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Discover the Top 10 attractions The Valencia, with Irro Charter

Top 10 attractions in The Valencia, with Irro Charter

Explore the Top 10 attractions in Valencia with Irro Bus Charter - your bus rental company Valencia, a port city on the southeast coast of Spain, lies at the mouth of the Turia in the Mediterranean Sea. It is famous for its Ciudad de las Artes y de las Ciencias. Here are futuristic buildings that include a planetarium, an oceanarium and an interactive museum. Valencia also has several beaches, including some in the nearby Albufera Natural Park, a protected wetland area with a lake and walking paths.

Valencia has many things that draw visitors to Spain, all in one place: the city has a lively old town with its little streets and beautiful medieval buildings, such as the UNESCO-listed Lonja de la Seda. Valencia is also right on the Mediterranean Sea, so you can enjoy the large sandy beaches and delicious cuisine that draws on the sea. This is the home of paella, perhaps the most popular Spanish dish of all. There are also state-of-the-art tourist attractions in the City of Arts and Sciences, all of which make Valencua one of the most complete destinations in Spain.

Valencia can be reached either by plane via Valencia Airport. You can, of course, make your way through the city by public transport. However, if you would like to visit Valencia in a more formal, comfortable and easy way, consider using our charter bus service. Irro Bus Charter has been involved in the tour bus industry for over 40 years. As a family-owned bus company, our goal is to provide exceptional charter bus rental services customized to your itinerary needs.

If you want to travel with your group, then a charter bus from Irro Bus Charter is the best way to get to Valencia. Bus Company by Irro Bus Charter advises group managers to plan their time between visits wisely to handle itinerary points and to remain flexible for other tasks.

We welcome you to the top ten ideas on your next trip to Valencia:

  1. City of the Arts and Sciences

    It can be difficult to wrap your mind around the City of the Arts and Sciences. The attraction is a beautiful collection of state-of-the-art structures that are given an ethereal quality by the reflective pools that surround them. The whole thing began in the mid-90s and the final touches were made in 2005. Cultural venues and first-class family attractions such as L'Hemisfèric, the Planetarium and the IMAX Cinema, or the spectacular L'Umbracle, a botanical array of plant species native to Valencia, are part of these gargantuan buildings. Book ahead in order to stop queues.
  2. Oceanografic

    This state-of-the-art oceanarium opened in 2003 is the star of the City of Arts and Sciences. With 45.000 individual animals of 500 different species, you're not going to find any attraction on this scale in Europe. The aquarium is organized by ten areas, each of which synthesizes a distinct ecosystem and uses real seawater pumped from the Valencian waterfront. And in the Arctic tank you'll see beluga whales swimming in a large and thoughtfully built tank. You'll see tiger sharks, penguins, walruses, dolphins and sea lions. It all adds up to a day with adults and little guys won't forget about it soon.
  3. La Lonja de la Seda

    This magnificent late 15th-century building is a UNESCO site and is a masterpiece of gothic architecture in Valencia. La Lonja de la Seda is the finest monument to the golden age of Valencia, when the city was one of the major centers of trade and culture in Europe. The name means "Silk Market" where merchants from far-flung Mediterranean countries will meet and make deals. Within, you can marvel at the fragile twisting columns of the main hall (sala de contratación) and gaze up at the exquisite detail of the vaulted ceilings. Its hard-looking, crenelated form sits right in front of the city's central market.
  4. Valencia Cathedral

    The city's solemn Gothic cathedral dates back to the 13th and 14th centuries, with renaissance, baroque and neoclassical improvements over the next several hundred years. Go inside to see the 15th-century Renaissance paintings by artists such as the Valencian, Jacomart, and others from Rome commissioned by Pope Alexander VI. But the most interesting and perhaps controversial element is the Chapel of the Holy Chalice. One of the few chalices believed to have been used by Jesus to institute the Holy Eucharist at the last supper is on the altar. This agate vessel was dated between the 4th century BC and the 1st century AD by archaeologists, but no scientific study has yet been carried out..
  5. El Miguelete

    The octagonal bell-tower of the Cathedral is full of postcards sent home from the area. It's a gothic house in Valencia, begun in 1381 and finished just under 50 years later. Originally it stood completely alone from the cathedral, but the additions in the late 1400s brought the two buildings together. If you're feeling sprite, you can ascend the 207 steps up a slightly shaky stairway to the top with a fantastic view of 50 meters above the city. The major sight at the top is Miguel, the famous bell cast in 1432 and weighing more than ten tons.
  6. valencia
    Valencia, Spain
  7. Casco Historico

    Like most historic centers in Spanish cities, the heart of Valencia is built for hiking. All the must-see sights in this part of town are only a few minutes away from each other. Between each landmark there is a maze of small streets of cafes , restaurants and local facilities or craft shops. To beat the heat in the summer, stop at a square like Plaza de la Virgen for a cool glass of horchata, a drink made with ground almonds, tigernuts and a variety of grains and flavored with cinnamon and vanilla.
  8. Barrio del Carmen

    he northeast side of the old town is the youngest and most bohemian part of the region. El Carmen took shape in medieval times, outside the Moorish walls of the 11th century, but inside the Christian walls of the 14th century. What's great about this place is how the palaces next to these chic, shaded alleys have been turned into trendy boutiques, bars , restaurants and nightclubs. Calle de Caballeros, which starts at Plaza de la Virgen, is where several nights in Valencia will end. You can also see fragments of the late-medieval defenses of Valencia, Torres de Quart and Torres de Serranos.
  9. Jardin del Turia

    This beautiful park gives you fresh air and relaxation right in the center of the city. It occurred in the 20th century after the Turia River burst its banks in 1957, causing great damage to the area. The river was drained and, in the 1980s, its riverbed in the city was converted into nine kilometers of green space. A total of 18 bridges still span the riverbed, the oldest dating back to the Middle Ages, and are now just another aspect of the unique landscape of the park. Many landscape architects have planned these gardens to establish a landscape of pine trees, orange groves, palms and paths that lead past sports facilities, playgrounds and fountains.
  10. Central Market

    Opposite the Silk Exchange is another prestigious landmark, the cave and palatial central market house. Even if you're just sightseeing here, you're going to love the art nouveau metal and glass architecture of the hotel. While it dates back to the early 20th century, it fits seamlessly with the historic architecture of this section of the old town. And if you feel like shopping at the store, you'll be in the foodie heavens. There are 400 small vendors on the market, with 959 selling farm and seafood goods at the best prices in town. If there's a Spanish delicacy you love, such as chorizo, jamón ibérico or manchego cheese, it'll be your El Dorado.
  11. El Saler Beach

    Mavarrosa is a good urban beach, but you might want a more natural setting next to the Mediterranean. In which case, El Saler is the way to go: the beach begins some way south of the port of Valencia, which you can see from a distance. 2.6 kilometers long, this beach means peace and privacy as you relax on white sands along the coast of La Albufera Natural Reserve. Behind you are nothing more than sand dunes and pine trees and mild waves in front of you and a wash that gently flows into the sea.

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