Discover the Top 10 attractions to visit Wales with Irro Charter
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Top 10 Attractions

Discover the Top 10 attractions to visit the Wales with Irro Charter

Top 10 attractions in The City of Wales, with Irro Charter

Irro Charter would like to highlight Wales, the country that is part of the British United Kingdom. The capital city is Cardiff. Wales is bordered by England from the east, Irish Sea from the north and west, and the Bristol Channel to the south. In the fifth century after the Romans departed Britain, Wales became an independent nation, but by the thirteenth century it was taken over by the English. In the fifteenth century Wales became independent again briefly just to be taken over by the English in the sixteenth century again. In the nineteenth century Welsh nationalism was born again, and culminated in 1999 with the establishment of the welsh parliament.

A large portion of Wales’s landscape is mountainous, especially to the north and the central parts of the country, which is why most of the population inhabits the south part of Wales. Wales’s Mountains are a magnate for hikers, and offers great extreme sports settings. The coast line of wales has dozens of nice beaches and a marina. In summer times wind surfing and other water sports are popular around wales when the weather permits.

Irro Charter likes to propose the following top 10 sites for your itinerary when touring Wales:

Cardiff, Wales
  1. Tredegar House in Newport (CASNEWYDD)

    The magnificent Tredegar House was built in the late seventeenth century for the Morgan dynasty with great English gardens surrounding the manor, and was kept by the Morgan family until 2011 when the national trust took control of the property. It is a must to give great praise and credit to the National Trust for their extensive renovation of the property, and especially the indoors décor and furniture of this historic treasure.
  2. Caerphilly Castle in Caerphilly(CAERFFILI)

    This unique and strategic fort was built between 1268 and 1271 by an English Baron to repel the welsh price of wales. This fort had very militarily strategic design in the thirteenth century, and the first castle to use water ponds, portable passages, and multiple fortifications for defense that actually set new standards for building formidable forts ever since. Hollywood did not miss the opportunity to film many period movies here. Since the fourteenth century the Bute family has taken care for this national gem until the fifth marquees donated the castle to the state 1950.
  3. Bodnant Garden in Bodnant Estate (SOUTH OF CONWY)

    The beautiful and inspiring Bodnant Gardens were established in 1875 along with the Bodnant Estate of 80 acres by the McLaren family whom lived there and cared for this estate and gardens until 1949 when they donated the whole estate to The National Trust. This estate is on the Conwy River and on the other end has the Carneddau Mountains. The flower colors and amazing scents in spring are an extraordinary enjoyable heaven to experience.
  4. Bute Park in Cardiff

    The Bute Family donated the Bute Park to Cariff city in 1947. The Bute Park consists of three different parts, first is the Pontcanna Field, second is the Sophia Gardens, and third is the Llandaff Field. This park gives Cardiff a wonderful green stretch between the River Taff and the Castle. It is a great chance for city workers, locals, and tourists to enjoy some great fresh outdoor moments in Cardiff.
  5. Barafundle Bay Beach in Stagbwll

    Barafundle Bay is a 2.5 Km walk from Stackpole Quay along the coast line. It is famous for its beauty and sand. Be prepared in summer weekends to see crowds all over this special beach. For the adventurous hikers and walkers you can go from the south side of the beach and take the coast path to the Stackpole Head and explore the rock arches and striking cliffs.
  6. Wales1
    Great britain the Balmoral Castle set in the set of magnificent english landscaped gardens
  7. Erddig Hall in Wrexham

    The Erddig manor was established between the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, and was the seat of the Yorke dynasty for around two hundred and fifty years. Erddig Hall is a great castle and was within a 1900 Acres beautiful estate. In 1973 The National trust took over ownership and custodianship of this national star, with the house being restored to it’s original glory days, and still no electricity, but only with 486 acres left in the estate as the trust needed to sell some land to cover the high costs of repairing and rehabilitating the house in the seventies and Eighties.
  8. Pen-Y-Fan Summit in Brecon Beacons National Park

    This mountain summit is very popular with hikers and adventure seekers, with hundreds of thousands of people making the trails to this summit every year. There are several different paths and tracks to reach this summit, with the shortest path being called the motorway because it is often so busy. The recommended path starts from Cwm Gwdi car park, then take the path through the Cefn Cwm Llwch rim, this path is longer, but has mush better views and much less traffic.
  9. Ramsey Island a Bird Sanctuary in ST Davids (TYDDEWI)

    The Ramsey Island (in welsh: Ynys Dewi) is a reservation Nature Sanctuary by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds to protect a breeding healthy population of choughs. From St Justinian harbor it is possible to take a boat and visit the Ramsey Island. If you happen to be there between July and Sept. then you may also spot dolphins, porpoises, and whales.
  10. Big Pit National Coal Museum - Old Mine in Blaenavon

    The Big Pit in Blaenvon was a coal mine that operated from 1880 till1980. It is now re-arranged as a thrilling museum that displays and features how mines really work and the tough conditions for miners working life. Above ground there are many buildings and displays of facilities that miners needed and used. If you are brave enough to go underground tour, you need to have extra warm clothing and tough shoes, and the tour leader will give you safety gear on your head and back that weighs around 5 kg.
  11. NAtional Slate Museum in Llanberis

    The slate Museum is housed at the workshops from the Victorian era, located next to Lake Llyn Padarn. The workshops were used by workers from the Dinorwig Quarry for carving slate from the open mountain site. The quarry operated from1861 till 1969.

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