supply to whole company. At the same time we have installed a brand new Washing Facility for all our buses that uses up to 81% recycled used water. The energy for this building also comes from an own photovoltaic system.

Our Social Responsibility
Irro Pridebus

Our 190 employees have their roots not only in Lower Saxony, Germany, but also in Poland, Scotland, Russia, Jordan, Latvia, New Zealand, Senegal and many other parts of the world. As part of the tourism and bus travel industry, internationality is a core component of our company. We regard diversity as an enrichment for us. As a bus company, we are committed to tolerance and respectful interaction with one another, regardless of origin, sexual orientation or political stance.

During the Corona pandemic, we are using our buses as converted mobile testing centers. We support the testing and vaccination campaign of the German government and encourage everyone to get vaccinated. As a bus company, we are grateful to be able to make our small contribution to an early containment of the pandemic.

During the Ukraine-Russia Conflict we are helping with our buses to bring necessary relief supplies and goods to the people in need. We have helped more than 500 people to get from the Polish-Ukraine boarder to a shelter place in Poland or Germany. We offer our bus charter services to organisations and businesses as well as private groups to do bus transfers between Poland and Germany.

Safety and Technology

Safety on the road is the basis for our daily work. For this reason, we operate an in-house master workshop with our own employed engineers. Our buses are maintained by us and regularly inspected by German Technical Inspection Agency (MOT). We can therefore ensure that you reach your destination at any time without complications. Our bus drivers regularly take part in module trainings and traffic safety trainings. By constantly practicing dangerous situations they are able to act with routine in a case of emergency.

As a bus company that is open to technology, we are ready to break new ground at any time. In Awake Mobility, we have found a partner in 2021 who can make our buses even safer. With the help of sensors in the buses and their real-time evaluation, we will be able to react more quickly to signs of wear in the future. Artificial intelligence helps us including as material condition, driving style, driving routes and weather conditions into the analysis.

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