Discover the Top 10 attractions to visit in Switzerland with Irro Charter
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Top 10 Attractions

Discover the Top 10 Attractions in Switzerland with Irro-Charter!

Top 10 attractions to see in Switzerland with Irro Charter

The Swiss confederation (Switzerland) is a country with no access to any ocean or sea. The country is located almost in the western-central part of Europe. The federal capital is in city of Bern, and the country’s governing system is a federal system consisting of 26 confederated cantons.

The Swiss confederation (Switzerland) is a country with no access to any ocean or sea. The country is located almost in the western-central part of Europe. The federal capital is in city of Bern, and the country’s governing system is a federal system consisting of 26 confederated cantons.

That great peaceful history prompted Switzerland to become the main location of many international institutions like; the UN largest office complex outside New York, BIS (Bank of International Settlement), FIFA, WHO, WTO, ILO, and The Red Cross.

Art and Culture are a major part of Swiss life, and it is apparent in the museums and galleries around the country offering breathtaking architecture, original master pieces, and amazing contemporary art works. The other side of the rich Swiss culture is their rich folkloric fairs and traditions that you must experience.

Switzerland is blessed with great natural landscape form the amazing alpine mountains to fresh water lakes and the lush picturesque valleys offer many opportunities for nature lovers to enjoy the scenes, hiking, or even extreme sports are all available and catered for.

Irro Charter can suggest the following top 10 sites for your itinerary when touring Switzerland:

Australian Alps Lake

  1. Alimentarium in Vevey

    This museum is the food museum sponsored by the giant food company Nestle. The Swiss headquarters of Nestle have been in Vevey since 1814. The museum offers displays both informative and entertaining, so it is great for families with kids as well. The cooking and gardening workshops are a must if you have time.
  2. Faulensee in Spiez

    The historic site of Faulensee appears like a collection of simple normal farm houses, but in reality there were secret bunkers built to house troops protecting the towns of Thun, Spiez and the Lötschberg railway. You will need warm clothing and tough shoes. English translations or commentary will need to be pre tour organized prior. Down the underground bunkers you will find tunnels, sleeping quarters, kitchens, and labs.
  3. Castello Visconteo in Locarno

    This museum castle is named after the Milan dynasty of Visconti that occupied this castle in 1342. This castle and all of Locarno became part of the Swiss confederation in 1516. The museum offers displays of Bronze era and Roman era artifacts.
  4. Münster in Bern

    This is Bern’s Gothic Cathedral, with the highest spire with one hundred meters. The observation deck offers amazing views of Bern and beyond. There is a café in the lush gardens that is perfect for lunch or afternoon sweets.
  5. Fondation Beyeler in Basel

    This museum was founded on the private collection of art experts Hildy and Ernst Beyeler. The amazing collection span around the nineteenth and twentieth centuries of great arts works and sculptures in perfect from. There also many visiting exhibitions at this vibrant establishment in different seasons, so you may be surprised with extra exciting displays on different times every season.
  6. PrinzipalmarktMaenster
    Prinzipal Markt Maenster
  7. Matterhorn Glacier Paradise in Zermatt

    The Matterhorn Glacier Paradise is the (crème de la crème) of platforms in regard of breath taking views of mountain peaks. Once you take the cable car up to the platform nearly four thousand meters above sea level, and you will be greeted with dozens of majestic mountain peaks and out of this world views (just make it is a good weather day for clear views)
  8. Maison Cailler in Gruyères

    This is one of the traditional and authentic Swiss chocolatiers that heave making chocolate treats for almost two centuries. This is where chocolate heaven is defined, with touring around the factory and being offered free samples every where is just wonderful. Also there are work shops and retails shops that will complete your dream time at chocolate heaven.
  9. Bernatone Alphornbau in Interlaken

    This Musical Instrument Workshop make the alpenhorn which is the most traditional Swiss and authentic instrument could be found in this country. The alpenhorn is played in all traditional folks Swiss festivals. Tours and visits are by appointment only.
  10. Château de Valère in Sion

    This amazing castle has been built since the eleventh century around a church. It I still in very good shape and often in summer season there are many great musical and cultural events happening here.
  11. Olympic Museum in Lausanne

    The Olympic Museum (Musée Olympique) in Lausanne is a must see for all sports enthusiasts. The contemporary building is very well purpose designed to offer maximum attention to great displays of memorabilia, audio-visual media displays, permanent and temporary exhibitions.

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