Discover the Top 10 attractions in Stuttgart with Irro-Charter!
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Top 10 Attractions

Discover the Top 10 attractions The Stuttgart with Irro Charter

Top 10 attractions in The Stuttgart with Irro Charter

Stuttgart is the capital of the southwestern German state of Baden-Württemberg and a well-known production location. Both Mercedes-Benz and Porsche have their headquarters here and run their own museums. Stuttgart has numerous parks that run through the city center as a green belt. The Schlossgarten, Rosensteinpark and Park am Killesberg are popular among others. Stuttgart was also a royalty-making area, as the place where Karl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler, respectively, invented the first car and motorcycle. The headquarters of both Mercedes-Benz and Porsche are in Stuttgart and the trendy new museums for both brands are not to be missed. These are a few examples of Stuttgart 's head-turning architecture, along with the Art Nouveau Market Hall, the Le Corbusier House and the state-of-the-art modern library.

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For some recommendations regarding places you should have on your trip itinerary, please check out Top 10 bus company tips for Stuttgart:

Christmas Market, Stuttgart
  1. Staatgalerie

    This fine art museum, which opened in 1843, is still partially housed in its original Neoclassical structure. In the 1980s, architect James Stirling helped to lift the profile of the museum with an ambitious expansion of the Post-Modern Museum. The newer annex includes 20th-century art by Matisse, Picasso, Salvador Dalí, Franz Marc, Piet Mondrian and Joan Miró. The original building is full of painting and sculpture until the 1800s, with special interest in Renaissance and Baroque masters such as Rubens, Rembrandt and Joan Miró.
  2. Mercedes-Benz Museum

    Visiting the Mercedes-Benz Museum, in a curved metal building with a double helix, is partly a journey back to the birth of a vehicle. In 1886, Karl Benz invented what was called the first true automobile. The double helix design allows for two simultaneous audio-guided tours, one digging into the distinguished past of the company, and the other showcasing the large range of vehicles manufactured by Mercedes-Benz. And because of this double helix design, you can turn from one to the other at any time. The two paths intersect when you arrive today and size the brand's 21st-century developments.
  3. Porsche Museum

    At Zuffenhausen, a little further up the road from Stuttgart, another car brand of international renown is headquartered. The Porsche Museum has been around since the 1970s, but it was stylishly renovated ten years ago and re-opened in 2009. The museum unveils the early days of the brand and recounts the many inventions of the engineer and founder, Professor Ferdinand Porsche, the man who invented the VW Beetle and the first gasoline-electric hybrid. There are multi-sensual, interactive exhibits, including a new sound installation that you can monitor and a "touch wall." Timeless classics like 356, 911 and 917 are just some of the 80-strong fleet of vehicles in the museum. What's amazing is that almost all of them are in driving condition and shipped around the world for heritage races; you can also look inside the workshop where they're preserved.
  4. Wilhema Zoological-Botanical Garden

    This much-loved zoo and botanical garden is situated in the north of Stuttgart on the grounds of the royal palace. The Wilhelma was first landscaped as a pleasure park during the reign of William I, and he picked up the Moorish Revival theme for the royal bathhouse, which is a miniature version of the Alhambra in Granada. The park opened to the public in 1880 and was restored as a zoo after war damage. There are more than 1,000 species in the zoo, exceeded by the Berlin Zoo.
  5. Killesbergark

    Landscaped for a horticultural exhibition in 1939, the Killesbergark is home to 50 hectares of parks, fountains and sculptures in a former high ground quarry in the northern borough of Stuttgart. Eighty years later, the park continues to host gardening activities, and the Tal der Rosen "Valley of Roses" is a marvel in summer, as are the 200 varieties of dahlia. There's a catalog of public art in the park that offers both whimsy and sophistication. Children are also well catered for: they can feed the donkeys, ponies and goats on the farm, and in summer, both a narrow-gauge steam rail and a diesel-powered tram.
  6. Killesbergturm

    The most memorable thing about the Killesbergturm is the 40-metre cable-stayed tower by structural engineer Jörg Schlaich. The award-winning, cone-shaped structure was opened in 2000. Two sets of stairs, in a double helix format, lead to four platforms at 8 , 16, 24 and 31 metres. Combined with the high ground, it leaves you with a supreme, far-reaching view of the city and the Neckar Valley. The tower is secure, but when the wind blows you can feel it swaying in the breeze, which can be a bit unnerving when it comes to heights.
  7. SchlossPlatz

    In the heart of Stuttgart, this square melts strength and gravitas. Most of it comes from the facade of the Neues Schloss, the Classical seat of the Kings of Württemberg and the HQ for the ministries of the state government of Baden-Württemberg. The room in front was a private pleasure garden and a parade ground in its day, but today it's a spot for the people of Stuttgart to meet for open-air concerts or when there's something major to celebrate.
  8. Kunstmuseum Stuttgart

    A modern landmark is situated on the southwest corner of Schlossplatz. The facade of the Kunstmuseum changes depending on when you walk by. By day it is a large, reflective glass cube. But when the interior is illuminated at night, you can see the limestone walls behind the glass. The interior design of the galleries is also exciting as they use the 5,000 square meter system of unused tunnels in a subtle and creative way. The museum was born in 1924 on the back of the museum.
  9. Solitude Palace

    The residence and hunting retreat commissioned by the 18th-century Duke of Württemberg, Charles Eugene, is situated on the ridge west of Stuttgart. Solitude Palace is the Stuttgart version of Berlin's Sanssouci, a quiet escape from court life, and almost every aspect of the architecture was overseen by the duke. You can see for miles from the top of this ridge, and at the northern gate you can see the arrow-shaped Solitudeallee extending all the way to the royal palace in Ludwigsburg, 13 kilometers away.
  10. Württemberg Mausoleum

    You can catch a bus or S-Bahn to Untertürkheim in the east of Stuttgart, where there is a solemn royal monument standing over rows of vines above the Neckar Valley. The Württemberg Mausoleum was designed by William I at the beginning of the 1820s after the death of his wife Catherine Pavlovna of Russia. The memorial is in the Palladian style and is the resting-place of Catherine, William and their daughter Marie Friederike Charlotte von Württemberg. The chapel is open for sightseeing in the summer and has a dreamy view of Stuttgart. The family tombs are in the crypt, and the room underneath the dome creates a haunting echo.

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