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Discover the Top 10 attractions in Helsinki with Irro Charter

Top 10 attractions in The city of Helsinki with Irro Charter

Helsinki, the Finnish capital in the south of the country, is located on a peninsula on the Gulf of Finland. Institutions such as the National Museum, which traces Finnish history from the Stone Age to the present, the imposing parliament building and the Kiasma, a museum for contemporary art, are located on the main street Mannerheimintie. The decorated red brick Uspenski Cathedral offers a view of the harbor. The bus rental has to admit there’s the city’s palette of seasonal colors; unsteady between vivid summer greens, intense Baltic blues, and also the crystalline white of Nordic winter.

For most travelers visiting Helsinki for a brief time, or for the primary time, town center, or Kluuvi, is that the better part of Helsinki to remain in. Staying within the central city puts you in walking distance of the foremost well-liked Helsinki attractions and also the train depot. Our bus company will help you with assistance choosing pick up locations.

When you are planning to visit Helsinki with a group Irro Bus Charter in Helsinki is your best bus company partner. We are a family-owned bus company with over 50 years of coach travel experience. Trust us, because we are the Party and Bus travel experts. Through our airport shuttle, we can provide transfers from airport to hotel and can provide daytrips through our tour bus.

Here are our bus company’s top 10 places visiting Helsinki:

Helsinki from a bird's eye view
  1. Suomenlinna

    The tour bus recommends board the Kauppatori ferry and in a few minutes you'll be in one of Scandinavia's most beautiful man-made locations, if not the world. Suomenlinna is a massive maritime fortification, spread over seven islands. A tiny baroque settlement is still home to 1000 residents, despite the star-shaped walls and weapons positions.
  2. the Market Square

    A bus rental must say Market square is probably the first place that travellers will see when arriving in the old town of Helsinki. This port area is one of the city's epicenters of life and trade, and a real Helsinki landmark as a whole. Our bus company recommends October is the best time of year to visit the square.
  3. Helsinki Cathedral

    This landmark's tall green dome soars above the Helsinki cityscape, and at night it appears to shine like a lighthouse from the sea. Chartered bus must say whatever your reason for visiting Helsinki, this neoclassical whitewashed cathedral is one of the sights you need to check out
  4. the Chapel of Silence

    Kamppi Chapel of Silence is a place of quietness in the heart of the lively city center of Helsinki. The chapel is tiny but warm and quiet, and the thick wooden walls, made of Scandinavian spruce, reflect the depth of silence inside.
  5. Seurassari Island

    Few kilometres north of the city center are an open-air museum that has put together a collection of typical Finnish buildings from around the country. The museum is open all summer and that is when professional guides will tell you about life and work in rural Finland over the last 400 years in traditional garb. Hire a bus with driver in our bus company and take a few minutes drive to Island.
  6. Helsinki
    Helsinki Cathedral and Alexander II monument on Senate Square, Finland
  7. Esplanadi

    Known to locals as the "Espa," this is a green space finger right in the middle of the city, a spot where visitors and residents of Helsinki come for picnics, recreation and summer entertainment. Our chartered bus company recommends come in July for Jazz-Espa, a month-long jazz festival, or in June for the Marimekko Fashion Show.
  8. Juttutupa

    A swell pub and a delicious restaurant with a daring mix of rock fusion and contemporary jazz music, the history of Juttutupa dates back to 1884, making it one of the oldest joints in the region.
  9. Vintage Tram Ride

    Catch the tram from the Havis Amanda Fountain on summer weekends at Market Square. You'll set off on a 20-minute tour of almost all of the best sights in central Helsinki.
  10. Helsinki University Botanical Gardens

    The Kaisaniemi Botanical Garden is an exuberant oasis of life right in the center of the city, unveiling a year-long explosion of vibrant plants from around the globe. The garden is home to a total of 800 plant species, and is the ideal spot for an afternoon stroll or winter escape from Finland. The chartered bus will be the best partner exploring oldest scientific garden in all of Finland.
  11. Sauna Visit

    Sauna is a Finnish term, and Finland has 3 million of them, a large quantity of which is found right here in Helsinki. Most are open to the public, and if you're visiting Finland in winter or summer, it's just one of those things you've got to do.

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