Discover the Top 10 attractions in Porto with Irro-Charter!
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Top 10 Attractions

Discover the Top 10 attractions in Porto with Irro Charter

Top 10 attractions in Porto with Irro Charter

Porto is a coastal city in northwestern Portugal, known for its magnificent bridges and the port wine made here. In the medieval quarter of Ribeira (river bank) there are narrow cobblestone streets with shops and cafes. The Igreja São Francisco is characterized by its ornate, baroque interior and lavish, gilded carvings. The palatial Palácio de Bolsa was built in the 19th century as a stock exchange to impress potential European investors. On the slopes above the Douro Estuary, Porto is a historic mercantile town with industry and trade in its very name. The center is a World Heritage site, and you'll be struck by how rich and varied this heritage can be: the medieval walls, the glittering Baroque churches, the compact streets of the Ribeira district, the Romanesque Cathedral, and that's just the beginning. Fortified port wine is still stored in warehouses on the south side of the Douro River, and if you follow the river to the ocean, you can arrive in the trendy Foz do Douro district for beaches and chic restaurants.

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For some recommendations regarding places you should have on your trip itinerary, please check out Top 10 bus company tips for Porto:

Retro tourist tram in the old town of Porto city, Portugal
  1. Cais da Ribeira

    A little crowded and fun to explore, the riverside area of Porto is a very picturesque square where visitors and locals mingle. There are bars and restaurants on the corner, and these line the riverside walk too. You'll get a great view of the famous Luís I Bridge from here, and if you duck through the arcades, there's a confusing maze of steep streets and stairways between pastel-painted houses in different repair states. The Cais da Ribeira has been spruced up a little in the last few years and information boards..
  2. Serralves Museum & Villa

    There are many elements to Serralves in the west of Porto that make it a perfect day out. First, there is the villa, Casa de Serralves, a graceful Art Deco property built between 1925 and 1944, and with designers such as Charles Siclis and René Lalique recruited to craft the interiors. The villa looks out onto sumptuous terraced grounds with tree-lined avenues, topiaries, covered lawns and pergolas. Then, on the other side of the park, there is the Contemporary Art Museum, which opened its doors in 1999.
  3. Clérigos Tower

    This ornate 75-metre bell tower, which watches the city of Porto lovingly, is possibly the most emblematic silhouette of the city. It was opened in 1763, and thanks to its Italian builder, Nicolau Nasoni, it is blessed with a magnificent dam with baroque motifs. Given its prominent location, you can get some incredible 360 ° views of the city from the top, but you're going to have to climb 225 steps to get there.
  4. Crystal Palace Gardens

    When you googling this park, when you're faced with a bunch of fiberglass dinosaurs, you’re in the wrong Crystal Palace. Given the lack of prehistoric styles, these gardens are far more exotic than London has to offer. Not only does this green paradise have a labyrinth of walkways, tree-lined streams, a sculptured topiary and a massive domed pavilion (all thanks to the German landscape architect Emile David), but it also overlooks the Douro River. Okay, it's worth the climb up there.
  5. Luis I Bridge

    An industrial icon for Porto, this twin-level metal arched bridge was completed in 1886. It was designed by German engineer Théophile Seyrig, who co-founded the Eiffel Group. The bridge spans the steep, rugged banks of the Douro and rises to almost 45 meters. There is a bird's eye view of the Cais da Ribeira from the top level, which is also used by Porto 's light railroad. Then you may board the Funicular dos Guindais to get down to the waterside. And if you haven't seen enough, cross the lower deck for tourists and local road traffic.
  6. porto1
    The old town with river near famous iron bridge during the sunset in Porto city, Portugal
  7. Church of São Francisco

    This church, built in 1425, is the last Gothic monument in Porto. Wander around the apse to focus on the long lancet windows and then head back to the main facade where the ornate portal is crested by a lovely rose window. The interiors were redecorated from the 1500s to the 1700s and feature some of the most beautiful gilded woodwork you could expect to see. The old Gothic vaults, walls and pillars are lined with intricately carved panels depicting birds, cherubs and foliage.
  8. Palacio da Bolsa

    Porto 's old stock exchange was built next to the Church of São Francisco after its cloisters had burned down during the siege of Porto in 1832. The exterior was completed in 1850 and has a neoclassical style, while the eclectic interiors were painted right up to the beginning of the 20th century. The abundance of sculpture, architectural carvings, plasterwork, frescoes, chandeliers and tiles must be appreciated. The stuccoed Moorish Revival of Salão Árabe is almost daunting, whereas the colossal courtyard of Pátio das Nações is illuminated by an octagonal metal roof and a glass roof.
  9. Porto Wine Cellars

    The sister town of Porto, Gaia, has the beaches and the popular Port wine cellars. They are beautiful, with guided tours to teach you the history of the artifacts and the distinguishing features of each variety (there are several varieties of port). Every tour has a happy ending: a Port tasting. We suggest the Sandeman Cellars (Largo Miguel Bombarda, 3; the ones with the cape in black), which include the museum; Taylor's (Rua do Choupelo, 250), featuring the highly regarded O Barão de Fladgate restaurant; and Cockburn's (Rua Serpa Pinto, 346), where you can enjoy a picnic with some Portuguese lips.
  10. Praça da Liberdade

    The wide open spaces of this square and boulevard in Santo Ildefonso are a world away from the small streets of the Cais da Ribeira. The Praça da Liberdade was planned as a modern urban development in the 18th century and bounded to the south by the Neoclassical Palácio das Cardosas, an 18th-century convent converted into a hotel. There is an equestrian statue of Pedro I of Brazil, remembered as a democratic reformer. The streets around are some of the most fashionable in the region, with majestic civic buildings, designer boutiques and the Belle Époque Majes.
  11. São Bento Train Station

    Why are we going to the train station? It's one of the most stunning in the world. We’re not biasing either, as São Bento was voted the tenth most beautiful in Travel+Leisure Magazine's list of the most beautiful train stations in the world. First, take the Belle Epoque, Parisian-esque exterior, then prepare to get your mind blown a little when you enter. The design is stunningly beautiful, with 20,000 decorative tiles covering the walls that have taken the painter Jorge Colaço 11 years to complete, not less. Get up close and personal to fully understand the scenes of intricately crafted Portuguese history, everyday life and transportation (for trainees). And if you want to fly, you can catch a train from here to nearby cities such as Miramar (with its gorgeous beaches and mansions), Braga or Guimarães.

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