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Discover the Top 10 attractions The Graz with Irro Charter

Top 10 attractions in The Graz with Irro Charter

Graz is Austria's second-largest city, and capital of the province of Styria. When you intend on a visit to Graz, determining where to stay is an important part of your itinerary to Austria. Much of Graz's beauty lies in the architecture that can be found in the region. In reality, in 2003, Graz was the European Capital of Culture, and just a few years later called a City of Architecture. Chartered bus in Graz by Irro Charter recommends overnight in historic city center, or Old Town, that is the hub of most tourist attractions and historic sites. Our bus company will help you with assistance choosing pick up locations. When you are planning to visit Graz with a group Irro charter is your bus charter company in Austria partner. We are a family-owned bus company with over 50 years of coach travel experience. Trust us, as we are the experts on team and bus journeys. We can offer transfers from airport to hotel with our airport shuttle and we can offer day tours with our tour bus. Here are our bus company's top 10 places visiting Graz:

Central square in the Old Town of Graz, Austria
  1. Schlossberg

    The Schlossberg, one of the most recognizable features of Graz and proudly situated in the center of the city, is a tree-covered hill that once acted as a fortress and has now become a public park. The chartered bus needs to admit the Schlossberg has a lovely park and an ornate set of stairs that criss-cross up the side of the hill and is the best place to see city views.
  2. Eggenberg Palace

    In the city of Graz and Austria, Eggenberg Palace stands as a representation of the once wealthy and prosperous region of Styria. The bus rental must say Eggenberg Palace is a must see to understanding the history of Styria and this Austrian region.
  3. Kunsthaus Graz

    Named by the locals 'the nice alien,' Kunsthaus Graz is an imaginative architectural masterpiece commissioned to celebrate the city's time as the European Capital of Culture. This singular structure, designed by British architects Peter Cook and Colin Fournier, has 1,066 acrylic elements in its 'face,' and is a distinctive part of the region.
  4. The Styrian Armoury

    If you're interested in historical firearms and war equipment at all, the Styrian Armor will be a joy – it includes the world's largest arms and armor collection with over 30,000 pieces. The surviving arms and armor are now on display in the original building and make a stunning set.
  5. Herz-Jesu-Kirche

    This striking piece of Neogothic architecture stands out like a sore thumb (but in a positive way!). This fairly new church is very open, located a little east of Graz city center and should be high on your list of things to see. The bell tower is Austria's third tallest, and is topped by a pointed green roof.
  6. florence
    Kunsthaus Graz, the art museum of the city also known as friendly alien
  7. Rathaus and Square

    Right in the middle of Graz's old town, the town hall has served as the town hall for hundreds of years and underwent a variety of architectural changes, from the Renaissance to the new neoclassical structure that stands today.A bBus company recommends visit the impressive town hall which has a stunning façade reminiscent of the Budapest Parliament building with identical white columns and crenulations and an ornate dome crowned with it.
  8. Mariatrost Basilica

    Located in Mariatrost, a district about 20 minutes away from the city center of Graz, the Basilica is a dominant building that has renown as a holy pilgrimage site in the Styrian region. The tour bus recommends visit some restaurants there and nearby tram museum so it certainly worth making the short walks.
  9. Mausoleum of Ferdinand II

    Presumably one of the most elegant mausoleums of its kind in Europe, there aren't many that can equal the size and scale of the mausoleum of Ferdinand II. The Mausoleum is an impressive structure for both religious and historical buffs, and a perfect place to visit.
  10. Botanical Gardens

    This paradise of greenery and natural wonder shows Graz's traditional style and distinctive architecture, and has many "Armadillo "- shaped greenhouses combining to create this unique design. Within these magical greenhouses are plants, tropical flora, cactus and other natural elements, divided into four different climatic zones
  11. The Murinsel

    Graz was declared European Capital of Culture in 2003, and the Murinsel was planned and constructed as part of this honour. Inside there is a café and seating area to enjoy river views, and there is also a play area for children.

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