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Discover the Top 10 attractions in Gothenburg with Irro Charter

Top 10 attractions in The city of Gothenburg with Irro Charter

Founded in the 17th century, when the Swedish Empire was at the height of its forces, Gothenburg was built as a trade post. As Sweden's largest port, it has become a hub for shipbuilding industries and, given its obvious wealth, still has a down-to-earth working character. Gothenburg has a lot to offer and it's hard to pick between all the funs sometimes. But don’t worry Tour bus will help you with must-do things that you simply can’t miss out on – even when you’re short on time.

With so many different areas of Gothenburg, the ideal accommodation in Göteborg can be hard to settle down on. Tour bus by Irro Bus Charter has to admit the best places to stay in Göteborg come in all shapes and sizes and to fit all budgets, after all, the home of the largest university in Scandinavia and there is plenty of very affordable fun to have here

When you are planning to visit Gothenburg with a group Irro Bus Charter in Gothenburg is your bus company partner. We are a family-owned bus company with over 50 years of coach travel experience. Trust us, as we are the experts on party and bus journeys. We can offer transfers from airport to hotel with our airport shuttle and we can offer day tours with our tour bus.

Here are our bus company’s top 10 places visiting Gothenburg:

Port of Gothenburg, Sweden
  1. Gothenburg Museum of Art

    In 1923, the prestigious museum opened, in time for the International Exhibition in Göteborg. You will come to enjoy works painted from the 1400s through to the 21st century from across Europe. Then there are pieces by van Dyck, Rembrandt, Rubens then Jacob Jordaens for fans of the Renaissance and Baroque.
  2. Have fun at the Liseberg, The biggest amusement Park in Scandivania

    Rides, carousels and concerts are an essential part of the summer. There is a fantastic Halloween theme in October and the park opens at Liseberg for Christmas later in November. The tour bus warns make sure you have enough time, because there's plenty of fun here to try.
  3. Botanical Garden

    The vast Botanical Garden of Gothenburg occupies 175 hectares in the city centre, as well as a nature park and arboretum. A bus rental recommends go inside and enjoy largest collection of orchids. An Easter Island tree, sophora toromiro, is also under protection, and will fascinate botanists as it is extinct in its natural habitat.
  4. Haga

    Haga is a grid of cobblestone streets flanked by brick warehouses and standard houses with wooden facades from the 19th century. Haga is now the hippest neighborhood in the area, and there is no shortage of cafés, delicacies, independent shops and reasonably priced restaurants. Our chartered bus reminds if you want to be really Swedish about it Haga is just the spot for fika, a fast coffee and a bun.
  5. Liseberg

    This vibrant amusement park dates from 1923 and draws huge crowds today. At Liseberg, all ages are accommodated, and these thrill rides are paired with thoughtfully crafted children's entertainments such as merry go rounds, flying elephants and dragon boats.
  6. Gothenburg
    View of a channel in the central Goteborg, Sweden
  7. Slottsskogen

    Southwest of Haga is the largest park in Gothenburg, in 137 hectares of resting greenery. The free zoo at the center of the park dates back to 1876 and features northern animals such as moose, Gotland ponies, deer and domestic animals such as goats, pigs and sheep. The bus rental recommends take some food and drinks and enjoy nice picnic at this amazing park.
  8. Universeum

    Near to Liseberg is an attraction that addresses science topics in engaging, child-friendly ways and has over seven floors a host of animal exhibits. A chartered bus recommends that you can also enter an indoor tropical rainforest, spotting colourful birds, sloths and monkeys on the branches above.
  9. Gothenburg Archipelago

    The bus company has to admit this will be a day trip. You can hire a bus with driver in our bus company and take comfortably ride to seal safaris, sea-fishing and boat excursions. Our bus driver will take your group to the Island and then you can take long walk or bike ride.
  10. Volvo Museum

    A museum about Sweden's best-loved automobile brand, built in Göthenburg in 1927, is somewhat west of the centre, on a quay outside the mouth of the Göta älv. If you're a Volvo aficionado you'll find nearly every model the company has ever made, checking out hundreds of antique cars and trucks that people know and love, but also concept cars that are never intended for sale.
  11. Feskekörka

    The "Fish Church" is a fish market hall that was completed in 1874 by the town architect Viktor von Gegerfeldt. Chartered bus will show you indoor fish and shellfish market where you can buy all kinds of seafood delicacies caught the same day. The building looks like a church so you will be forgiven for mistaking this building for a church.

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