Discover the Top 10 attractions to visit Klaipeda with Irro Charter
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Top 10 Attractions

Discover the Top 10 attractions to visit Klaipeda with Irro Charter!

Top 10 attractions to see in Klaipeda with Irro Charter

Our bus rental company is happy to bring you to Klaipeda, Lithuania's third largest city, which is often overlooked by visitors who can only drift in for a brief stay before making a beeline for the sea and sand dunes of the Curonian Spit. Nonetheless, unlike other port cities, Klaipeda does not have any of the industrial facilities or dodgy vibes normally associated with those towns. On the opposite, the promenade along the riverside, the laid-back feel and the quaint architecture and cobbled streets of the old town make this Lithuanian town a beautiful destination to be visited by it. The chartered bus has to admit while very small in size, in Klaipeda there's a surprising amount of things to do. A tour bussuggests spending at least one day visiting the city.

Our bus company by Irro Charter can assist you with airport shuttle transfers or full day bus rental services in Klaipeda. Our modern tour bus fleet offers you a wide range of chartered bus vehicles whether you are traveling in private, in a large group or in a business.

As specialists in Klaipeda and tour bus services, we would like to provide you with some tips on what you should not miss on your trip to Klaipeda. Here are our top 10 Klaipeda destinations to visit:

Danes River, Klaipeda

  1. Old Town

    The Old Town of Klaipeda is extremely charming and compact, and is extremely easy to navigate because the streets are on a grid. A tour bus recommends walking the cobbled streets for an hour or two, and enjoying the beautiful architecture while reading about the fascinating history of the area. For much of its history Klaipeda was part of the Kingdom of Prussia and the town was called Memel. Under Prussian rule, the town has become a prosperous port due to its northern location, communications and the fact that it is ice-free. Evidence of the German presence spread across the old town.
  2. Sculpture Park

    Located in the northern part of town, chartered bus must claim that the Sculpture Park is one of the biggest sightseeing attractions in Klaipeda. The area where the park is situated was once a cemetery but in 1977, it was turned into an art display by the Soviet government. The park has 116 sculptures installed between 1977 and 1991, and is a nice place to wander in Klaipeda.
  3. Danè River

    Although the west side of the town lies on the Curonian Lagoon leading to the Baltic Sea, Klaipeda is also located on the mouth of the Danė River. Around the riverfront there are many cafes, restaurants and bars and it can be an incredibly picturesque spot to walk along. Our bus rental service advises you to rent a pedal boat on the river in good weather.
  4. Botanical Garden of Klaipedia University

    The Klaipeda University Botanical Garden offers a gorgeous escape from the city. It is safe to reach the grounds and walk around the extensive botanical garden, home to a large variety of native fauna. Some plants are labelled, so you can understand what they are. Though the botanical garden is a little outside the city centre, it is easy to access by our bus company.
  5. Castle Museum

    Although originally founded by Baltic tribes, Klaipeda did not officially become the town where it stands today until in the 13th century the knights of the Teutonic Order started constructing the town and a castle. Although the castle does not exist today, the Castle Museum is situated where it once stood and offers some interesting information on the history of Lithuania's third-largest city.
  6. Swing Bridge

    Swing Bridge is a modern wonder over an ancient chateau site. The so-called "Chain Bridge" was completed in 1855, and still operates today. The bridge will help you get into the Sea Gates and Cruise Ship Terminal quickly as you pass the Danė coast. If the bridge is turned, boats and yachts can enter the Castle harbor. A chartered bus company says it is the only swing-bridge in Lithuania. The strength of the physical person is referred to for bridge rotation. Two people can turn the bridge.
  7. Dramatheatreat
    Drama Theatre at Old Town of Klaipeda in Lithuania
  8. Monai Restaurant

    One of the top restaurants in Klaipeda, Monai is a great choice if you are interested in the trendy, "fresh Lithuanian" food trend that sweeps the region. Our bus rental this restaurant has re-imagined local cuisine and it is certainly worth checking out to serve fresh, sustainable and creative food.
  9. The Town Hall

    It is a historic house in which King Friedrich Wilhelm III of Prussia and Queen Louise resided briefly during the Napoleonic Wars (1807-1808). Established in the late 18th-early 19th century, it belonged to the Danish Consul Lork and subsequently to his relative Consentiu. This home, which later became the Klaipėda Town Hall, was made city magistrate in 1864. From 2011 the Mayor of the City of Klaipėda and part of the City Government returned to the City Hall.
  10. Historical - Green Pharmacy

    The first Pharmacy was founded in Memel in 1677 by Jacob de Jonge. It was located at Firedrich-Wilhelm Street 27/28 (now-Tilt St. 6). Buildings complex was built in a specific historical style. The Green Pharmacy is a low, rectangular, two-story building with an attic, a basement, fragments of the preceding time and a double-sided roof. Half through the 19th century the house was built and restored in 1978-1979. 10. MUSEUM OF AMBER "AMBER QUEEN" The chartered bus will welcome you to visit the "Amber Queen" museum, located in the heart of the old town of Klaipėda. There you can enjoy both new and old inimitable pieces of amber. A large exhibition will give visitors the most outstanding collections.

At Klaipeda there are quite a lot of places to check out. Our bus company is always pleased to deliver outstanding chartered bus services, personalized to your needs. Klaipeda does not have an airport of its own, but Palanga airport is about 30 kilometers north of Klaipeda. It will take only 1 hour to get to Klaipeda city center with our airport shuttle. In Klaipeda, the Irro Charter bus company operates large charter bus services. Whether its airport shuttle trips, regular charter bus rentals or even dinner transfers at night, contact our support team at Irro Charter and book a driver's bus for your next trip to Klaipeda.

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