Discover the Top 10 attractions to visit Mallorca with Irro Charter
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Top 10 Attractions

Discover the Top 10 attractions The Mallorca with Irro Charter

Top 10 attractions in The Mallorca with Irro Charter

Irro Charter welcomes you to the Mallorca which is one of the Spanish Balearic Islands located in the Mediterranean. Mallorca is known for its seaside resorts, sheltered bays, Limestone Mountains and remains from Roman and Moorish times. The capital Palma offers a lively nightlife, the royal palace Almudaina built by the Moors and the Cathedral of Santa María. There are villages with stone houses such as Pollença with its art galleries and a music festival or Fornalutx, located on a hill and surrounded by citrus plantations. Irro Charter is your group travel partner when it comes to visiting Mallorca. Let us, the experts look after you by providing you with a tour coach and professional driver. We can provide you with long distance coaches for a multi-day trip in Mallorca. We can also offer you an Airport shuttle transfer from Palma. A chartered coach with a driver booked at Irro Charter will be the best choice for a perfect stay in Mallorca.

Irro Charter team would like to share with you some of the very best things to do whilst visiting Mallorca:

  1. Jardines d'Alfàbia

    The Gardens of Alfàbia are located in the picturesque Sierra de Tramuntana, bursting with bright plants and crystal-clear water. The verdant vegetation surrounds a well-preserved farmhouse that's open to the public. The building is a dazzling example of medieval architecture, embodying many aspects of the Moorish occupation while incorporating Baroque elements from later site reformation.
  2. Ruines Romanes de Pollentia

    A visit to the roman ruins of Pollentia will make you feel like you've been transported to the ancient times. King Hercules ordered the founding of the city in 123 BC, becoming the capital of the Balearic Islands. Currently, both the ruins and the well-maintained Roman forum are open to the public. Bring water and good walking shoes and be ready to get up early and explore for the day. Visit the museum to see what happened after these ancient ruins were finished with.
  3. Ferrocarril de Sóller

    Riding on the Sóller train is an excellent way to experience the beauty of Mallorca. The train began its service in 1912 and has been running on a regular basis ever since. Much effort has been made to retain the old-world charm.
  4. Faro de Formentor

    Be sure to bring your camera if you are visiting Cap de Formente, a working lighthouse which is situated on a rocky crag. The area joins the sea with the Sierra Tramuntana mountain range, the roads here are very winding and narrow with many viewpoints to enjoy the spectacular scenery.
  5. Museu Fundació Juan March

    Not only in Barcelona can you experience modern and contemporary art under one roof, Museu Fundació Juan can also offer the same. One of the stately homes nestled in the historic district of the island's capital has been turned into a museum. There are also contributions from the important names of the Spanish avant-garde such as Salvador Dalí, Picasso, and Miró. Despite its small size, the museum offers many works from the 20th-century Spanish art period.
  6. CathedralofSantaMariaofPalma
    Cathedral of Santa Maria of Palma
  7. Castell de Bellver

    There are many impressive castles on the island of Mallorca. Castell de Bellver is partically interesting due to its range of historic uses. The construction of the castle began in 1300 by order of King James II for the purpose of providing a permanent residence for the monarchs of Mallorca. Beginning in 1717, it was used by the British as a barracks and later as a private house. Several French soldiers captured at the Battle of Bailén were imprisoned in the castle. Many Republicans were imprisoned here in the same year the castle was made into a warehouse, until it became a prison again during the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939).
  8. Fundació Pilar i Joan Miró a Mallorca

    The famous Joan Miró had his studio in Mallorca for decades, he donated over 6,000 pieces of his work to Fundació Pilar i Joan Miró a Mallorca, not only are there numerous paintings but also sculptures, drawings, and prints by Miró. Given its special existence, the foundation also offers a fresh appreciation of Miró's achievements, and a deepening understanding of the artistic process allows us to comprehend his past masterpieces.
  9. La Seu Catedral de Palma

    La Seu Catedral de Palma is one of Europe’s tallest Gothic structures, construction started in 1229 on the site of a former Moorish fortress, called Palmeria. It was constructed during the 400-year reign of Gaud and is still acknowledged as one of the most breathtaking creations on the island.
  10. Drach Caves

    You cannot visit Mallorca without taking a tour of the Drach Crags and its natural wonders. The caves offer a spectacular and magical experience with very impressive stalactites and stalagmites, there is also a large underground lake situated in the caves.
  11. Parc Natural de Mondragó

    Visiting Mondragó National Park is a perfect way to appreciate the native flora and fauna on the island. Since agriculture has taken a prominent role in shaping the land in this park, there is a rustic charm with dry walls, irrigation ditches, water wheels, and stone features. There is plenty to do in the park for example; watching the variety of birds, relaxing on the golden sand beaches, swimming in the clear waters and for the more adventurous people, scuba diving from bay to bay.

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