Discover the Top 10 attractions in Münster with Irro-Charter
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Top 10 Attractions

Discover the Top 10 attractions in Münster with Irro Charter

Top 10 attractions in Münster with Irro Charter

When you arrive at Münster airport, then Irro Charter’s airport shuttle will be your caring host that will take you for a nice journey in Münster. Our bus company will be delighted to show your an historic university town, Münster is the capital of Westphalia and has a skyline shaped by the Romanesque and Gothic towers of its medieval churches. For hundreds of years until 1801, the city was governed by the Catholic Prince-Bishopric. This dominion was only briefly interrupted by the Anabaptist rebellion, brutally crushed by the siege and grisly execution of its leaders, who were left to rot in cages over Principalmarkt Square. The Old Town suffered during the Second World War, but the Renaissance limestone and Gothic facades were meticulously reconstructed afterwards. Many of these buildings resonate with world-changing history, such as the Historical City Hall, where the Peace of Westphalia was signed in 1648, redrawing the map of Western Europe. Irro Charter’s bus rental is best choice to explore this nice city with history.

If you decide to travel with a group, then Irro Charter’s chartered bus in Münster is best option to travel in Münster. Irro Charter will ensure your group safe, prompt and enjoyable travel.

Do you need inspiration where to go in Münster? Kindly find here our top 10 places to go in Münster:

Münster Cathedral Winter Mood
  1. Münster Cathedral

    The symbol of the city is the gothic cathedral of the 12th and 13th centuries. The oldest architecture is the colossal pair of Romanesque towers that make up the western work of the 1100s. Give yourself plenty of time to explore the cathedral because there is a lot to discover. On the south side of the western transept is the "Paradise" narthex, a hall lined with statues of Jesus and the 12 Apostles larger than life. See also the Astronomical Clock, dating from the 1540s and the conside. Our bus company will be best partner to get there.
  2. City Hall

    On the east side of Principalmarkt, the Historical City Hall is another emblem of Münster and one of the finest examples of secular Gothic architecture anywhere. The exterior is jaw-dropping and takes a few minutes of traced windows, oval arches, gables and pinnacles. All of this dates back to the end of the 14th century, reflecting the confidence that Münster's people had in the past. The Peace Hall inside is as old as the 1100s and is covered in wooden panels carved in 1577. The hall was where one of the most important treaties in European history was signed. In 1648, the Peace of Westphalia put an end to the Thirty Years' War and gave birth to the Netherlands as a country after the split of the Holy Roman Empire.
  3. Prinzipalmarkt

    Prinzipalmarkt is the city's historic central market square and shows the glorious history of Münster dating back to the medieval and Renaissance periods. Blocks of gabled Renaissance buildings, excellent restaurants and shops stand alongside the city's most significant landmarks: City Hall, St Lambert's Church, Townhouse Tower and Cathedral. Irro Charter’s bus company will be best partner to get safely and explore this incredible market street.
  4. St. Lamberti

    A shining example of late Gothic design, the Church of St. Lamberti was built in the 14th and 15th centuries and forms the northern boundary of the Principalmarkt. All eyes will be on the tower, not least for the hollow tracery on the spire, but also for the gloomy sight of the iron cages above the clock. These are from the 1530s and once the remains of the leaders of Münster's Anabaptist Rebellion were held during the Reformation. The tower also has a night watchman, a tradition that goes back more than 630 years.
  5. Burg Hülshoff

    Ten kilometers from Münster's Old Town is a picturesque Renaissance castle, the birthplace of the poet and author Annette von Droste-Hülshoff in 1797. The property is a five-year old Westphalian "Wasserburg" (moated castle) and has been transformed into a museum that you will visit on an audio tour. The interior is a glimpse of the lifestyle of the merchant nobility of Münster when Classicism and Romanticism were fashionable at the beginning of the 18th century. There are original portraits of Annette von Droste-Hülshoff, personal belongings and a richly stocked library. Our tour bus will be wise partner to drive there safe and comfortably.
  6. Prinzipalmarkt
    Prinzipalmarkt, Münster
  7. All wetterzoo Münster

    The zoo is almost a continuation of the green shores of Aasee and has around 3,000 animals of 300 species. The name derives from its system of covered walkways that offer shelter in all conditions. These are complemented by indoor attractions such as BioCity, a conservation center for tortoises, a research laboratory and an interactive exhibition on biodiversity. Allwetterzoo is proud of how close you can get to its inhabitants, as in the smartly designed Africaneum, with large panels providing a privileged. You can hire a coach with driver from our bus company as best choice.
  8. Botanischer Garten

    The University of Münster is in charge of the botanical garden, not far west of the Old Town. The environment is special as the gardens are in what used to be the fortress of the city, and it's easy to see the star-shaped outline left by the moats. The garden was started as a teaching and research center as early as 1803 and its first greenhouses arrived a year later. After 200 years of ups and downs, through the Napoleonic Wars and the Second World War, today the garden has 8,000 plant species, 10 years later.
  9. City Museum

    It costs nothing to visit and includes a detailed description of Münster 's history, complete with reproductions, fantastic old images, written accounts, archeological samples – a lot of information that you will really appreciate if you are interested in the historical aspects of the city and the area. Use a tour bus as a partner exploring history of Münster.
  10. Wochenmarkt Münster

    On Wednesdays and Saturdays, the Domplatz pavilions are decorated with around 150 stalls for a twice-weekly event that draws people from far and wide to Münster. Saturday is probably the liveliest day of the two, but on either day you can call in for bread, fruit, vegetables, honey, cold cuts, cheese, pastries, confectionery, fish, oils and spices. A chartered bus reminds there are also handicrafts for sale, such as wickerwork, and accessories and clothes. And if the sight of the produce gives you an appetite, you can get hold of freshly grilled bratwurst or regional potato fritters.
  11. Cycling

    Half a million bicycles are in Münster, double the number of people! And the city urged people to bike and set up three secure parking stations. The station at the Hauptbahnhof is the largest in Germany and provides bicycle rental as well as a laundry and repair facility. There are bike paths across the area, so people prefer not to think about protective equipment. And maybe the most scenic ride can be taken along the promenade, which parallels Münster's former defensive wall ring. A network of signposted trails has also been set up so that you can ride out.

Your Irro Charter airport shuttle bus will pick you up from Münster or any other place of your choosing. If you're planning to visit Münster, hiring your own private tour bus and driver is a soothing, free, versatile and comfortable way to ride. If you need a solution for a big group trip or just a family trip, our charter bus company Irro Charter is your partner to make your trip work. We are a bus rental business with more than 40 years of experience, we have the fleet, drivers and know-how to make your visit to Münster a success. If you need more information or would like to receive an offer, please contact our Charter Bus Irro Charter team immediately.

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