Top 10 Attractions

Discover the Top 10 attractions in Manchester with Irro Charter

Top 10 attractions in Manchester with Irro Charter

Manchester is the second largest city in England, settled by the Romans since AD 79. Manchester is a lively urban hotspot with excellent nightlife, arts and culture. The city is surrounded by the countryside and the majestic Pennine Mountains, making it a perfect base for exploring the wilderness of the region. Manchester has a long history and is significant in many fields, including music, science and transport. It is home to the world's first intercity commuter train station and a vibrant cultural scene, making it one of England's most exciting towns. Here are 25 of the best things to do in this bustling city. When you are planning to visit Manchester with a group, then Irro Bus Charter is your bus company partner.

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If you're wondering which places you can visit in Manchester, here are some suggestions from the bottom of the list. Keep in mind that our Irro Bus Charter Airport Shuttle and Tour Bus Coaches are the best way to travel around the city easily and safely.

Beautiful sky over Media City, Salford Quays, Manchester
  1. Castlefield

    Designated as "Urban Heritage Park," Castlefield is an excellent place to start exploring Manchester, and a stroll through the lovingly restored Victorian houses along the old canals or through the rebuilt Roman fort is a well spent time. Make sure to visit the Bridgewater Canal, built in 1761 to transport coal from the Worsley mines to Manchester, and the many old factories that have been restored and converted into offices, stores, hotels and restaurants. A bus rental strongly recommended travel to one of the Bridgewater tour boats .
  2. Manchester Museum

    The Manchester Museum is the country's largest university museum with a collection of 4,500,000 objects from around the world. The museum is located in a stunning Gothic-style building and exhibits the best of archaeology and natural history. The museum contains a variety of galleries focusing on diverse topics such as fossils, the ancient world, and world culture. There is a special display on the natural history of Manchester, which looks at the roots of the city as an underwater world and then as a lake. Spend some time in the vivarium of the zoo, a collection of live reptiles and amphibians, and home to some of the rarest frogs in the world. A tour bus remind don't miss Stan the T.Rex, the well-preserved skeleton of the famed dinosaur that boasts the finest tyrannosaurus rex skull in the world.
  3. National Football Museum

    Host to two of Europe's best football teams – Man City and Man United – Manchester is a perfect place to celebrate the country's favorite sport. The National Football Museum should be the first stop. This football sanctuary contains interesting sport-related memorabilia, including artifacts such as the very first rulebook, as well as iconic trophies and clothes. A variety of excellent short films demonstrate the history of sport, while enjoyable hands-on (and foot-on, for that matter) displays provide plenty of additional entertainment for youngsters. It's also worth visiting one (or both) of Manchester's home stadium teams. Manchester City's Etihad Stadium provides a range of fun-filled tour options, including behind-the-scenes and deluxe dinner tours, while Old Trafford-home to Manchester United-offers guided tours that include access to private boxes and the ability to walk the field itself.
  4. Museum of Science and Industry

    Manchester has played a significant role in the fields of science and technology throughout its history. The Science and Technology Museum honors this contribution with a variety of exhibits and displays on fields such as transport, electricity and computing. Learn about Manchester's role in the booming transport industry with a train ride from 1830 and examples of the original machines used in the last 300 years. The museum is suitable for families, with a range of hands-on experiences for children and adults alike, including science projects, augmented reality booths and games. The museum provides a fun and exciting way to learn about the city and the industry, and how science is still an integral part of Manchester's heritage. Our chartered bus can take you there.
  5. Chination

    The vibrant home of one of the largest Chinese communities in Britain, Chinatown, is only a stone's throw from the Manchester Art Gallery. The richly decorated arched gateway leading into the district is particularly striking. Many shops and restaurants offering a wide range of culinary delights from Hong Kong and Beijing have been built in this section, while the Center for Contemporary Chinese Art has unique Chinese handicrafts and works of art. A bus rental at our bus company will make it easier for your group to get there
  6. Manchester
    Beautiful view of Manchester city
  7. Manchester Town Hall

    Manchester Town Hall, the emblem of Manchester's skyline, is the heart of the city. With its spectacular Gothic architecture dating back to 1877, you can spend some time admiring the Town Hall from the picturesque Albert Square. The clock tower is 85 meters high and looks out over the city. Book a tour of the breathtaking interior, with high arched ceilings and elegant spiral stairs, gilded in gold. Visit the Sculpture Garden, host to a variety of statues and busts honoring influential citizens in Manchester. Manchester Town Hall has been used to film scenes in a variety of big-budget movies, including The Iron Lady, Sherlock Holmes and Victor Frankenstein. This historic location is a perfect place to know more about the city and see some beautiful architecture. The chartered bus will be wise partner exploring this amazing architecture and history.
  8. People´s History Museum

    A bus rental wants to introduce you with the People’s History Museum which is the National Center for the Collection, Restoration, Presentation and Research of Materials Related to the History of Working People in Britain. Located in a former pumping station, the museum presents the past of British democracy and its effects on the population, as well as extensive collections of objects related to labor unions and women's suffrage. Two other museums in the area are the Manchester Jewish Museum, with its collection dealing with the Jewish culture of the city, and the Transport Museum, with its many old busses and other vehicles belonging to the city's transport services.
  9. Royal Exchange

    The Royal Exchange is one of the most famous entertainment complexes in the region, with a theater and shopping center on site. The building was completed in 1921 and has suffered historic destruction in the Second World War and beyond. The Royal Exchange still features stunning architecture, but the highlight is the theatre, considered to be one of the best in the region. Each year, the theater produces hundreds of shows around a variety of genres, and there's sure to be something to match each taste. There are also a variety of cafes and restaurants inside the complex that can be visited before or after a series, making this an excellent way to experience some new culture in a historic setting. If you feel brave, try and locate the ghosts that are said to haunt the house, including the presence of the actor James Maxwell. A tour bus can look after your group transport here.
  10. Heaton Park

    Covering some 600 acres, Heaton Park is the largest park in Greater Manchester and one of the largest urban parks in Europe. Heaton Hall, built in 1772, is situated in the very heart of the park, and while it is not currently accessible to the public, it remains an impressive sight. The park has been fully redesigned and retains many of its original buildings and views. Sports enthusiasts can enjoy the 18-hole golf course, driving range, mini putt and tennis courts, while families will visit the pool, animal farm, woodland, ornamental gardens, observatory, Adventure Park, and volunteer tram and museum. Our bus company will make sure you arrive safe and sound at this impressive and iconic landmark of Manchester.
  11. Manchester Cathedral

    The Manchester Cathedral has been in place since 1421, boasting an exterior Gothic theme that imposes and awes. The site of the church has been used for centuries, with evidence of the ancient church that existed here in 700 AD. The cathedral boasts a great deal of tradition, including in the stone used to create its walls, which are full of tiny fossils. The cathedral is home to a variety of well-preserved mercies, unique shelves built to minimize pain in standing for a long period of time, including exquisite wood carvings. Stop by the Visitor Center to learn more about the history of the Cathedral and see some unique features, including the Hanging Bridge. This bridge dates back to the 15th century and originally provided the entrance to the church. Manchester Cathedral is a great place to learn about the history of the city and see some beautiful architecture. Chartered bus by Irro Bus Charter will get you there prompt.

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