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Discover the Top 10 attractions to Capri with Irro Charter

Top 10 attractions in The Capri with Irro Charter

Bus Company from Irro Bus Charter would like to introduce you to Capri, a tiny island in the Bay of Naples, but a famous paradise. Chartered bus can confirm that Capri boasts spectacular natural wonders, with active lifestyle and culture renowned for its nightlife, shopping, beaches and delicious Limon-cello. Irro Bus Charter’s bus rental is genuinely your consistent support to ensure brilliant holidays in Capri.

When you are travelling with a group, then bus rental service is the solution to your transport needs! Irro Bus Charter’s Chartered bus is best option to travel in Capri. Tour bus service will help you explore Capri and enjoy your holidays. Irro Bus Charter’s Bus Company kindly asks tour leaders to let your group know about some of the planned endeavors early please, so preparations are arranged before the trip to Capri. Airport Shuttle will take care of your group transfers from piers to hotel and back.

Would you need inspiration where to stop in Capri? Please find here our top 10 sites to see in Capri:

Fishing boats in the harbor in Marina di Corricella, Procida Island, Gulf of Naples, Italy.
  1. a Cocktail at the Piazzetta

    Bus rental recommends to everyone visiting the island must have a little resting break at this popular main square, known as the Piazzetta, and have a look out for the hustle and bustle around this place. You can either have a morning espresso or an appetizer cocktail in the evening.
  2. La grotta Verde

    This cave is renowned for its rugged seaside views and the strong winds crashing against the cliffs. Bus Company advises often after entering the cave you can take a quick swim in the green-tinted amazing waters.
  3. Blue Grotto

    The Blue Grotto located on the north-west side of Capri is a very beautiful place renowned for its sparkling, Sky blue waters concealed in a cave. From the small opening allows sunlight to pour through which illuminates the cave's interior in an enchanting manner. Tour bus recommends reaching the Blue Grotto after a certain point with the choice to either take a boat.
  4. Villa San Michele

    This was the dream home of the Swedish surgeon, Axel Munthe, and Villa San Michele is located in Anacapri. Dr. Munthe arrived in Capri for the first time in 1885. Following a series of sketches made on a wall he built this villa on the ruins of an ancient chapel dedicated to San Michele. You can hire vans with drivers by our chartered bus and enjoy the ride through amazing Capri.
  5. Marina Piccola

    Known also as the "Little Marina," Marina Piccola, in Greek mythology, is believed to be the location where the sirens called Odysseus. Marina Piccola is situated near I Faraglioni, so chartered bus guarantees you’ll have amazing views at this location.
  6. Capri2
    Island of Capri, Italy
  7. Monte Solaro

    This mountain has one of the highest peaks in all of Capri Island, and houses historic buildings, such as ancient blockhouse, which indicates its 19th century military significance. Use our tour bus and take a trip up to Monte Solaro where you can on a clear skies day see the nearby Amalfi Coast and Bay of Naples here.
  8. Punta Carena Lighthouse

    Established in 1866, the Punta Carena Lighthouse overlooks the surrounding Tyrrhenian Sea, and is one of Italy's highest lighthouses. Bus Company guarantees that Capri is a perfect place to catch the romantic sunsets.
  9. Capri´s Beaches

    Bus rental suggest that when in Capri you definitely need to set sometime to enjoy beach time. There are 7 different popular beaches to choose from.
  10. Shopping in Capri

    Chartered bus can reveal that Capri offers many famous international brands boutiques which make it top notch vicinity for shopping. You’ll discover authentic Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Loro Piana shops you can shop in. You’ll also discover many local stores around, together with on Via Le Botteghe that sells particular products you can buy, like handcrafted holds and shoes. Capri also offers great food stores to find some sparkling wine, cheese, and the best Limon-cello.
  11. Gardens of Augustus

    The Gardens of Augustus have breathtaking views to enjoy in Capri. The gardens are acknowledged for their lovely floral designs, but more for their great views of the sea which permit you to get even greater glimpses of the long-lasting I Faraglioni.

Airport shuttle by Irro Bus Charter confirms the only way to reach Capri is by sea. Your group can use ferries to reach two most popular piers: Molo Beverello and Calata di Massa. Airport shuttle by Irro Bus Charter will pick you and your group from piers or any other place in and around Napoli. With our airport shuttle it will take just few minutes to get inside the island by Ferry and start to enjoy your holidays in Capri. We are the airport shuttle that gives you flexibility while you can create your individual tour with your group. Our chartered bus would be the wise partner to have when taking pier transfers to Capri. Send us your request now and we will check prices and availability in order to offer you the best price for your trip to Capri.

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