Discover the Top 10 attractions in Tallinn with Irro-Charter
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Top 10 Attractions

Discover the Top 10 attractions in Tallinn with Irro Charter

Top 10 attractions in Tallinn with Irro Charter

The Estonian capital Tallinn is an ideal travel destination for those who want to combine modern comfort, diverse nightlife and exciting adventures with a rich cultural life in the atmosphere of history. Founded in the early Middle Ages, Tallinn today combines the old and the new in a fascinating way. As the capital is compact and green, you can enjoy much of its magic during a weekend with short walks in the city full of beautiful views. Tallinn's medieval old town is one of the world's best-preserved Hanseatic city centers. Just a 5-minute walk from the medieval Old Town is Tallinn’s bustling business center with modern skyscrapers, luxury hotels, trendy neighborhoods and large shopping malls.

Tallinn can be reached either by plane via Tallinn Lennart Meri Airport. You can, of course, make your way through the city by public transport. However, if you would like to visit Tallinn in a more formal, comfortable and easy way, consider using our charter bus service. Coach Charter Europe has been involved in the tour bus industry for over 40 years. As a family-owned bus company, our goal is to provide exceptional charter bus rental services customized to your itinerary needs.

If you want to travel with your group, then a charter bus from Coach Charter Europe is the best way to get to Tallinn. Bus Company by Coach Charter Europe advises group managers to plan their time between visits wisely to handle itinerary points and to remain flexible for other tasks.

We welcome you to the top ten ideas on your next trip to Tallinn:

Street in Tallinn's old town
  1. Balti Jamm Market

    After the past of Soviet times, this market could be considered as a kind of business experiment. Visually, it is very different from the modern city center, but the market is still very lively and visited by locals. If you are looking for some sharpness in Tallinn, but you are too lazy to wander far from the Old Town, then this flea market will be just in time. In addition, it is located right next to the city’s main train station. What makes this place worth a visit? You will visit something truly historic. There is rumor that this place could be removed quite soon.
  2. City Gallerie

    The name "City Gallery" sounds conservative enough, but rest assured, it has little to do with what you'd expect from "ordinary" art. The art of the gallery heals and provokes and gives the city special colors. There is really no excuse for missing this place. Admission is free, the gallery is located on Harju Street - very close to the city's main square. What is seen in the gallery has no unifying theme - there is diversity in all forms of expression.
  3. Kohtu Viewplatform

    Tallinn's Old Town isn't really big, but that doesn't mean you can't get lost here. Mount Tompea is especially well known as a place where people wander, wander and then find themselves at a dead end. The Court Platform is ideal if you want to see the whole of Tallinn from above without climbing the high and narrow stairs. Once you have reached this high point and found a viewing platform, you will be able to witness a great view - you will see the sea over the red roofs, gray watchtowers and beautiful peaks, as well as modern Tallinn "skyscrapers".
  4. Neeme Lall

    Neeme Lalla could be considered the last Mohican - a lover of the world of flower children of the sixties. His psychedelic paintings may raise suspicions that he was not under the influence of LSD when he created his works. But the truth is Lalls is known as a great coffee and nicotine lover. The artist Neeme Lalls himself says that he is not really a painter. Everything comes from his "sensitive sources" and feelings. There is no real understanding of what this means, but you have seen how he works. The inspiration for the artist comes as an emotional explosion, and his paintings are often completed in minutes, some even 30 seconds ....
  5. Kadriorg Park

    The locals call Tallinn a green city for a reason. You will make a wrong turn and you may find yourself in a place that vaguely resembles a jungle. The park hides surprises. By the way, the park is actually named after Peter I's wife Katrina. Katrīna - Kadri. Caught? The reason why Kadriorg Park is so different is that Russian Tsar Peter has emphasized that the way locals create parks is completely missed. He intended the park as a gift for his wife. He has insisted to the park creators that there is such a thing as a drawing board, which should also be used. Today, it is really hard to imagine another park in a country with so much symmetry.
  6. Patarei Prision

    Patarei Prison is a fascinating place on the waterfront, open only from April to September. On the prison walls you will find a prison bar serving cheap beer and snacks. We have to admit that there is a certain charm, sleeping in the sand and watching the waves crashing against the rocks lined with barbed wire. The battery has a real hole in hell. Originally built as a cannonhouse and fortress in 1840, today it looks as if it was abandoned many decades ago, although the last prisoners left the place in 2005. We can also bet that you never danced from dusk to midnight in prison! Then do it!
  7. TallinnMarket
    Christmas market on town hall square in Tallinn, Estonia
  8. Linnahall

    This place was built during the Soviet years for the needs of the Olympic Games - here in 1980 a regatta took place. The idea seemed to be to prove to the Western powers that concreting skills were still greater in the Soviet Union. It was a great idea, but many countries boycotted that year's Olympics. The roof of the building is a popular place for local young people to enjoy the beautiful sunsets. So - grab a drink bottle, hide it well and go explore the concrete jungle by the sea and enjoy the sunset.
  9. Tallinn Song Festival Grounds

    There is probably no other place in Tallinn that resonates in the minds and memories of the locals more than recent history, such as the Song Festival Stage. The Great Song Festival takes place here every four years, but this is also the place that was decisive in the events of the collapse of the Soviet power in 1988. These days, revolution is no longer necessary in Estonia. That's why Lauluväljak is used for concerts and festivals. The performances of Metallica and Madonna gathered large crowds here (but still smaller than at the events of 1988). Every year a Beer Festival takes place here, when Estonians celebrate their "love of beer". And against alcoholism.
  10. St. Catherine's Passage

    St. Catherine's Arcade is a small medieval street with a variety of things to ... uh ... Well.... Whatever you stay, you'll love it! Here you will find the street that most closely resembles the medieval period in Tallinn, of course, complete with giant tombstones visible on the walls. And lots of craft workshops, of course. You will really get a medieval feeling in this St. Catherine's arcade! But to find this place, you need to go north along Vene Street, while trying to see a small gate in the left wall. If you reach the "Kloostri Ait" restaurant, then you are already past - you need to go back and try again.
  11. Free Tour

    Go on this tour because it's time with storytellers, not historians. You will not be bombarded with years, facts and figures. It will be a more exciting story about the experiences, feelings and knowledge of the locals. From 1 June to 31 August, gather at the Traveler Info Kiosk, the rest of the time in the Old Town's main tourist information point.

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