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Discover the Top 10 attractions in Leverkusen with Irro Charter

Top 10 attractions in The city of Leverkusen with Irro Charter

Leverkusen is an industrial city in the Cologne Lowland region of Western Germany. Leverkusen is a relatively young city. Its history is strongly linked to the growth of the Bayer chemical and pharmaceutical plants. Until the mid-19th century, there were some smaller settlements, including today's boroughs Opladen or Schlebusch, but no city of Leverkusen as such. Internationally, Leverkusen is well known for its successful football club, Bayer 04 Leverkusen, which was founded as a team of Bayer factory workers and is a fully-owned subsidiary of the chemical company. It has finished second-place in several national and international competitions, but sadly never won the German championship so far to the amusement of fans of other clubs.

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For some recommendations regarding places you should have on your trip itinerary, please check out Top 10 bus company tips for Leverkusen.

View of the very nice japenese garden in Leverkusen
  1. Bayer Leverkusen 04 & Bayarena

    Visiting the BayArena Football Stadium is probably a dream come true for the majority of tourists who love football. Catch a game at this famous stadium, the home of Bayer Leverkusen 04, or take a guided tour. The fascinating BayArena Football Stadium tour provides spectacular behind-the-scenes views of the stadium, including walking through the tunnel to the pitch, visiting the business and premium lounges, the press conference room, and the dugouts.
  2. Schloss Morsbroich

    While the lovely Rococo architecture of Schloss Morsbroich appeals to architecture-enthusiasts, the municipal museum of contemporary arts it preserves behind its walls never fails to please and delight art lovers. Apart from the permanent exhibition that consists of many famous and rare works, the museum also regularly hosts temporary exhibitions. The landscaped garden surrounding the palace hosts an interesting sculpture collection, and is often the venue for events and concerts.
  3. Japenese Garden

    Close to the Bayer plant in the Flittard district, you can visit the beautiful Japanese Garden, one of the best parks in Germany. The man behind it was the former CEO of Bayer, Carl Duisberg, who planted the garden on the grounds of his villa in 1912 and then expanded it after a tour of the Far East in the 1920s. The 15,000-square-metre space is filled with sculptures and lanterns, as well as many different exotic plant species such as chrysanthemums, papyrus plants, Japanese maples and sequoias. You can watch turtles and koi carp in ornamental ponds.
  4. Neuland Park

    The 25-hectare park is children's paradise, with numerous play and sports facilities. There's a skating area field under the motorway bridge at the old East Entrance. An adjoining sunbathing park and numerous playground facilities welcome visitors. At the entrance to Nobelstraße, water games with fountain hoppers offer relief on hot days. In the park's boomerang, twelve play stations test dexterity and team spirit. For the toddlers there is also a large playing area with sand, climbing equipment, slides and everything a child's heart wants.
  5. Herz-Jesu Church

    Tourists should not miss a visit to the Herz-Jesu Church. While the location is central, in the heart of the city of Leverkusen, this church is still a place of comfort, prudence and peace. It is a soothing spot for meditation and reflection.
  6. Leverkusen
    Headquarters and factory of Bayer AG - one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. Leverkusen, Germany
  7. Rathaus-Galerie

    No Leverkusen tour is complete without shopping at its biggest shopping complex, the Rathaus-Galerie. Located in a prime position in the tourist section of downtown Leverkusen, Rathaus-Galerie provides a wide variety of cuisine, exclusive shops and services. With its 120 stores, you should be sure to find something worth taking back home.
  8. Freudenthaler Sensenhammer

    Presenting Freudenthaler Sensenhammer, an 18th-century scythe manufacturer, known as the "working" industrial museum. It includes presentations, temporary exhibits, forge shows, concerts, theater evenings and much more. Overall, this museum is all about the industrial past of Germany and how it influenced the nation's agriculture field.
  9. Wildpark Reuschenberg

    WIldpark Reuschenberg is an animal park for European animals, it is situated at the western end of the large Reuschenberger Wald. There are 80 distinct animals, nearly all of them native to Germany or Central Europe. You will meet mufflers, goats, pigs, otters, feral cats, porcupines and deer, all in suitable enclosures. The park also has aviaries with a variety of animals, ranging from common cranes to birds of prey, while younger children have a massive playground on which to run wild. And away from the animal enclosures, there is a loop path that leads through the forest and beside lakes and marshes. Best of all, on your tour bus the park is reachable in just a few minutes.
  10. Kolonie-Museum Leverkusen

    You can get a glimpse of life in Wiesdorf in one of the workers' settlements founded by Bayer AG at the beginning of the 20th century. The museum is one of the pairs of semi-detached houses constructed by the factory, particularly to house its workers, in what became known as the "colonies," which also had their own Bayer-brand department store and are now a German historical monument. The house is decorated in the style of the 1920s and 30s: chairs, lighting and utensils are all authentic, and you can come to look around on weekends.
  11. Naturgut Ophoven

    In the middle of Reuschenberg Forest, you will find the NaturGut Ophoven environment education center, which is suitable for small and large kids. This park houses 80 different species of domestic and wild animals and plenty of flora and fauna. In here, kids will learn a lot of things, as there is plenty of child-friendly information on nature and conservation.

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