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Discover the Top 10 attractions in Trondheimer with Irro Charter

Top 10 attractions in The Trondheimer with Irro Charter

Trondheim is a city on the Trondheimer Fjord in central Norway. The 11th-century Gothic Nidaros Cathedral has an ornate rose window and a detailed west facade. Nearby is the Erkebispegården museum with archaeological finds and sculptures, including gargoyles that were formerly attached to the cathedral. The Ringve Museum is a music museum in a former manor house with a barn.

Trondheim, the third largest city in Norway, is also one of the oldest in the world. Established as a trading post by the Vikings in AD 997, it was the capital of Norway until 1217, and new kings are still crowned here. Constructed on the peninsula and connected to the mainland at its western end, Trondheim is the main town of Sør-Trøndelag County in central Norway. It is a common stop on the Hurtigruten route, a coastal ferry that connects towns from Bergen to Kirkenes, and its position on the Trondheimsfjord makes it a good base for fjord cruises. Like most of northern Norway, Trondheim has endured no darkness from mid-May to mid-July, and although it benefits from a mostly mild maritime climate, there is decent skiing in the surrounding areas.

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Irro Bus Charter can advocate top 10 points to be on your program when exploring Trondheim as follows:

Winter and Christmas lights in Trondheim
  1. Nidaros Cathedral

    Founded by King Olav Kyrre (1066-93) over the tomb of the patron saint of Norway, St. Olav, the Nidaros Cathedral is widely regarded as the most beautiful church in Scandinavia. The Cathedral is the northernmost medieval cathedral in the world and one of the city's main tourist attractions. Kings have been baptized and buried here, and since 1814 it has been a condition of the Norwegian constitution that the king be crowned at Trondheim Cathedral. The transept and the chapter house are of late Romanesque style, inspired by the Norman architecture of England, while the long choir with its beautiful south doorway was added in the 13th century, along with the massive nave and tower. After being destroyed many times by fire, the church was completely rebuilt in the early 1900s.
  2. Bakklandet and Gamle Bybro (Old Town Bridge)

    Cross the Nidelva River through the red arches of the Gamle Bybro (Old Town Bridge) to meet the picturesque lanes and colorful old houses of the Bakklandet neighborhood. It feels like a small town, and the historic wooden riverside buildings have become small stores, galleries, cafés, and restaurants. Stroll along the river to see the buildings that line the opposite side. This is the most historic and atmospheric neighborhood in Trondheim.
  3. Kristiansten Fortress

    Standing on a hill to the city's east, Kristiansten Fortress (Kristiansten Festning) was built between 1681 and 1695 to protect the city against attack. It is a bit of a climb, but admission to the tower and its small museum is free, and the views across the city are lovely. Grim reminders of the fortress's 20th-century history are the cells in which the Nazis held members of the Norwegian Resistance during the World War II occupation, and the memorial to those who were executed here.
  4. Rockheim

    Fans of pop and rock music will enjoy this ride down the Memory Lane and the opportunity to hear some of the greats of Norway. Collections of the museum are seen along with interactive displays, videos and recordings. The permanent exhibition, The Time Tunnel, brings to life modern Norwegian musical and cultural past from the 1950s to the present through sound and performance recordings. Changing exhibitions focus on particular aspects of music and culture. This is a museum where you can get actively involved, jamming with famous songs, releasing your inner graffiti artist, dancing, or making your own remixes. The restaurant of the museum has a view of the city.
  5. Archbishop´s Palace and Museum

    The medieval Archbishop's Palace (Erkebispegården) is not only the oldest building of its kind in Scandinavia, it is also one of the best preserved palaces of its kind in Europe. The west wing of the palace dates back to the late 12th century and now houses a variety of historic exhibits, including the Norwegian Crown Regalia exhibition-a stunning array of Norway's sparkling crown jewels-as well as the Army and Resistance Museums, focusing on Trondheim 's military past from Viking times to World War II.
  6. trondeheim
    Trondheim city before sunrise. Norway
  7. Stiftsgarden

    Designed as a private home by the wealthy Christine Schøller in 1778, Stiftsgården used the royal family of Norway as their official residence while they visited Trondheim. One of the largest wooden buildings in Europe, this 140-room yellow mansion has hosted royals and their guests since the 1800s. On a guided tour, you can visit its opulent quarters.
  8. Ringve Museum

    Visit the Ringve Museum, Norway's National Museum of Music and Music Instruments for a longer and wider view of Norwegian and European music. It houses two permanent exhibitions: the Manor House Museum, with instruments of European musical heritage, and the Barn Museum, with its exhibits of new sound and lighting technology.
  9. Trondheim Harbour

    You can spend hours wandering around the city's old port area at the mouth of the River Nidelv. Colorful old wooden warehouses, many of them converted to classy boutiques and high-end homes, are built on piles above the water. The best view of these buildings is from the water, and a wide variety of harbor tour options are available. Be sure to visit the Trondheim Maritime Museum with its model ships and displays illustrating the city's deep-rooted connection to the sea.
  10. Tyholttårnet

    Go to the observation deck at the Tyholttårnet , a 124-metre-tall radio tower, for a bird's eye view of the whole area. At a height of 80 metres, there is a rotating restaurant, Egon, where you can spend an hour to get a full rotation for a 360-degree panorama. If you're fortunate enough to be there at the right time, this is an exceptional location to see the Northern Lights.
  11. Sverresborg Trøndelag Folk Museumg

    Around the ruins of King Sverre 's castle, parts of which date back to the 12th century, this open-air museum of Norwegian history and culture contains more than 80 buildings reflecting village and city life, as well as the culture of the local Sami people. The core of the museum is made up of wooden houses that once stood in downtown Trondheim, including a grocery store, a post office, and a shop for tradesmen. One community tells the story of Trondheim's maritime history, with shops, boat sheds, and fishing gear. The farm village reveals rural life and includes the historic Stave church as well as the Sami displays.

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