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Discover the Top 10 attractions Hannover with Irro Charter

Top 10 attractions in Hannover with Irro Charter

Once you arrive at Hannover airport then airport shuttle will be your kind host that will take you for a wild journey in Hannover. Our bus Company will be delighted to show your group the capital of Lower Saxony’s. The chartered bus in Hannover can take you to historical sites or museums for you to explore the heritage of how Hannover. A German tour bus can show you important commercial center with a university and academies of music and drama. The city has everything for everyone, from world-class architecture and lush nature to beautiful museums and great shopping. Irro Charter’s bus rental is genuinely your consistent support to ensure brilliant holidays in Hannover.

You want to travel with group? Our bus rental service is the answer! Irro Charter’s chartered bus is best option to travel in Hannover. The tour bus service will help you explore Hannover and enjoy your holidays. Irro Charter’s bus company kindly let know about some of the planned endeavors, so preparations are arranged before the trip to Hannover. Our airport shuttle service will take care of your group transferring from airport to hotel and back.

Do you need inspiration where to go in Hannover? Find here our top 10 places to go in Hannover:

  1. Herrenhausen Gardens

    Let our bus rental service introduce you with the most famous landmark in Hannover. Hannover's pride is a series of gardens from the days of the Hannover Imperial Electors and Rulers. Rounded by a mansion, the 50-hectare garden is lined with sculptures, fountains, a box-hedge maze, orangery, and dainty broderies.
  2. Berggarten

    The Berggarten (Mountain Garden) is another of the Herrenhäuser Gardens which warrants a separate entry in the list. It started as a herb and kitchen garden for the palace, but the Berggarten was chosen by Electress Sophia as a room to grow exotic plants. Our bus company will be good assistant exploring one of the world’s leading botanical garden with 20,000 plants from 3,000 species.
  3. Lower Saxony State Museum

    With four very different departments showcasing fine arts, archaeology, natural history, and ethnology, you might say this museum has a little of it all. Don't forget the other divisions where you will find artifacts from the Bronze Age and mummified human remains in archaeology from the moorlands of Lower Saxony. A tour bus recommends explore models of dinosaurs and an aquarium in the natural history department, and some 20,000 pieces of traditional art collected from Oceania, Africa, America and across Asia in the ethnology department.
  4. Spengel Museum

    The Sprengel Museum, which shows a true who is who of modern art in Germany, is a cultural attraction that needs to be on your list. The museum was established in 1979, a decade after its modern art collection was donated to the city by chocolate maker Bernhard Sprengel. Lower Saxony's own art collections and subsequent private donations have enabled this to serve as a world-class survey of 20th-century art. The museum also traces the big art movements since 1945 and has works by artists such as Gerhard Richter and Sigmar Polke, kinetic sculptor Alexander Calder, Andy Warhol and Capitalist Realist.
  5. Old Town Hall

    Our chartered bus recommends to visit the Old Town Hall on Marktplatz is the oldest secular building in Hannover, first taking shape in the beginning of the 15th century. This monument is also the southernmost example of Northern German Brick Gothic architecture, which is unmistakable with its intricate gables. The façade on Schmiedestraße features coats of arms and portraits of electors and princes, but also a depiction of Luderziehen, an old-fashioned game that is like a war tug but rendered by connecting tiny fingers instead of clothing.
  6. Hanover
  7. Marktkirche

    Without the 14th-century Marktkirche in the Altstadt centre, Hannover's silhouette wouldn't be the same. The tale goes that the tower was intended to be higher, but because of the Black Death capital ran low in the 1360s and so a steeple was merely added to what was already built. A bus rental recommends you have to allow time to marvel at the three eastern stained glass windows in the chancel.
  8. Eilenriede

    The Eilenriede is a town forest practically in the middle of Hannover, half the size of Central Park in New York. Our bus company has to admit this is one of Europe's largest linked city woods, blessed with large swathes of oak and beech woodland lined with lawns, water features, and playgrounds.
  9. Wilhelm Busch Museum

    For the respected 19th-century humorist and illustrator Wilhelm Busch, this museum houses the largest collection in the world at the Georgenpalais. The museum also arranged thousands of exhibits for artists from the same time or who shared Busch's irreverent view of the world.
  10. Leibnizhaus

    Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, philosopher, mathematician, diplomat, and historian, spent 40 years of his life in Hannover and passed away at this Renaissance townhouse in 1716. Well, it was not this exact building in fact, since the real Leibnizhaus did not survive the war. Most exciting is his Rechenmaschine (adding machine), which has been built on Pascal's calculator and is using the binary number system, the basis of all modern computers.
  11. Hannover Tiergarten

    Just beyond the eastern outskirts of Hannover is a 112-hectare park that once acted as a hunting ground for the Hannover Electors and Kings. The bus company guarantees you’ll be in no doubt about the great age of the Tiergarten when you see the 650-year-old oak tree at the entrance. Our chartered bus service recommends visit this park together with younger travelers and enjoy several bat species, owls, hawks, falcons, foxes, badgers and Egyptian geese.

Chartered bus by Irro Charter recommends staying in Hannover's Old Town, where many of its historic buildings are located, is not crowded with hotels, but there is a good selection within a reasonable walking distance. The place is also perfect for nightlife, thanks to the many bars, restaurants and coffee shops. Irro Charter’s airport shuttle still be able take your group and assist your group all your travel time in Hannover.

Irro Charter recommends using plane. Your group can fly to Hannover Airport located just half an hour drive from the city center by airport shuttle bus. Irro Charter’s tour bus will pick you and your group from Hannover Airport or any other place in and around the city. With our bus company it will take just few minutes to get inside the city and start to enjoy your holidays in Hannover. We are the tour bus service that gives you flexibility while you can create your individual tour with your group. Our bus rental company would be the wise partner to have when taking airport transfers in Hannover.

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