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Discover the Top 10 attractions in The Hague with Irro Charter

Top 10 attractions in Hague with Irro Charter

The Hague or Den Haag serves as the main seat of government for the Netherlands, but it is not the capital of the Netherlands. It is the third largest city in the country behind Amsterdam and Rotterdam and plays an significant role in the politics and economy of the Netherlands. The main development of Den Haag was during the 1200's when the Binnenhof was built (which still stands today) and served as a royal hunting house. In the years to come, the city saw the Spanish occupation and has also served as a political base.

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Irro Bus Charter can suggest top 10 sites to be on your itinerary when touring The Hague as follows:

View of Hague in Netherlands
  1. Mauritshuis Museum

    The Mauritshuis Museum is an art museum located in the center of Den Haag, next to the Binnenhof. The building was built in 1636 in the Dutch Classicist style. The museum's collection of art is large and includes several prominent works such as Rembrandt, Vermeer and Rubens. Over 800 items are included in the collection, most of them from the Dutch Golden Age. The collections are divided into various parts, such as "At home in Holland". The museum constantly obtains new works and also frequently shows a variety of temporary exhibits.
  2. Madurodam Model City

    Madurodam Model City is a big attraction, offering a large model depiction of different parts of the Netherlands. The park opened in 1952 and has seen improvements and upgrades over the years to introduce new technology and to renovate the models. Sections of the model city include the Rijksmuseum (Amsterdam), the Binnenhof, the airport of Schiphol, the port of Rotterdam, the Dutch tulip fields and the airport of Schiphol.
  3. The Binnenhof

    This large complex acts as a meeting place for a variety of political parties in the Netherlands, including the Ministry of General Affairs. The Binnenhof is the oldest parliament building still in use throughout the world. Originally constructed in the 1200's, little is known of the early history of the complex but soon became a significant place for political meetings in the 1600's. Today, you can visit the Binnenhof and its grounds and enjoy the beautiful architecture and history of the buildings, including the famous Knig Hall.
  4. Grote of Sint-Jacobskerk

    The Grote of Sint-Jacobskerk, or St. James Church, is just over 300 feet tall and is one of the tallest buildings in The Hague. The church was built in the 15th and 16th centuries in the classical Gothic style; it has impressive architectural features as well as stunning interior features. Note the six-sided tower and bells, the grand organ, intricate stained glass windows, historic artwork and various ornaments dedicated to the Golden Fleece Knights. The Protestant church is open for occasional services and tours of the building, but is most widely used as a venue for special events. Host a banquet in the hall, hold a concert, schedule a wedding reception, or take part in a festival.
  5. Ridderzaal

    The Ridderzaal is the main focal point of the Binnenhof and stands in the beautiful courtyard of the Knights Hall within the complex. The building is used as a location where the Dutch Parliament is opened by the Prime Minister and also holds royal ceremonies. The building is designed in Gothic style with two tall symmetrical towers on each side of the arched entrance. The interior of the Ridderzaal is highly decorated with some beautiful stained glass windows and a central ornamental throne.
  6. Hague
    View of the Gracht in Holland
  7. Louwman Museum

    The Louwman Museum is proud to have hosted the world's largest private collection of classic and antique automobiles. Explore both the history of culture and the history of engineering by exploring the various automobiles that have been made. The collection contains 250 motorcars, from 1886 to the present day, as well as a selection of automotive art. Take a guided tour to learn about some of the most fascinating cars, before returning to the cafe for a bite to eat. The House of Lords is an on-site restaurant situated on the museum square that serves delicious artisanal food in a chic atmosphere. In addition to the museum square, there are more spaces, including a balcony, a large theater, a library, a large hall, and a few conference rooms. Each of these spaces is available to reserve for a special event.
  8. The Beach and Promenade

    The seaside resort of Scheveningen is one of the most popular in the Netherlands and is a perfect place to explore. The beach extends for miles from the Hook of Holland right up to the port of Ijmuiden. On the beach you can find a large promenade, golden beaches, a fantastic pier complete with a Ferris Wheel, and a range of shops, amusements, bars and restaurants. Laze on the golden sands, splash in the sea, sit down and enjoy a drink or ice cream on the promenade, or even take a trip on the massive Ferris wheel.
  9. Drievliet Amusement Park

    The Drievliet theme park is a wonderful location for the entire family, offering hours of fun and excitement. The park features many roller coasters like Formula X and Twistrix, a log flume, a lot of water sports, a haunted castle, and so much more! Apart from the fantastic rides, there are also a variety of fairground stalls, a bar, and small food and drink vendors. This is a wonderful location and is situated in the south-eastern part of The Hague, an excellent location for a day trip.
  10. The Hague Tower

    The Hague Tower is a massive skyscraper situated near Den Haag HS train station not far from Chinatown. The building is mostly office buildings but also includes a restaurant and night club, and a viewing platform. The building is 132 m and is the third tallest building in The Hague. From here you can enjoy spectacular panoramic views of the city and even see the Hook of Holland and watch it announce coming from the North Sea. The elevator ride takes 40 seconds and there is even a lobby with a bar.
  11. Communal Museum the Hague

    It is one of the most important museums in Den Haag and contains a wide collection of works of art, as well as a beautiful building designed by H.P. Berlage. Berlage. The construction lies not far from the main promenade, and the building itself is an architectural wonder with a unusual and striking design. Within, there are many different collections, including sculpture, printing, fashion and music. The collection includes works by Degas, Monet, Picasso and Mondriaan (the Mondriaan collection is the largest in the world).

We sincerely hope our suggestions for your Den Haag’s visit can make your trip plans very exciting to your group. Den Haag is a picture-perfect destination to spend a few days holiday, featuring a wide selection of attractions that will satisfy most interests.

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