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Discover the Top 10 attractions The Stockholm, with Irro Charter

Top 10 attractions in The Stockholm, with Irro Charter

The Swedish capital, Stockholm, consists of 14 islands of the Baltic Sea with a wide archipelago and over 50 bridges linked. Nikolaikirche from the 13th century, the Royal Palace and the Nobel Museum are located among the cobblestone roads and ocher-colored buildings of the Gamla Stan (old town) with numerous exhibits related to the Nobel Prize. Ferries and hiking boats carry travelers to farther islands.

Sweden’s capital is a cosmopolitan town with a tangled old town, trendy young quarters, and a lively city center. Spread over 14 Lake Mälaren islands, the very atmosphere in Stockholm allows you to row and see where you're going to finish. In the center there are about 50 bridges, and ferries are a fun route. Stockholm is well ahead of the curve in fashion, architecture and music, and many of the greatest shopping and going spots on Södermalm island in the south of the centre. The lion's share of museums and family days is in Djurgården, where the town is for rest, culture and fun. It is a forest island.

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Irro Charter puts forward suggestions of the top 10 places for your itinerary in Stockholm as follows:


  1. Gamla Stan

    Start by going back to one of the great medieval centers of Europe with Stockholm 's origins, spread over three islands. You will be in the middle of a true Hanseatic trading town where gabled stores and factories paint various colors of gold. This is now home to a number of restaurants, international awards, museums, workshops, jewelry shops, cafés and bars. There are now a long sequence of cobblestone streets on the eastern side of the old town leading from the water and plunged into them.
  2. Vasa Museum

    An amazing relic from the reign of the All conquering King Gustavus Adolphus of the 17th century was regenerated at this museum on the west coast of Djurgården. The Vasa was a 64-gun warship on his first journey in 1628. It remained in the deep until 1961 when it was lifted on the surface, and was restored slowly and painstakingly. The ship has almost all its original material and is today the only ship of its size from the 17th century. And the ship carried a payload of items to tell us about how it was going to sail on the Vasa.
  3. Skansen

    Artur Hazelius, a visionary teacher and scholar, founded in 1891 Royal Djurgården as the first open-air museum in the world. The intention was to show future generations how life was in Sweden before the Industrial Age, and hundreds of museums all over the world have borrowed it. It's still the best museum in its class, spread over more than a century Skansen and is splendidly recreating rural scenes from across Sweden. A camp for samis from the Arctic circle, a farm from the far west of the Härjedal and an open-air zoo with wolves, lynxes, otters, gray seal, ren and moose are only a few of the sites of interest.
  4. Modern Art Museum

    Stockholm’s superb institutions for modern and contemporary art are selected in Skeppsholmen Island at the Baltic Sea entrance to the city. The museum started in the 1950s in a former military building before moving to the Raphael Monetary Building in the late 1990s. Some of the names recognised even by casual dabbles are Picasso, Marcel Duschamp, Hénri Matisse and Salvador Dalí. People even go in particular to Djurgården’s museum restaurant.
  5. The Medieval Museum

    In the 1970s the building of underground parking builders took place on some of the medieval town walls of Stockholm. It is situated under the Norrbro Bridge, 55 meters long and now is one of the showpieces of the medieval museum of the town. You can trace the history of the town from its foundation in the 13th and 15th centuries at the end of the middle Ages. Children can dress in armor while other pieces of old Stockholm that have come to light in the dig are part of their fun, as is the case with a warship of the 16th century.
  6. Stockholm
    Scenic Canals of Stocholm , Sweeden
  7. Junibacken

    Junibacken is a theme park targeted at young readers, based on the stories by children's writer Astrid Lindgren. Lindgren’s contribution in literature has been indisputable and still is one of the 20 most widely-traduced authors in the world. His most beloved character is Pippi Longstocking, whose home, Villa Villekulla, is the final destination for a whim-size train journey through the Park.
  8. Royal Palace

    Stockholm's Royal Palace has more than 600 rooms and is home to Europe's largest palaces. There are five museums in this complex, many from the 18th century, which is not simply a historic antique. The king of Sweden is still residing here, most royal functions and receptions occur in the palace and all the various royal family departments work in this most beautiful setting. The reception quarters, the Royal Apartments, the Rikssalen (State Hall) and the Ordenssalarna (Halls of the Chavry Orders) all feature a brief download. Of the five museums, the treasure is unsurprisingly luxurious and the ancient Greek and Roman sculptures of Gustav III's Antiquities Museum were purchased by the king during a trip to Italy in 1783-84.
  9. Fotografiska

    Södermalm 's water is one of the world's leading photography galleries. There are four high profile exhibits at Fotografiska every year along with 20 more displays, so that no two visitors can ever be the same. Some of the pictorialists featured here recently are greats like Robert Mapplethorpe, Guy Bourdin, Irving Penn and Akseli Vamunen (Youn) The venue is the old dock at Stadsgården and the attraction is in a restored customs house. The restaurant of the gallery is very respected and has been awarded, while at the top of the café you can contemplate Djurgården from a table.
  10. The city Hall

    One of Stockholm's buildings is the City Hall, which is unmistakable with its 106 m spiral and tower. The Gostave Vasa, made up of eight million bricks, represents the perfect expression of the Nordic national romantic style. It opened in June 1923 400 years to the day after the arrival of Gustav Vasa in the city. The space inside is spellbinding in size, particularly the Blue Hall, which hosts the Nobel Banquet every month of December. The tower and view of Stockholm are an important part of every visit.
  11. Prins Eugen Waldemarsudde

    A snapshot of the royal life of the turn of the century is given in the estate of Prince Eugen in Djurgården. Eugen was a leisureman who threw himself into the art world. He was an important collector and patron, and in his youth he studied fine art in Paris. Eugen’s collection and his own landscape paintings are decorating his Art Nouveau home, on an estate with buildings that date back to the 18th century. We trust our points for your Stockholm’s tour can make your itinerary in Stockholm very exciting. Stockholm is a brilliant location to make holiday, presenting a selection of attractions that will satisfy most tastes.

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