Understanding Bus Driver Work and Break Regulations
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Bus Driving

Understanding Bus Driver Work and Break Regulations

Ever wondered about the working and rest hours of a bus driver? Let's delve into the regulations governing their breaks.

According to the Working Time Act for Breaks, bus drivers are required to take a 45-minute break after a maximum of 4.5 hours of driving. Alternatively, this break can be split into two segments. Following these driving and rest hours, the bus driver determines the break times to ensure a safe bus journey.

It's crucial to note that after a total driving time of 4.5 hours, the driver must have a cumulative break of 45 minutes.

What should be considered during breaks?
It's essential to understand that every stop is part of the driver's driving time. If you have a specific rest area in mind, discuss it with the bus driver at the beginning of the journey. However, the driver has the ultimate authority, and there's no guarantee of taking a break at your desired location or time! If passengers alter the route, incurring extra kilometers, the resulting costs are billed as compensation. Without additional stops and breaks, there are no additional charges!

Changes in the itinerary, such as small detours or an extra rest, must always be coordinated with the driver to fit within the legal driving and rest hours of the bus driver.

How long can a single driver operate?
During a shift, the driver is available for your journey. The bus driver's shift time is 13 hours, or in exceptional cases, 15 hours. Between shifts, the driver must rest for a regular 11 hours, which can be reduced to 9 hours in exceptional cases. Therefore, if your tour exceeds 13 or 15 hours, a second driver must be deployed. This extends the shift time for both drivers to 19 hours, or in exceptional cases, 21 hours. Even with a double crew, the rest time remains 9 or 11 hours.

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