Discover the Top 10 attractions in Turku with Irro-Charter
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Top 10 Attractions

Discover the Top 10 attractions in Turku with Irro Charter

Top 10 attractions in Turku with Irro Charter

Turku is a city on the southwest coast of Finland, on the banks of the Aurajoki and dating back to the 13th century. Most famous is the medieval Turku Castle at the mouth of the river, inside of which there is a history museum. There are numerous restaurants in the cobbled streets along the banks. The old market on the east bank is lined with magnificent buildings. The nearby Turku Cathedral houses a royal tomb and museum. Set where the Aura River flows into the Sea of the Archipelago, Turku is Finland's oldest city and was the country's first capital. National landmarks such as the Turku Castle and the Turku Cathedral can bring to light the history of Finland, and you will learn how famous cultural figures such as Jean Sibelius and Wäinö Aaltonen helped form the nation in the 20th century. And don't forget that there's a world of small islands right next to the capital. By bike you might go on a hopping trip, boarding ferries to explore litt.

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Coach Charter Europe can recommend top 10 points to be on your program when exploring Turku as follows:

Turku Castle
  1. Turku Cathedral

    This is a very important building, the seat of the Archbishop of Finland and the national sanctuary of the country. Many people have this 13th-century cathedral down as Finland's most important historic building. When it was first constructed the cathedral was made almost entirely of wood, until a stone restoration took place in the 1400s. Among the famous historical figures buried in the Turku Cathedral is Karin Månsdotter, Queen of Sweden of the 16th-century, and you'll be able to see her marble sarcophagus very clearly.
  2. Kuralan Kylämäki

    Right on the eastern outskirts of Turku is Kurala, where there's a recreated village in the 1950s where costume actors behave like they would in the post-war period. There's a working farm here, with chickens, sheep, and cows, so little ones are sure to enjoy themselves. You can go inside the blade-sharpener 's workshop to watch the stone or take a walk through the wilderness hunting bail.
  3. Turku Castle

    Among Finland's most prestigious pieces of national heritage, as well as one of its oldest buildings, the Turku Castle took shape in the late-1200s during the Swedish period in Finland. It was built to protect their province of Eastland, but it took on all kinds of different positions over the next few centuries: it was a lavish palace, an administrative center, a seat of government, a factory, and then a jail right up to the end of the 1800s. After a pause, the building was eventually restored in 1987 and is now a museum.
  4. Forum Marinum Maritime Centre

    The IX district of Turku is a riverside attraction that occupies two former government warehouses. All along the quay heritage boats of all sizes are moored and ready for you to board. Sigyn, a three-masted merchant vessel constructed in Gothenburg in 1887, is one of these. There are also four Finnish naval vessels and a police boat that you can check out. On shore, you can visit the old warehouses to see the evolution of maritime trade and conflict in Finland, and check out even more hist.
  5. Ruissalo

    The long and craggy island of Ruissalo is on the upper side of the Turku estuary. It's always been easy to reach from the mainland and in the Middle Ages it was part of the hunting grounds for the Turku Castle. Later it became the summer resort of choice for the wealthy, and a variety of delightful villas were constructed here in the 1800s. A perfect way to see the rugged coastline of Ruissalo, the botanical garden, the sandy beaches and the fresh oak forests is to ride a bike and cross the Ruissalon cantotto.
  6. Citylibrary
    Turku City library at night.
  7. Sibeliusmuseum

    Turku's is the only museum entirely focused on music in Finland. It is a functionalist building of the 1960s designed by Woldemar Baeckman, one of Finland 's leading post-war architects. There are almost 2,000 musical instruments to be found inside, gathered from all corners of the globe. One of the rooms is entirely dedicated to Jean Sibelius, giving you the history to his life, his compositions and his role in helping Finland to establish a sense of national identity after his time.
  8. Turku Market Hal

    Turku Market Hall is a perfect place to explore Finnish and Scandinavian cuisine – or just take a fast bite! Opened in 1896, the Turku Market Hall is Finland's second oldest market hall. Markets and market halls are a huge part of Finnish culture, and in the center of the city, the Turku Market Hall, you can enjoy your traditional salmon soup with local rye bread in an authentic atmosphere. With hundreds of stalls selling everything from meat and vegetables to sushi and cheese, there's plenty to choose from for all.
  9. Luostarinmäki Handicrafts Museum

    In the 19th century, Turku was Finland's largest city. The Great Fire of Turku caused major devastation in 1827, and Luostarinmäki (Cloister Hill) was the only wooden house district to be spared from the flames. In Luostarinmäki, tourists can encounter the special, artisanal atmosphere of ancient times in a picturesque environment. The outdoor museum features 18 blocks of original 18th-and 19th-century buildings. The Loustarinmäki Handicrafts Museum brings to life an intriguing glimpse of pre-industrial craftsmanship. The museum shop sells crafts and treats, and Café Kisälli offers traditional Finnish delicatessen. The museum is situated only a few blocks away from the River Aura.
  10. River aura in Turku

    Turku, a vibrant and historic university town in western Finland, is dominated by the influence of the River Aura. Aura passes through the historic part of Turku, from the medieval castle of Turku, past cafés and restaurants to the cathedral of Turku. Many of the major museums and attractions of Turku are situated along the river or in near proximity to it. The region is best explored during the summer months when the riverside cafés and restaurants spread their tables along the banks of the river. There is also a small ferry named Föri, which crosses the river daily and a handful of vessels that serve as restaurants and pubs, so the nightlife in the River Aura area is very unique!
  11. Adventure Park

    Turku's Kupittaa Park is Finland's largest urban park and was the first to be intentionally landscaped. The facilities here are unreal: there's a Finnish baseball stadium (Pesäpallo), a BMX track, a skateboarding facility, two open-air swimming pools and an ice hockey arena. But if you're scratching your head for something to keep kids amused and involved, then Adventure Park is what you're after. It's a big play-park with a learning curve, so kids can take part in theater performances, music lessons, splash in the stream that meanders through the park and jump into the bouncy castle.

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