Discover the Top 10 Attractions in Scotland with Irro-Charter!
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Top 10 Attractions

Discover the Top 10 Attractions in Scotland with Irro-Charter!

Top 10 attractions to see in Scotland with Irro Charter

Scotland is a country that is part of the United Kingdom. The capital city of Scotland is Edinburgh, and the largest commercial and population wise city is Glasgow. Scotland is located to the north of England and the Atlantic Ocean and Irish Sea are on the west, and the North Sea is to the north-east for the country. Scotland was a sovereign kingdom until 1 May 1707 when it formally joined the Kingdom of Great Britain, and has been part of the UK ever since.

Glasgow, Scotland
Glasgow, Scottland

Scotland’s landscape features some of the biggest uninhabited and natural terrains still free and wild in Western Europe. In this natural haven there are amazing lakes called (lochs) and rough mountains of the northern Highlands. Many go whale watching to enjoy the mink whales off the coast. Scotland is a great playground for outdoor sports enthusiasts and adventure seekers, with hiking, kayaking, water rafting, and speedboats riding are just the highlight.

Irro charter suggests the following 10 sites to be included in your itinerary when visiting Scotland:

  1. Riverside Museum in Southside & The Clyde

    The Riverside Museum is located to the west of Glasgow city center. The major collections are regarding transport like: bikes, cars, trams, trains, model ships. The iconic building is very modern with stunning futuristic architecture designed by the late architect Zaha Hadid.
  2. Paisley Abbey in Paisley

    The Paisley Abbey with its Gothic style architecture was constructed in 1163 by the Stuart dynasty’s father Walter Fitzalan. The Abbey today has many treasures and a wonderful experience to have since its renovations were completed in 1928. However, the building was in ruins from the sixteenth to the nineteenth centuries due to conflicts and turmoil.
  3. Highland Wildlife Park in Kincraig & Glen Feshie

    The highland Wildlife Part is a combination of collections of animal enclosures and drive-through safari park. You can explore some exotic species like polar bear, red panda, and an Amur tiger. There are also the exceptional native wildlife species like white-tailed sea eagles, European bison, lynx, capercailzies, and much more to be seen.
  4. Falkland Palace in Falkland

    The Falkland Palace was built in the early years of the sixteenth century as residence for the Stuart dynasty. Many of the Scottish royals have been here over time like Charles II, James V, and the Queen of Scots. Builders from France were employed along side Scottish builders to construct this masterpiece. You will explore the great Stoneman-ship and the inside furnishings with great craftsman-ships and style.
  5. Glasgow Science Centre in Southside & The Clyde

    This intriguing modern museum offers great matching of science and entertainment that will keep all young and old visitors well entertained and informed. The complex is 4 floors high with a planetarium, IMAX theatre, and a Scientific Theatre making science experiments. For great harbor and Glasgow sky-scape views you can go up the observation tower.
  6. Blair Castle in Blair Atholl
    Blair Castle in Blair Atholl
  7. Blair Castle in Blair Atholl

    The outstanding Blair Castle and the surrounding estates is still the seat for the head of the Murray clan his Excellency the Duke of Atholl. Around three dozen rooms are open for the public to visit. Many visitors make a day trip here to explore the castle rooms and then wonder around the amazing gardens and enjoy a picnic at the River Garry banks.
  8. Innerpeffray Library in Crieff

    This is Scotland’s oldest library established by the Drummond family right next to the Drummond family’s private Catholic chapel along a farm road 8 Kilometers from s Crieff‘s south-east. This library houses a large and rare collection of books dating back five centuries. This is a haven for book and reading enthusiasts.
  9. Dumfries House in South Ayshire

    Dumfries house is an amazing castle that was designed by the Scottish architects’ Brothers John Adam and Robert Adam. The manor was built in the period of 1754-1759 with Palladian style architecture among 2000 acres estate. The Craufurds family of Loudoun was the commissioner for this marvel. This great manor was sold to William Crichton, 2nd Earl of Dumfries in 1635. In 2007 Prince Charles’ foundation leading a group purchased the precious manor and estate and restored it to the refined shape it is in today.
  10. Scottish Lighthouse Museum in Fraserburgh

    This informative museum features displays that provide history of Scotish lighthouses and explains the work for lighthouses. The museum is housed in a converted sixteenth century castle, and the lighthouse is on top. The cornicles of Lighthouses and the views from the lighthouse should not be missed if you are ever in Fraserburgh.
  11. Brodick Castle in Brodick

    The Brodick castle is located in Brodick, on the Isle of Arran, surrounded by the firth of Clyde, in west of Scotland. Archeology shows this location was established as a fort in the fifth century, and witnessed so many conflicts and attacks and changed hands many times, but since early sixteenth century it has been owned by the Dukes of Hamilton dynasty until 1958 when the National Trust for Scotland became the full owner of this treasure.

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