Discover the Top 10 Places to visit Genoa with Irro Charter
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Top 10 Attractions

Discover the Top 10 attractions The Genoa with Irro Charter

Top 10 attractions in The Genoa with Irro Charter

Genoa is the capital of Italy's Liguria region and Italy's sixth-largest city. If you want to eat Italian cuisine, experience its culture, and see history-filled streets but consider too crowded Rome or Florence, then Genoa is the place to visit. For thousands of years, Genoa has been a significant harbor city. This was used as a harbor by both the Romans and the Etruscans, and from this mix of cultures the city retains architectural features.

Our bus company has to say even if you don't like history, with its beautiful churches, magnificent streets, welcoming piazzas and unique Italian charm, you'll enjoy this place. It offers plenty of opportunities for beautiful dining and shopping, as well as the chance to discover and enjoy.

And where you can accommodate in Genoa? Depends on what you're looking for. If you want to live right in the heart of the historic center of Genoa then move to the old town. Looking for something more atypic ? Travel to Boccadasse, or Old City. Given that Genoa is not the most tourist Italian city, accommodation in the city is generally still available. Whatever you decide to overnight our chartered bus will pick you up.

When you are planning to visit Genoa with a group Irro Charter is your bus company partner. We are a family-owned bus company with over 40 years of coach travel experience. Trust us, as we are the experts on party and bus journeys. We can offer transfers from airport to hotel with our airport shuttle and we can offer day tours with our tour bus.

Here are our bus company 10 suggested landmarks in Genoa:

Genoa port sea view with yachts
  1. Piazza Ferrari

    Located in the middle of the old town in the district of Molo, Piazza De Ferrari is one of Genoa's key attractions. Admire the numerous buildings and architecture of the 19th century, throw a coin into the fountain or site and watch the locals go about their business.
  2. Piazza Matteotti

    While located right next to Piazza De Ferrari, Piazza Matteotti is a great location on its own and features a number of historic buildings and attractions. In addition, markets are also held here, and after haggling with the locals, you can pick up a great deal. The bus company recommends visit the Church of Saint Ambrogio which is a fantastic building which an ornate interior.
  3. San Lorenzo Cathedral

    The San Lorenzo Church, more generally known as the Genoa Cathedral, is a beautiful structure and is frequently neglected. Within the ceiling is decorated extensively with frescoes and beautifully colored artwork.
  4. Genoa Acquarium

    Situated in the main harbor area next to Piazza Carciamento, the Aquarium is a great spot for the entire family. Two main themes are Ligurian Sea creatures (the sea to which Genoa harbor extends) and the North Atlantic Ocean climate. Our rental bus company has to admit all exhibits and tanks are well maintained and comfortable, and the habitats were faithfully recreated to give the animals all they need in terms of climate and housing.
  5. Genoa Maritime Museum

    Because Genoa was a major naval force between the 16th and 19th centuries, it is fair that the city would have one of Europe's largest maritime museums. A rental bus is happy to say this museum is a genuinely fascinating and informative location with four floors of historical objects, reconstructions and exhibits.
  6. Genoa
    Facade of San Lorenzo Cathedral catholic church on Piazza San Lorenzo, Liguria
  7. Porta Soprana

    The chartered bus will show you Genoa which is known for its once vast city wall – over the years, much of the city has been extended and enclosed by the walls, infact, they were Italy's longest city walls. These two towers are only a short walk from Piazza De Ferrari and from other areas of the city are clearly visible.
  8. Forte Begato

    Located in the northern regions of Genoa, this hillside fort has a commanding position atop a large mountain. Established in 1818, this fairly modern fort complex operated for several years as a defensive structure until its significance deteriorated and vanished. While you can't enter the house, it is still a fascinating place to visit and the walk up the plateau is ideal for any outdoor enthusiast.
  9. Genoa Harbour

    Genoa's enormous harbor stretches for 22 km of coastline and is home to a wide number of docks and ports for commercial, leisure, and pleasure purposes. Our bus company recommends try walking around the various harbors for some time to see the range of ships, or visit the marine museum or aquarium.
  10. Castello d'Albertis

    Albertis Castle stands a brief distance from the main harbour and homes the Museum of World Cultures. The castle itself was designed in a Gothic Revival style, and was constructed in 1886. It is originally constructed on the site of a fortification from the previous 12th century and retains the original foundations of the forts. The bus rental has to admit that inside the building is the wonderful museum of world cultures.
  11. Passeggiata Anita Garibaldi a Nervi

    The Garibaldi Passeggiata is a stretch of paved walkway that runs along the Genoa coastline. Starting at Via Giovanni, which is about 15 minutes to the east of the city centre, the walkway features a pink paved path and perfectly hugs the coastline. Our chartered bus recommends coming here to escape from the busy city, take in the sea air, and admire the beautiful coastal scenery Genoa has to offer.

Genoa has two major train stations which are linked by a shuttle. Each of these stations welcomes trains from all over Europe, and it's a major hub for traveling between Spain, France and cities like Rome, Venice and Naples. Irro Charter's airport shuttle can pick you and your group from Cristoforo Colombo International Airport or any other place in and around the city.

With airport shuttle it will take 15 minutes to get inside Genoa city center and start to enjoy your holidays in Genoa. Our airport shuttle also can pick you up from one of the two railway station. We are the airport shuttle that gives you flexibility while you can create your individual tour with your group. Our airport shuttle service would be the wise partner to have when taking airport transfers in Genoa. You can truly trust in our bus company and our 40 years experience.

Your Irro Charter team.

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