Discover the Top 10 attractions The Sicily with Irro Charter.
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Top 10 Attractions

Discover the Top 10 attractions The Sicily with Irro Charter

Top 10 attractions in The Sicily with Irro Charter

Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean, just in front of the "toe" of the Italian boot. Evidence of its long past are sites such as the Valley of the Temples, the well-preserved ruins of 7 monumental Greek temples in the Doric style, and the Byzantine mosaics of the Cappella Palatina, the former royal chapel in the capital of Palermo. Mount Etna, one of the highest active volcanoes in Europe, is situated at the east end of the island. Irro Charter is your group travel partner when it comes to visiting Sicily. Let us, the experts look after you by providing you with a tour coach and professional driver. We can provide you with long distance coaches for a multi-day trip throughout Sicily. We can also offer you an Airport shuttle transfer from e.g Catania or Palermo. A chartered coach with a driver booked at Irro Charter will be the best choice for a perfect stay while exploring Sicily.

Irro Charter team would like to share with you some of the very best things to do while visiting Sicily:

Sicily, Italy
  1. Taormina and Castelmola

    These two towns in the north-east of Sicily have stolen the hearts of travellers for over 200 years. Both cities are a labyrinth of honey-hued streets, dotted with typical gelateria (shop selling ice-cream) and pasticceria (shop selling pastries). The winding alleys are joined together by harlequin-patterned squares and flanked by old churches; their baroque facades show memento mori motifs. Taormina and Castelmola are both 100 metres (330 feet) above sea level. The attractions of the towns-primarily the ancient Greek amphitheater of Taormina-are easily balanced by the ability to look at the volcanic scenery of the island from such dizzying heights, even above the clouds.
  2. Mount Etna

    Mount Etna dominates the Sicilian landscape; its omniscient, smoking silhouette is a constant reminder of the very fabric of the past, present and future of the island. It's the second most active volcano in the world, and as such it's a must-visit in Sicily.. Those with a low fitness level don't need to worry – visiting Etna can be as easy or as challenging as you would like to do. Take a sturdy pair of walking boots, gloves, a snood and loads of layers as you get higher you will experience freezing winds (even in the summer).Your first stop should be Etna Sud, a base camp of sorts with a small range of tourist shops, restaurants, hotels and most importantly, the cable car station, Funivia dell'Etna.
  3. The Valley of Temples, Agrigento

    When Icarus flew too close to the sun during his escape from Crete with his father, Daedalus, his waxed wings melted; he sunk to the sea and drowned. Daedalus, devastated, sought the refuge of Agrigento, on the undiscovered island of Sicily, and mourned for his son. In Apollo's honour, he designed what would become the first of the marvellous wonders of the region, the Temple of Apollo. (Or so the Greek story goes...) In actual terms, the city was founded around 500 BC by the ancient Greeks. The world famous Temple Valley-remains well preserved to this day. The ancient Greeks claimed that Agrigento had been created by Daedalus, and so began its transformation into an important cultural and religious centre.
  4. Noto and Noto Antica

    When the ancient mountain town of Netum was demolished in the 17th century, the architectural elite of Italy had a new vision for the displaced people, influenced by the defining architecture trend of the time. What they built was a baroque masterpiece: Noto today, 10km south of the original site. This small town has been built to impress. Its elevated location, surrounded by green hills and citrus orchards, was ideally orchestrated by architects to allow their buildings to be bathed in the apricot glow of twilight. The result: the shadows of the stuccoed figures of the buildings dancing around their already theatrical facades.
  5. The Aeolian Islands

    This huddle of volcanic islands is part of the Sicilian province of Messina, and its wild, fiery beauty is not to be missed. Situated in the Tyrrhenian Sea, halfway between Sicily's northeast and the toe cap of the Italian boot, they are listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Lipari is the central centre of the Aeolian Islands. It acts as an excellent start-off point for the six islands surrounding it. It is well fitted with a number of restaurants and hotels, and its transport hub provides regular ferries and hydrofoils to and from Milazzo and Messina, the mainland ports of Sicily, as well as smaller boats to the other islands. You can explore the harbour towns on foot when visiting the smaller islands..
  6. sicily
    Sicily, Italy
  7. Siracusa and Ortigia

    Siracusa is a sprawling metropolis in southern Sicily, home to some of the most significant archaeological discoveries on the island. Well-preserved Greek and Roman ruins are what characterize the city's appeal, the main attraction being Parco Archeologico della Neapolis. The park includes a variety of ancient wonders. A Greek amphitheatre, a Roman gladiatorial theatre, a sacrificial altar, and Latomia del Paradiso, a network of ancient limestone quarries and catacombs.
  8. Palermo

    The capital of Sicily, Palermo is Sicily's heartbeat; a perfect place for first-time tourists to the island with a week or so to explore. Its diverse landscape provides something for all, while its array of bars, restaurants, theatres and museums means that you can be sure of a bustling itinerary (which is perfect for life in Palermo!). Don't miss the Teatro Massimo, a masterpiece of Sicilian architecture and one of the most prestigious opera houses in the world. Art and history lovers will love the Palazzo dei Normani, the Norman palace home to the sparkling Palatine Chapel, full of gilded religious iconography. The Puppet Show Theatre is one of Palermo's quirky cultural delights, and you can enjoy frequent performances at one of the many theatres in the area.
  9. Acireale

    If you visit Sicily early in the year, travel to Acireale, in the province of Catania. While the city itself is rather unremarkable, you'll be sorry to miss its vibrant carnival season. Carnevale di Acireale is one of the most ambitious cultural activities in Sicily, taking place between February and March. It is one of the largest and most frequented carnivals in Italy, and also one of the oldest in Sicily, tracing its origins back to the 16th century. Floats flood the city's streets, filled with whimsical, grotesque paper-mâché figures, often a satirical touch on politicians and other public figures. Abbatazzi (People's Poets) play all over the city, while cassariata (horse-drawn carriages filled with the nobles of the city) march through the streets to showers of sweets and confetti.
  10. Devour authentic Sicilian food

    For this ride, pack your comfy shorts and pants, you're going to need them. Italian food gets everyone excited; but if we told you that Sicilian food was on a whole different level, you'd be very excited. The food in this land is simple, local, inexpensive, and delicious. Traveling east or west takes you to dishes that you would fail to find on the other hand, let alone anywhere in Italy, and many dishes hint at the presence of North African neighbours. Pistachio, almonds, and seafood are very important ingredients, as are all the locally produced staples of Italian cuisine. As a tourist, tapping into Sicily's food culture is not just a way to fill up or get energy, it's way to communicate with the stories of past and future generations.
  11. Erice and Taormina

    Two hilltop towns on opposite sides of the islands, both steeped in history, both captured by cultures trying to rule the island at different junctures, both offering stunning views of the Sicilian coast, both easy to see. Given their common histories and similar identities, it is no surprise that both Erice and Taormina have long been identified as a popular place to visit in Sicily, but today they give distinctly different experiences. In the east, Taormina has been a holiday destination for Romans, Greeks, authors of the 19th century and film stars of the 20th century. With its nearby beach resorts, ancient Greek theatre, and stellar views of Mount Etna, it remains amazingly popular in summer for Italians and non-Italians. Unfortunately, it also suffers a little from its over-popularity, particularly if a cruise ship docked nearby.

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