Discover the Top 10 attractions in Nuremberg with Irro-Charter
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Top 10 Attractions

Discover the Top 10 attractions in Nuremberg with Irro Charter

Top 10 attractions in Nuremberg with Irro Charter

Our Irro Charter Bus Company would like to introduce with the capital of Franconia. Nuremberg is the city that has lived through momentous world events. The Old Town is now surrounded by walls, and Kasierburg Castle is guarded from the north side of the promontory. Nuremberg was the unofficial capital of the Holy Roman Empire, and the castle had been the host of official ceremonies for hundreds of years. Nuremberg is also a name associated with the Nazis, the Nuremberg Rallies, the Racist Laws and the Trials after the War. At the Nazi congress hall on the rally grounds is a powerful museum about Nazi regime, and Courtroom 600 at the Palace of Justice is where figures like Hermann Göring were tried.
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We have a couple of suggestions for places to visit in Nuremberg for you:

Kaiserburg of Fachwerk houses, Nuremberg
  1. Kaiserburg

    On the steep sandstone cliffs over the north side of Nuremberg’s Altstadt is a castle that carried real power in the times of the Holy Roman Empire. The imperial courts met here, and every newly elected emperor was required by decree to hold his first Imperial Diet at Kaiserburg. The castle at the circular Sinwell Tower dates back to the 14th century and is still a highlight. There is an observation platform at the top floor where you can marvel at the best view of the city. Situated in half-timbered houses in the courtyard below is the Tie. Chartered bus can take you there.
  2. Memorium Nuremberg Trials

    Courtroom 600 at the Judicial Palace, where high-ranking Nazis were brought to justice between 1945 and 1949, is still a working courtroom. It can be tricky to visit during the week unless you come between sessions. The best time is on Saturdays, out of session, when English speakers can take a sober audio tour of a room that resonates with history. A bus company will be wise partner when you need a ride there.
  3. St. Sebaldus Church, Nuremberg

    Looking at it from the north side, you can see how the Church of St. Sebaldus is in two halfs. The western side, including the naves and towers, is Romanesque and early Gothic, from the 13th century. The eastern side of the hall is Late Gothic and was constructed about 100 years later. St. Sebald of the 8th century is the patron saint of Nuremburg, and in the chancel you can see his tomb, modeled in the 1510s by Peter Vischer the Elder, with early-Renaissance bronze figurines depicting scenes. Bus company will take you to church.
  4. Documentation Center Nazi Party Rally Grounds

    Due to its position in the Holy Roman Empire and its central location in the German-speaking world, Nuremburg was important to the National Socialist regime. Even before they rose to power in 1933, they chose Nuremberg for their annual mass propaganda rallies. In the 30s, they set about building a congress hall, an element of an unrealized master plan for the city. The hall, pierced on the north side by a modern metal framed glass stake, contains the exhibition, "Fascination and Terror." You 're going to walk through the reasons, the facts and the implications of the Nazi regime. There's extra depth to the Nuremberg Protests and the city's architectural plans. You can hire a bus with drivers by our chartered bus and enjoy the ride to this amazing and historical eyewitness interviews, photographs, official documents and computer graphics.
  5. Nuremberg
    Nuremberg, Germany Old City at Pegnitz River
  6. Germanisches Nationalmuseum

    The German National Museum is a kind of treasury for the German-speaking world, documenting its cultural history with more than 25.000 exhibits. The galleries are in a complex partly made up of the Nuremberg Charterhouse, and are endowed with art dating back to the Middle Ages, as well as decorative items, toys, wardrobes, books, scientific instruments, clothing, musical instruments, liturgical treasures, prehistoric and ancient archaeology, toys, and that's just a brief summary.
  7. German National Railways Museum

    Nuremberg was the scene of the first German railway, the Bavarian Ludwigsbahn, which ran from here to Fürth nearby. It makes sense, therefore, that the city should have a national museum on this subject. The attraction is also the oldest in the country and opened as the Bavarian Railway Museum in 1899. Some of the many interesting exhibits are pieces from King Ludwig II's Royal Railway, the Nordgau locomotive from 1853 and the 1930's DRG Class SVT 877 from Hamburg-Berlin, the fastest rail link in the world at the time. The first and second floors are for displays showing bridge and tunnel building, as well as 160 models from 1882. On a half-hour stroke, you can watch a 10-minute demonstration of the 80-square-metre rail model
  8. Schöner Brunnen

    One of the wonders of medieval Nuremberg is a 19-metre Gothic fountain on the edge of the central market square. The fountain was built in 1385-1396 and was the work of architect and stonemason Heinrich Beheim. It was modeled like a Gothic church spire and has forty polychrome figures on four tiers, all evoking the “worldview” of the Holy Roman Empire. The statues at the bottom depict philosophy and the seven liberal arts, below the four evangelists and the four church fathers. Above these are the seven Holy Roman electors, and the Nine Worthies, who were idealised historical and mythical personages. And finally, at the top sits Moses and the seven prophets. In the Second World War the monument was wrapped in a concrete shell and came through unscathed
  9. city Walls

    In the long history of the fortifications of Nuremberg, the city was captured only once: by the Americans in 1945. These walls were first constructed in the 1000s and had their present, streamlined appearance when they were updated for canons in the 1500s. Some four kilometers of the Medieval walls are still intact, and they include the castle to the north and 67 defensive towers. The parapet is mostly open to visitors, looks out onto the Altstadt and is protected by a wood-framed roof.
  10. Nuremberg Toy Museum

    One of the finest houses in the old town, and another stop in the historic mile, is the Renaissance Hallersche Haus. The Burgher House is named after the family that built it in 1517 and has a gabled facade and wood-framed gallery around the courtyard. The museum inside honors Nuremberg 's status as a traditional toy-making capital in Germany and also opened on Dürer's 500th anniversary in 1971. On the first three floors are pre-War games and toys like dolls, dollhouses, magic lanterns, wind-up figures and another model railway of impressive proportions.
  11. Nuremberg Zoo

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