Discover the Top 10 attractions to visit Tatras  with Irro Charter
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Top 10 Attractions

Discover the Top 10 attractions The Tatra with Irro Charter

Top 10 attractions in The Tatra with Irro Charter

The Tatra Mountains are part of the Carpathian Mountain Range in Eastern Europe, which forms a natural border between Slovakia and Poland. The area is protected as a national park in both countries and is a popular destination both in winter and summer. Wild animals such as the Tatra chamois, marmot, lynx and bear live here. The highest peak in the Tatra mountain range is the Gerlachovský štít at 2,655 metres (8,710 feet) situated on Slovakia territory.
It's hard not to rave about the beauty of the Tatras, whose 300-plus peaks shape the highest part of the Central Carpathian Mountains. In combination with the Polish National Park of the same name, Slovakia's Tatra National Park is a Unesco-protected biosphere reserve. The Slovakia side has the majority of the reserve, 740 sq kilometres (460 sq miles) of beech and spruce trees, deep blue glacier lakes and alpine meadows dotted with wildflowers. It is a large playground for native animals such as marmots and chamois (mountain goat antelopes). Hikers have the option to tackle hundreds of kilometres of trails while skiers flock to the high Tatras in winter. Irro Charter is your group travel partner when it comes to visiting the Tatra Mountain range area. Let us, the experts look after you by providing you with a tour coach and professional driver. We can provide you with long distance coaches for a multi-day trip throughout the Tatra Mountain region. We can also offer you an Airport shuttle transfer from e.g. Krakow or Bratislava. A chartered coach with a driver booked at Irro Charter will be the best choice for a perfect stay while exploring the Tatra Mountains.

  1. Štrbské Pleso (1,346 metres / 4,415 feet)

    If you've never been to the High Tatras, a good start would be to go to Štrbské Pleso. The panorama of the glacier tarn from the Patria Hotel including the amazing peaks in the background is one of the best-known sights not only Slovakia but also further afield. Here you have the option to do cross-country hiking, skiing and in the summer you can also rent a boat. Don't forget to check out the Lakes of Love close to the main car parking area they offer a quiet spot but be prepared the lakes are really cold!
  2. Popradské Pleso (1,494 metres / 4,901 feet)

    A must do while visiting the High Tatras is a walk to Popradské Pleso. You can get there from Štrbské Pleso on a well marked path. Another choice is a route starting from Popradské Pleso train Station, this tarmac-surfaced path is ideal for visitors with baby prams as well as for people using wheelchairs or bicycles. From Popradské Pleso, you can continue to other locations such as Ostrva and Rysy.
  3. Waterfall Skok

    The Tatra Mountains have a lot of waterfalls, but the most spectacular is the Skok Waterfall. The Skok Waterfall is the third largest waterfall in the High Tatras. You can see it from Štrbské Pleso, for the best view it is recommended to hike there, the route is no longer than 15 kilometres which can be completed in less than 6 hours. Due to the beauty of the waterfalls, tarns and a little adrenaline, you will come away feeling very content.
  4. Hrebienok (1,285 metres / 4,215 feet)

    If you don’t take the opportunity to sled from Hrebienok to Starý Smokovec then you do not know what it really means to enjoy the High Tatras. You can get to Hrebienok by the only cable car in Slovakia, or you can get there by foot which takes about one hour. From here you can proceed to the waterfalls of Studený Potok, Zbojnícka Chalet or Teryho Chalet, Sliezsky Dom or Skalnaté Pleso. There are a lot of directions to choose from.
  5. Tatra Ice Dome

    Traditionally every winter is the magnificent Tatra Ice Dome on Hrebienok with stunning ice sculptures! Each year 225 tons of ice put into 1880 blocks of ice is used. It's one of the most beautiful works of art you can find in Slovakia! We look forward to the amazing experience and wonder every winter! Please note this magical exhibition only takes place from December to April.
  6. Lomnický štít (2634 metres / 7755 feet)

    From the peak of Lomnický štít you can see experience the amazing views. You can reach Lomnický štít by cable car from Tatranská Lomnica or by foot with a skilled mountain guide. Another option is to take a red suspension cable car from Skalnate Pleso. Before you ascend the Gerlach peak (the highest peak in Slovakia) under the guidance of a guide, you should first try to climb to the Lomnický peak. It's not that difficult of a climb or at least you can test your physical strength.
  7. Kriváň (2495 metres / 8185 feet)

    Kriváň Mountain is located in the Tatra National Park and is a national symbol of Slovakia. At 2,494 m above sea level, the Kriváň is one of the highest peaks in Slovakia and the Carpathian Mountains.
  8. Praiano

    Praiano is quite a popular choice for hikers. There are beautiful views of the Tatras, Slovakia and Poland, it is a not-so-demanding trip from Tri Studničky, so a good choice for beginners.
  9. Rysy (2503 metres / 8211 feet)

    Rysy is another very popular tourist peak. The less experienced visitors, however, will find this climb very challenging as the final part of the trail is very steep from the Rysy cottage to the Rysy peak. It is so steep that you have to get down on your knees to crawl to the top! It's a big challenge for a lot of hikers but well worth the effort.
  10. Kôprovský štít (2363 metres / 7752 feet)

    If you see a lot of hikers going to Rysy, you can choose the nearby Kôprovský štít. Half the way is common to both peaks, so you can make a decision on the way. The best starting point is Štrbské pleso. You're going to see the biggest mountain lake in Slovakia on the way – Veшké Hincovo pleso.

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