Discover the Top 10 attractions to visit Frankfurt with Irro Charter
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Top 10 Attractions

Discover the Top 10 attractions to visit Frankfurt with Irro Charter!

Top 10 attractions to see in Frankfurt with Irro Charter

Frankfurt am Main, the fifth-largest city in Germany and largest city of the German federal state of Hesse, is an urban-metropolitan area and is located at the Main river at the centre of the larger Rhine-Main metropolitan area. Frankfurt is an international city and a global hub for commerce, culture, education, tourism and transportation. It is the site of many global and European corporate headquarters. Frankfurt is also Europe's major financial hub with the headquarters of the European Central Bank, Deutsche Bundesbank, Frankfurt Stock Exchange, Deutsche Bank, DZ Bank, KfW, Commerzbank, and several several cloud and fintech startups. The Messe Frankfurt is one of the world's largest trade fairs and home to many of the most important fairs in the world. In addition, Frankfurt Airport is Germany's largest international airport and an important travel hub not just for the European continent.

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Just to give you a few suggestions as to what you should not miss to visit while you are in Frankfurt, please check out our Top 10 charter bus company recommendations for your Frankfurt visit..

Castel Mespelbrunn
  1. Römerberg

    The Römerberg is the historic heart of Frankfurt. It is the only part of the new city that has been rebuilt to look like all of Frankfurt once did. Your bus charter Europe driver will drop you off at Römerberg conveniently so you can explore the area totally relaxed. Here you will find Frankfurt's town hall, which dates back to 1405 and is flanked by half-timbered buildings. This historic square used to be the site of the first trade fairs in Frankfurt in the 13th century. It also operates the iconic Christmas market today.
  2. Museumsufer

    If you are up for a day of culture while staying in Frankfurt, a visit of the Museumsufer is a must. Grouped on both sides of the Main Channel, there are 12 museums in the area, all of which make up the Museumsuufer (Museum Embankment). You can find most of museums on the left river side, the south side. There are museums for film, sculpture, architecture, communication and ethnography, just to name a few. You can easily spend a full day here just exploring.
  3. Main Tour

    If you would like to enjoy the best view at Frankfurt's amazing skyline, you should visit the Main Tower. This famous tower is the only tower with a public viewing platform in Frankfurt's ever-growing skyscraper park. The 656-feet high Main Tower opened in the year 2000, and is the fourth-largest building in the region. Take the elevator to the 650-feet high platform to catch a sweeping view of Frankfurt's skyline. Here you can enjoy a drink and a meal at the Main Tower Restaurant & Bar, located on the top floor of the tower. The restaurant serves multicultural cuisine and 26-foot panoramic views.
  4. The Goethe House

    Just in case you did not know, Germany's famous and most important writer, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, was born in Frankfurt in the year 1749. While in Frankfurt, you should not miss to visit the Goethe House, situated close to Römerberg. While Goethe's house was destroyed in the Second World War, it was completely restored with original furniture, paintings and books belonging to the family. Take inspiration from the writing desk, where Goethe wrote "The Sorrows of Young Werther"
  5. Enjoy Apple cider at Sachsenhausen District

    Frankfurt's famous signature beverage is Apfelwein or Ebbelwoi as the Frankfurters say. It is a crisp and alcoholic apple cider that is locally produced in the regions around Frankfurt.You can find some of the best and oldest apple cider taverns in the cobblestone streets of Frankfurt's historic Sachsenhausen district, south of the Old Town. Or combine a tour of the city with its favored drink on the Ebbelwei Express, a landmark tram that drives through the town to the tunes of traditional schlager music. As there might be a lot of drinking involved during your visit, please make sure to rent a bus with driver from our Irro Charter Bus Depot to travel safely.
  6. Frankfurt
  7. ST. Paul's Church

    St. Paul's Church, built between 1789 and 1833, is the birthplace of German democracy: the church was used for political meetings and was the seat of the first openly elected German parliament in 1848. Today, Paulskirche no longer functions as a church and acts as an exhibition venue for activities such as the annual awarding of the German Book Exchange Peace Prize at the Frankfurt Book Fair. It is situated at Römerberg.
  8. Palmengarten (Botanical Gardens)

    Established in 1868 by a group of Frankfurt residents, the Palmengarten takes you on a horticultural journey from the African savannah and tropical rainforest plants to the flowering flower gardens of Europe. Spread over 50 open acres and various greenhouses, you can see more than 6,000 various botanical plants from all over the world.
  9. Shopping at Zeil

    Shopping at Zeil should also be on your to-do list while in Frankfurt. The key place to shop in Frankfurt is the busy pedestrian zone called Zeil. Often known as "The Fifth Avenue of Germany," this shopping street offers everything from trendy boutiques to multinational chain stores to the new 10-storey shopping center, the Zeil Galerie. Have your Coach Charter Europe tour bus driver on stand-by while you empty the stores.
  10. Frankfurt Cathedral

    The Frankfurt Cathedral (Frankfurter Dom) is the oldest church in Frankfurt. From the 14th century onwards, the Kings of the Holy Roman Empire were elected to this Catholic Church. Since the mid-16th century to the end of the 18th century, emperors were crowned here.
  11. Eiserner Steg

    The iron footbridge of Frankfurt, spanning the Main River between the city center and the Sachsenhausen district, has seen an eventful 150 years since it was completed in 1869. It was repaired twice, the first time in 1912 when the Main was made navigable to larger ships, and again after the Nazis had blown it up in the last days of the Second World War. There is special charm in the metal frame of the bridge, and the perfect time to cross is late in the day when the low sun lights up the high-rise buildings in the Bankenviertel.

Clearly, there are a great many places to visit in Frankfurt. Our bus company Irro Charter is your partner when it comes to planning your Frankfurt visit. Rely on our decade-long experience in the charter bus business to provide exactly the tour bus and bus rental services you require. Whether just an airport shuttle transfer, full day bus rental services or event transportion, our modern charter bus fleet is state-of-the-art, and offers everything you could ask for. Our Irro Charter bus company certainly also offers well experienced and kind drivers, as well as a supportive tour bus booking team. We are looking forward to hear from you.

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