Discover the Top 10 attractions to visit Vienna with Irro Charter
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Top 10 Attractions

Discover the Top 10 attractions to visit Vienna with Irro Charter!

Top 10 attractions to see in Vienna with Irro Charter

Vienna is the capital city of Austria. For many years Vienna has been regarded among the best cities to live in the world. Many established institutions have ranked Vienna as the top or second best city in the world for high quality standards of living since 2005 till 2019 consistently. Vienna with its 3 million inhabitants is the second largest German speaking city after Berlin.

The rich culture of Vienna is astonishing. Vienna is the city of Classic Music, and globally recognized as the center for classic music for centuries now. Vienna hosts great special classic music venues like:
The Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra’s home venue of Musikverein which presents perfect acoustic measures.
The main opera house of Staatsoper showcases stunning gold-and-crystal ornaments.
The large Konzerthaus offers multi-stages for multi-events hosting.
The MuTh is home for the Vienna Boys' Choir.
The fascinating Haus der Musik museum is where people need to book many months in advance to have the privilege of attending some of the great music performances today.

Vienna has great offerings of caffee and cuisine culture. There are numerous lavish 'living rooms' in coffee houses that offer remarkable cakes and sweets. There are popular Beisln pubs offering delicious food in large servings. Also there are great fine-dining restaurants serving great Austrian wines in Vinothek (wine cellars like vaults).

Vienna’s past as the Imperial capital of the Habsburgs Dynasty over six centuries is clearly represented in the city center with the breathtaking complex of palaces and fine gardens that show how architecture and opulence reached great heights in that era.

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We can suggest the following 10 top sites for your upcoming Vienna trip:

Fiaker in front of the Alte Hofburg, Vienna, Austria
  1. Kaiserliche Schatzkammer (the Imperial Treasury)

    The Imperial Treasury in Vienna is found in the Hofburg palace complex. The Austrian Crown Treasures from the Holy Roman Empire with the Imperial Crown and the Holy Lance are found here. You can find also the treasure of the Order of the Golden Fleece. From the 15th century are still some of the priceless Burgundy treasures found well kept here. The biggest cut emerald gem in the world called the "horn" of the legendary unicorn is found here as well.
  2. Schönbrunn Palace

    Originally it was built in 1638, but after a war it was damaged heavily in 1683. In 1743 Empress Maria Theresa commissioned re-building and expanding it to the current shape. Schönbrunn Palace is the largest in Austria with 1441 rooms, but only 40 are open to visitors. This palace and its venues used for great classic music performances are very popular, so maker sure to book ahead.
  3. the Museums Quartier Vienna

    This area contains dozens of museums and cultural institutions covering classical and modern art works. The scope is huge covering varieties starting with fine arts to theater, dance, design, and music, fashion, and literature, children's literature, to game culture, street art, architecture, and photography. Plentiful cultural events take place in the squares and open spaces of the MQ all year round, including dance presentations, exposition projects, film carnivals, literary impressions to DJ lines.
  4. the Stephansdom

    The St. Stephen's Cathedral, sanctified in 1147, is a symbol of Austrian uniqueness. Boasting of a vibrant tile roof colors and tall Romanesque masts, it has become one of the icons of Vienna. The rich history of this Cathedral spanning many centuries is on display all around this magnificent structure, and deserves to have a guide that can highlight the major points for your group.
  5. Rathausplatz Christkindlmarkt

    If you have the chance to visit Vienna during December, it is a must to visit the Christmas market located in front of the Vienna city Hall on Rathausplatz. More than a hundred wooden stalls lining up, offering season gifts, decorations, food and drinks. You will also find some music performances, Christmas carols around the Christmas tree to take you into the Christmas spirit.
  6. KarlsplatzinVienna
    View on st. Charles's church on Karlsplatz in Vienna.
  7. Austrian NAtional Library

    It is a great privilege to visit the State Hall of the Austrian National Library, where you will feel, smell, and be dazzled by the great ambience there. It was built as a section of the former court library 3 centuries ago. The building is a great example of the lavish baroque design style, where you can find an excessively ornamented dome and several frescoes that establish the imperial feel. This architectural gem lines more than 200,000 of book volumes that offer a wealth of knowledge and culture.
  8. Army History Museum

    The army History museum building was opened in 1856 to the public. You will find a unique combination of topics covered here like; armed and combat history, military technology and battle science, art and architecture all in one location. The museum focuses on the part the army played in the Austrian history under the Habsburg Empire from the 16th century to the end of WWI, and the outcome for Austria until 1945.
  9. Josephinum

    This is a very unusual museum housing special Collections at the Medical University of Vienna. The building was purposely built by Emperor Joseph II's in 1785 for the medical academy of army surgeons. The astonishing and detailed models for teaching medical students have become attractions for the public since and still preserved as they were first made from wax and in their original glass cases. Make sure before you visit to be prepared to hold your composure from the explicit graphic details.
  10. Imperial Wagenburg Vienna

    This is the Imperial Wagenburg museum in Vienna at Schönbrunn palace featuring Imperial Carriages for the emperors and dresses of the empresses. On display are the amazing baroque styled carriages with unbelievable detailed ornaments, and amazing lavish customs that take to you back to the golden times of Imperial Vienna.
  11. Mozarthaus Vienna

    Between 1784 and 1787, the illustrious composer Mozart lived in this house in Vienna. Now it is a great museum offering live music concerts. The building has three floors; the 3 floor features social life style during the eighteenth century Vienna. The middle floor is the musical part of Mozart’s life where he written and played his genius music. The ground floor is where Mozart’s bedroom and personal furniture could be found.

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