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Discover the Top 10 attractions to Catania with Irro Charter

Top 10 attractions in the city of Catania with Irro Charter

Bus Company from Irro Bus Charter would like to introduce Catania, which is Sicily's second largest city, and is located on the east coast of this southern Italian island. Tour bus suggests it is the ideal place for a holiday, considering its cultural significance, its location, its environment, and its enchanting sights of past and present. There are so many things tourists can explore here that it might be bewildering to spend few days in this beautiful city, but bus rental will be best choice to help you get organized and enjoy it prompt.

If you are travelling with your group, then Bus rental service is the right answer! Irro Bus Charter’s Chartered bus is best partner to travel around Catania. Tour bus service will assist while you explore Catania and enjoy your holidays. Irro Bus Charter’s Bus Company will need to be informed about some of the planned activities, so preparations are arranged before the trip to Catania. Airport Shuttle will take care of your group transfers from airport to hotel and back.

Do you need inspiration where to stop by in Catania? Kindly find here our top 10 places to see in Catania:

Greek-Roman Theatre of Catania in Sicilia, Italy
  1. Basilica Cattedrale Sant´ Agata

    Catania Cathedral is a magnificent building, and a masterpiece of Norman and Baroque architecture. Bus rental will drive you to this monument, to enjoy the large amount of beautiful details such as the frescos at the main altar, the decorative artwork and paintings, and the tomb of the notable composer Bellini.
  2. San Giovanni Li Cuti

    Bus Company proposes to visit San Giovannu Li Cuti the most popular beach in Catania. As a result of volcanic activity, the presence of black rocks and ashes makes San Giovanni li Cuti beach a unique natural place in the area.
  3. Mount Etna

    Catania lies literally in the shadow of the enormous Mount Etna, and this active stratovolcano is one of Sicily's key tourist attractions. Tour bus will take you to Mount Etna which stands at a height 3329m and is considered the tallest active volcano in Europe
  4. Ursino Castle

    Chartered bus can assistant you in discovering Ursino Castle which is a relic from the 13th century and was built as part of the Kingdom of Sicily by Emperor Frederick II. This castle survived an earthquake in 1693, and before that a volcanic eruption in 1669, when the flood of lava from Mount Etna came so close that it filled the moat.
  5. Monastero dei Benedettini

    This Benedictine Monastery complex is located in the center of Catania, and is one of Europe's largest and most important examples of this order. Chartered bus will be the best partner to help you get there to admire the front façade that features sculptured window decorations, and you walk through the cloisters to see the fantastic arches and fountains.
  6. catania2
    People on the street of Catania, Italy.
  7. Fish Market

    Located in the heart of the city, only a few meters from Piazza Duomo, one can not skip Catania's fish market. Given that it is situated on the coast, the sea is a dominant part of the atmosphere of Sicily's second-largest city. Tour bus suggests experiencing fresh seafood and the culture there by walking through this area and enjoying what it has to offer.
  8. Catania Museo Civico

    The Civic Museum of Catania is situated inside the walls of Castle Ursino and is a significant source of objects and artifacts for the history of the city and its surroundings.Our Bus Company confirms there is a large collection within the museum which was originally housed in the Biscari Museum and was one of the most important in Europe at the time.
  9. Roman Theatre

    Dating back to the 2nd century AD, excavations in the first half of the 20th century brought this theatre to light only partially. It is built of stone, brick, and marble lava but still retains its oval form. Our Chartered bus will be happy to show you the theater seats and some other pieces which are actually constructed from Mount Etna’s lava and the structure remains in excellent shape.
  10. Porta Garibaldi

    Bus rental assures you that Porta Garibaldi is perhaps one of Catania's most impressive structures; this monumental gate was built in 1768 and dedicated to King Ferdinand IV and his wife, Maria Carolina.
  11. Aci Castello

    If we drive along the coast for about 10 miles north of Catania city, you will arrive at the charming village of Aci Castello – this village was originally founded around the castle right on the coast, and has been there since the Norman conquests of Sicily. Bus rental by Irro Bus Charter will be your best choice to see the village around the beach rock.

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