Discover the Top 10 attractions to visit Sweden with Irro Charter
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Top 10 Attractions

Discover the Top 10 Attractions in Sweden with Irro-Charter!

Top 10 attractions to see Sweden with Irro Charter

Swedish history started with Germanic clans inhabiting Sweden territory since prehistoric times, known as the Geats (Swedish Götar) and Swedes (Svear). A sovereign Swedish country developed during the 12th century. During the 14th century Sweden was very weak, which prompted the Hanseatic League to influence or almost take over Scandinavia's values, assets and languages. This influence led to the forming of the Scandinavian Kalmar Union in 1397, which Sweden departed in 1523. From the 16th century to the 18th century Sweden became a powerful empire by military force, with territory expansion.

All Swedish terrains located outside the Scandinavian Peninsula were lost by early 19th century. The last military conflict for Sweden was in 1814 with Norway. In 2014, Sweden celebrated 200 years of peace. Sweden was formally neutral through both world wars and the Cold War; however Sweden since 2009 officially cooperates with the NATO alliance.

Sweden is blessed with abundance of natural resources. To really appreciate this country’s appeal, you must take time to explore outside the cities. You can discover an archipelago, and hike along a narrow trail lined by snowcapped mountains, and that is where you find so much beautiful natural space to indulge in.

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Irro Charter can suggest the following top 10 places for your itinerary when touring Sweden:

Scenic Canal Sof Stocholm

  1. Blå Jungfrun National Park in Oskarshamn

    The Blue Maiden National Park includes a long granite island which is known as “the Witches’ Mountain’. The folklore name suits the intriguing stone maze Trojeborg. Many years ago, a team of archaeologists explored this island and revealed some indication of ancient human life, just like what they found on nearby Öland and Gotland, and especially evidence of ritual practices that possibly give credibility to the myths surrounding this magical island.
  2. Läckö Slott in Lidköping

    Läckö Castle is located around 23km north of Lidköping town. This fine Manor represents the exquisite Swedish baroque architecture in 1615. Count Magnus Gabriel de la Gardie is the person regarded with the major investment and effort that made this castle great till today. The castle is located at the lake side, and includes 240 rooms.
  3. Sala Silvergruva in Sala

    This vast silver mine complex offers above and underground options to explore and experience. Since closing in 1908, a museum village above ground has been built including museums, Galleries, and workshops for different arts. If you have the courage to explore the underground part, you need to bring warm clothes and apply online for tickets. Walking down will be around three hundred steps in freezing conditions, but the mine shafts comprise special galleries, artefacts and possibly the deepest hotel suite in the world.
  4. Birka Outside Stockholm

    Birka is an Archaeological Site from the Viking era outside of Stockholm. Birka is a Unesco World Heritage site, established around 760 AD as a trading Viking centre. You will find there a museum, fort, harbor, and a large cemetery.
  5. Falu Gruva in Falu

    The Falu copper mine was considered the largest copper mine in the world around the seventeenth century. The mine was closed in 1992 after hundreds of years of operation. The riches that this mine brought to the Swedish kingdom helped fund the military campaigns that resulted in the rise of the Swedish empire few centuries ago. The mine produced a by-product that covered most Swedish homes, red paint. You will find the mine museum above ground and its possible to go underground in special tours too.
  6. Stockholm
  7. Solliden Palace in Borgholm

    Solliden Palace was constructed by Queen Victoria in 1906. It is located on the island of Öland near the town of Borgholm. It is owned by the Swedish royal family today, and they spend their summer time here always. The stunning surrounding park and gardens are open to the public with beautiful land scape and many flowers.
  8. Vasamuseet in Stockholm

    The Vasa museum is a specifically built structure to house the amazing Swedish war ship built in 1628 and sunk immediately on its maiden voyage. In 1961the ship was raised from the bottom of the water and reconvened to its original shape and looks with all the original parts that have been preserved by the see for more than 3 centuries.
  9. Lunds Domkyrka in Lund

    Lund’s Cathedral is an outstanding example of Romanesque style Cathedral with great twin towers. It was built in 1145 while Lund was part of the Danish Kingdom. It was built as a Catholic Cathedral devoted to Saint Lawrence. It is considered among the most ancient stone buildings still functioning in the Swedish kingdom.
  10. Spritmuseum in Djurgården & Skeppsholmen

    This is the spirits or alcohol museum, occupying 2 buildings that originally were used by the Navy in the eighteenth century. This museum covers the story of the country’s strange history with alcohol. This modern museum offers traditional exhibitions and modern multi-media outlets to make your experience fulfilling.
  11. Historiska Museet in Östermalm & Ladugårdsgårdet

    This dedicated museum for the Swedish history covers around 10 centuries of Viking and other great historic treasures. The rich and expansive collection of this museum will impress every history enthusiasts and offers a great tale of how Sweden developed to the great country it is today.

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