Discover the Top 10 attractions to visit Curonian Spit with Irro Charter
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Top 10 Attractions

Discover the Top 10 attractions to visit Curonian Spit with Irro Charter!

Irro charter welcomes you to the Curonian Spit which is a 98 kilometres (60 miles) long peninsula on the north coast of Samland. It begins in Lesnoi and ends at the Memeler Tief. Since 1945 the northern 52 kilometres (32 miles) belongs to Lithuania and the southern 46 kilometres (28 miles) to the Russian Oblast Kaliningrad.
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Irro Charter team would like to share with you some of the very best things to do whilst visiting the Curonian Spit.

Cormorant & Heron Colony

  1. Parnidis Dune

    In one sense, the 52-meter-high Parnidis Dune is stable; on the other, it is unstable. It has already happened in Nida: there are past settlements which are now buried under the shifting sand dune, and are now home to mountain pines, meadows, and sandy fields dotted with purple sea rocket flowers. It's a 1,700 metre (1.5 mile) long path, which starts by traversing the sand dunes at the highest point of the dune and ends with a wonderful panoramic view, which features a sundial made of granite (constructed in 1995).
  2. Witches' Hill

    This group of wooden sculptures was created by Lithuanian artists over the years starting from 1979, and can be found on a hill in Juodkrantė. A pair of green-skinned devils appears wretched under an arch of grinning faces, their expressions twisted with emotion, while warty-nosed witches, dwarves, and Neringa herself emerge from the forest with their pine tree–mounted faces peeking out. The illustrations are modelled after folktales from around the world, and some of the sculptures have an inviting quality: you can sit on a carved chair, or slide down a demon's tongue.
  3. Tik Pas Joną

    Picture this scene: pick mackerel, carp or eel from a smoking rack, put it on a paper plate with a slice of rye bread, and eat with your hands while watching the lagoon shine orange at sunset. This is the best place in Neringa to savour the famous smoked fish of the area —combine it with a cold beer or kvas.
  4. Steak House

    The Nida branch of the stellar Vilnius steakhouse follows the same theme of bare-bones decor and an entirely meat-focused menu. Many options are on offer e.g. dry-aged rib-eyes, T-bones, filet mignons, pork ribs, duck Magret, and other meaty meals to choose from. It's also a great place to have brunch, with seven different types of eggs Benedict on offer.
  5. Žuvelė

    If you are visiting over the summer months, then Žuvelė restaurant (open in summer-only) on the pier specializes in light and delicious dishes like meat dumplings but what it excels at is fresh seafood. Order some fresh vegetables, a squeeze of lemon, and a beer on the side, and then enjoy a good, buttery, pan-seared slab of grilled turbot, pike-perch, or plaice.
  6. museum
    Eringa History Museum
  7. Cormorant & Heron Colony

    Just over a kilometre to the southeast of Juodkrantė is one of Europe's biggest colonies of cormorants and grey herons. Take note that the wooden stairs link the road to a viewing platform, which features a panoramic view of thousands of nests in the trees alongside the almost deafening clamour of the 6500-strong colony.
  8. Amber Gallery - Museum

    The Amber Gallery is a museum and shop in an old fisher's house on the northern side of town. Visitors will have the opportunity to look through magnifying glasses to see trapped insects in amber and to have access to the garden's intricate amber decorations. The museum is both a jewellery boutique that sells interesting amber-studded jewellery, as well as exhibiting jewellery. When scheduling a class or lecture, ask ahead about the amber-processing classes. Amber jewellery typically features a variety of hues from yellow to maroon, but the most widely regarded colours are white, which is created when the amber is mixed with oxygen, and blue, which is extremely rare.
  9. Neringa History Museum

    At this small regional museum on the Curonian Spit, three distinct traditional crafts – fishing, crow-catching, and amber collecting – are depicted and clarified. Check out the photos of the ice fishermen reeling in their dragnets as the lagoon freezes over in the winter. Other interesting photos show locals heading out to hunt and killing a crow with their teeth, in which they ingest vodka to fend off the bad taste. Drifting sands made this previously fertile land unusable, so eating crow and seagull eggs was a fairly popular option during the 17th to 19th centuries. Please note, many exhibits in the museum show copies of archaeological discoveries instead of original objects.
  10. Beaches

    Get into your swimming suit and make your way across the tip of the spit, just a 1 kilometre walk on a path through the pine forest. If you are arriving with the ferry, continue across the car park and via to the left. At the far end, there is a wide sign that points out a path which leads through pine forest to a range of beaches, a mixed beach, women's only beach, and a men's only beach.
  11. Kepykla Gardumėlis

    Freshly baked goods and freshly brewed coffee are located in one of Curonian Spit's best bakeries/cafes. When it comes to their cookies, millefeuille pastries, and poppyseed rolls you will not be disappointed.

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