Discover the Top 10 attractions in Weimar with Irro-Charter
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Top 10 Attractions

Discover the Top 10 attractions in Weimar with Irro Charter

Top 10 attractions in Weimar with Irro Charter

Coach Charter Europe invites you to explore Weimar, a city in the state of Thuringia as part of sixteen states under the Federation of the German Republic. The city now is designated a University City with three institutions:

  • The Franz Liszt University of Music

  • The Duchess Anna Amalia Library

  • The Bauhaus University

Weimar is very prominent for its influential cultural heritage. Many academics consider Weimar as the cradle of Germany's Enlightenment era thru 17th -19th centuries. Weimar is an important place for any study or serious re-search of the German language and cultural heritage. There are many pioneering literature stars with scholarly and innovative achievements that actually resided, worked, and thrived in Weimar city under the patronage of the progressive rulers of those times like: Goethe, Bach, Schiller, Liszt, Cranach, Nietzsche, Herder, Gropius, Kandinsky, and Feininger just to name a few.

After WWI the monarchy was abolished, and the country was proclaimed as a federal Republic in 1919 by the National Assembly in Weimar. That was the start of the Weimar Republic between 1919 and 1933. The constitution of the German Reich, (identified by many as the Weimar Republic (1919–33)), was drafted in Weimar also. This Weimar Republic period was marred with social, economic and civil unrest that lead to the rise of the Nazis.

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Coach Charter Europe puts forward suggestions of the top 10 places for your itinerary in Weimar as follows:

Weimarer Rathaus, Marktplatz, Stadtverwaltung, Thüringen, Weimar
  1. Herzogin Anna Amalia Bibliothek

    Duchess Anna Amalia’s Library was built in the middle of the 18th century. Since 1998 this site was registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site to enshrine it importance to humanity. This significant research center & library for literature and art was established and nurtured to importance and fame by the consistent royal support as well as its resident scholars like Johann Wolfgang von Goethe – considered the father of German literature. The center of this remarkable building is the Oval Rococo Hall that extends over three floors housing a wealth of books and art works.
  2. Bauhaus-Museum Weimar

    In 1919, Weimar city was where the prominent Bauhaus school of art, design and architecture was born. This museum was built to commemorate the significant movement.The Bauhaus Museum is organized in different sections: "The New Image of Man", "The New Living" and "What Remains" which arranges the framework for the very expansive "mechanisms" of the Bauhaus theory and makes it easier to fathom.
  3. Schloss Belvedere

    The Belvedere Summer palace was opened in 1748 by the Duke Ernst August located in the 43 ha. lush Belvedere Park. The palace was built in the baroque style, and you still can see the beautiful effort that has been done here with wonderful furniture and decorations. The surrounding park has impressive landscaping, with important plant collections. It is believed that Duke Ernst August together with Mr. Goethe had piloted plant studies in the Belvedere Park.
  4. Goethe National Museum

    This historic house with garden was gifted by the Duke Carl August to retain Goethe in Weimar, and today is left mostly as it was at his death in 1832. The Goethe National Museum is now the top demonstration and research for Goethe's lifetime's achievements. For almost 50 years, the poet and scholar lived and worked in this house, which was rebuilt and designed according to his specifications. You will be amazed about Goethe's art and natural science collections; with the authentic furniture and the library are the highpoints of the tour.
  5. Neues Museum

    The New Museum Weimar was built in 1869, as the Grand Ducal Museum. The building design is from the neo-Renaissance by architect Josef Zítek. The exhibitions’ displays have great international works of Realism, Impressionism and Art Nouveau. These masterpieces mirror a glamorous as well as contradicting time period back then that actually connects in many ways to our present times.
  6. geotheundschiller
    Weimar, Altstadt, Goethe- und Schiller Denkmal
  7. Tiefurt castle and Park

    This Tiefurt castle was built in 1765. When the Duchess Anna Amalia took ownership, she turned this summer residence to become an intellectual salon for the Weimar literature society. The 23 hectare garden/park designed to be very welcoming for guests to discover many memorials like; the Herderstein, the Temple of the Thinkers, and the Tea Room.
  8. Nietzsche Archiv

    This house is where the great philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche spent his last years ill and bed-ridden. His sister Elisabeth Förster-Nietzsche cared for him in those years, and after his death she commissioned the Belgian designer Henry van de Velde to re-model the building to be a great memorial for her brother, and named it the Nietzsche Archiv. It is well known that the interior designs and furnishings of this museum are considered the most successful conceptions from the Belgian designer.
  9. weimar Haus

    This is a very special museum. It is neither a typical museum, nor an adventure park, and not an adventure museum. TheWEIMAR HAUS is an establishment that strives to present visitors to Weimar city’s special past in an innovative/entertaining way. It stimulates the mental craving for light, feel and a desire for more heritage in the special effects environment. Simply put, what awaits you in WEIMAR HAUS is experiencing history through your senses by seeing, smelling, touching, feeling and hearing.
  10. Thuringian Museum of Pre- and Ancient History

    This very well organized museum is a nice surprise for all visitors. If you are curious about ancient times from around 400,000 years in Thuringia, this is the place to be. It is clearly presented here how humans and nature have developed along the ages. In addition to the artifacts, there are multi media videos explaining how progress went through during the stone, copper, iron, bronze, and other ages.
  11. Römisches Haus

    The Roman House is situated in lush Park an der Ilm. . It was completed in 1797 under the supervision of Johann Wolfgang Goethe in order to make an Italian sanctuary for Duke Carl August of Saxe-Weimar and Eisenach. After Goethe's trip to Italy, he was inspired by the experience and this house was the architectural-theoretical reflection he carried when coming back to Weimar.

We trust our points for your Weimar’s tour can make your itinerary in Weimar very exciting. Weimar is a brilliant location to make holiday, presenting a selection of attractions that will satisfy most tastes.
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