Discover the Top 10 attractions in Rotterdam with Irro-Charter
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Top 10 Attractions

Discover the Top 10 attractions in Rotterdam with Irro Charter

Top 10 attractions in Rotterdam with Irro Charter

Rotterdam is the second largest city in the Netherlands with a population of about 645,000. Perhaps Rotterdam is also the least typical Dutch city. You might have to search a little for romantic canals in Rotterdam, as the modern architecture of the city with its skycrapers and metropolitan flair of a port city are clearly dominant. This is not surprising, as Rotterdam is home to the largest seaport in Europe and the third largest port in the world.

The city is an important hub for European and international freight transport; and is also the leading industrial and commercial city in the Netherlands. Rotterdam is as well an important cultural centre of the Netherlands with a renowned university, several technical colleges, a music academy and an academy of arts.

Located in the western Netherlands in the province of Zuid-Holland, at the mouth of the Nieuwe Maas channel leading into the Rhine–Meuse–Scheldt delta at the North Sea, the city was founded in 1320. Rotterdam is always worth a visit and has many sights and attractions to offer, most notably of course the impressive seaport. Experience Rotterdam’s architecture, its rich cultural heritage, and of course make sure to not miss the exciting club and nightlife scene. Clearly, Rotterdam is one of the most attractive cities on the continent these days.

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Need some ideas for which places to visit in Rotterdam ? Please have a look at our Top 10 Tour Bus recommendations for Rotterdam:

Delft Market
  1. Erasmusbrug (Erasmus Bridge)

    Rotterdam's most famous landmark is the impressive Erasmus Bridge, which crosses the Nieuwe Maas and connects the northern and southern parts of the city. The highest bridge in the Netherlands with its asymmetrical steel piers nestles perfectly into the modern Rotterdam skyline. It was built in 1996 by architect Ben van Erkel. The Erasmus Bridge is also called "the swan" by the locals because of its special shape. You can explore the bridge not only by tram, but also on foot or by bicycle. From here you have an impressive view of the Nieuwe Maas and the riverbanks.
  2. Diergaarde Blijdorp (Rotterdam Zoo)

    Diergaarde Blijdorp, the famous Rotterdam Zoo attracts around 1.6 million visitors every year. The green oasis, one of the most beautiful and impressive zoos in Europe, is located in the centre of Rotterdam. Here you can experience polar bears, elephants and gorillas, as well as many other animal species from different continents and climates. On an area of 26 hectares you can admire over 180 different animal species from all over the world. The zoo houses, among other things, a savannah landscape, a crocodile river, a bat cave, a tropical park and an impressive Oceanium, a 22-metre long tunnel on the seabed.
  3. Fenix Food Factory

    Only a few years ago, some local food entrepreneurs decided to join ressources and created the Fenix Food Factory. This alternative market hall has quickly developed into a crowd puller among locals and tourists alike. Although the Factory’s architecture is rather simple by Rotterdam standards, its great location at the waterfront and industrial charme more than just make for it. The Food Factory is a hot spot for local people and visitors alike, not just that but it is clearly one of the hottest food locations in Rotterdam. If you love good food and value sustainability, regionality and seasonality, a visit to the Fenix Food Factory is a must when you visit Rotterdam. Buy fresh and local produce at the many market stalls, treat yourself to a locally brewed beer overlooking the water and enjoy many different delicacies, such as the very tasty burgers. So, whenever you are in Rotterdam, make sure to visit the Fenix Food Factory.
  4. Rotterdam Centraal Station(Rotterdam Central Station)

    Rotterdam Centraal Station, Rotterdam Central Station, is one of the most important transport hubs in the Netherlands. Over 100,000 passengers travel to and from Rotterdam every day. It is no wonder that the architects of the city, which is constantly in a state of flux, have also oriented themselves to the most modern architecture in this building. Thanks to its huge, futuristic-looking roofing, the Centraal Station is also known as "the bag". The station houses restaurants and shopping facilities. Centrally located, it is only a few steps from the station to the Lijnbaan pedestrian zone and the Stadthuisplein with its many pubs, bars and hotels.
  5. Markthal (Market Hall)

    One of the most famous sights in Rotterdam is the Markthal with its modern and innovative architecture. Situated in the heart of the city, the Markthal, which was only completed in 2014, impresses with its horseshoe shape. Inside, there is room for an oversized ceiling painting, a mixture of fruits in bright colours. A few metres further down, around eight dozen stalls offer everything that gourmets could possibly want, including cheese, nuts and sausage variations.
  6. Cube houses in Rotterdam, Netherlands.
  7. Old Harbour

    The Old Harbour in Rotterdam exudes historical charm and glamour. Even if creative companies and architects keep moving the port further and further towards the sea, the Old Harbour still attracts residents and tourists alike. In the past, the small pubs of the Old Harbour were mainly frequented by sailors, but today students and young creative people are attracted to the water. The historic ships of the Port Museum in Rotterdam and the small shipyard where the old ships and boats are lovingly restored create a unique atmosphere.
  8. Cubic Houses

    The cubic houses are a unique and magnificent architectural wonder in Rotterdam. They were designed and built in the 1970s by the architect Piet Blom. Blom was asked by Rotterdam city planners to solve the dilemma of building houses on a pedestrian bridge. Since Blom had previously built similar houses in another city, he decided to repeat the design in Rotterdam. These peculiar residential buildings were designed to resemble a forest, with each unit representing a single tree. Although most of the cube houses are still inhabited, it is still possible to experience living within their sloping walls by visiting a local museum called the Kijk-Kubus.
  9. Kunsthal (Art Hall)

    The Kunsthal Rotterdam (Art Hall) is an art museum opened in 1992. The Kunsthal does not present permanent collections, which is rather unusual for an art museum. Instead, there are about 25 temporary exhibitions a year, covering a wide range of aspects of the visual, performing and applied arts and a variety of themes. This means constantly changing contents and themes and allows the Kunsthal to concentrate on innovative and often underappreciated works of art.
  10. SS Rotterdam

    Among the finest cruise ships ever constructed, the SS Rotterdam began as a transatlantic ocean liner until it was turned into a recreational vessel. It is now permanently moored in the harbour of Rotterdam and comprises a hotel, several restaurants and a visitor centre.
  11. Euromast Tower

    Yet another attraction Rotterdam has on display is the Euromast Tower. It was built in 1960 and was originally almost 101 metres high. In 1970 it was extended by a further 84 metres and today offers a fantastic view of Rotterdam and the surrounding area. The steel construction in the middle of the tower houses the panorama restaurant and two hotel suites, which have been available to courageous visitors since 2004. Whether from the ground or from lofty heights, the Euromast Tower is definitely worth a visit.

So you see, Rotterdam is always worth a visit. Rich in history and a thriving and bustling cultural city, you can visit a great many places. Our bus company Irro Charter is your reliable bus rental partner every step of the way. Take advantage of our experience of almost 5 decades in the bus rental market to provide the exact charter bus and tour bus services your group needs. Airport shuttle rides, full-day bus rental services, event transportation, and long distance trips are all possible. Just approach our charter bus booking department for a customized offer. Our modern chartered bus fleet is state-of-the-art and offers the right kind of vehicle for your Rotterdam trip. Certainly, Irro Charter offers well-experienced and kind drivers and a supportive tour bus booking team.

Our bus rental booking department is looking forward to hearing from you. In order to receive your personal offer, just use the inquiry form on our website or send us an email. Feel also free to give us a call: +49 5841 9773 25.

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