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Discover the Top 10 attractions to Brno with Irro Charter

Top 10 attractions in The Brno with Irro Charter

Brno, the second largest city in the Czech Republic, is an ancient city located in the south-east of the country in the South Moravian region. Brno is an important research & development location and also is home to several renowned universities. The city is also a significant center for trade, industry, culture, and science, as well as an important European trade fair location. But cultural life in Brno is also extremely diverse, with a number of festivals taking place in Brno over the course of a year.

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We have some suggestions for places to visit in Brno for you. These are our top 10 places to see in Brno:

Statue of Courage in Moravian Sqaure, Brno
  1. Špilberk Castle and the Brno city Museum

    Špilberk Castle dates since the 13th century and was built by the Czech king Pøemysl Otakar II. It was built on a strategically important hill and in the past it served as a royal castle, fortress and also as a prison. Today the castle houses the Brno City Museum with many remarkable permanent exhibitions on the architectural history of the castle and the history of Brno. In summer, concerts, theater performances and other cultural events take place in the courtyard of the castle. Be sure to enjoy the view over Brno from the castle's observation tower.
  2. Villa Tugendhat

    Villa Tugendhat is open for visits every day and, together with Le Corbusier's Villa Savoye in Paris, is considered a prototype for modern architecture. Built by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe 1928-1930, the Villa Tugendhat is a masterpiece of functionalism and part of the UNESCO World Heritage. The history of this building is just as important as its design. The Tugendhats were a Jewish couple who had to flee Brno in the late 1930s. The villa then became the base of the Gestapo, and then the headquarters of the Soviet Army. In the late 1960s, Greta Tugendhat returned to Brno and began restoring this exceptional building.
  3. St. Peter & Paul Cathedral

    This impressive cathedral, one of the most important cultural monuments in the Czech Republic, is located in the center of Brno on the stone spur called Petrov. The imposing Catholic cathedral is the symbol of Brno and is well known throughout the world. Its splendid architecture makes this cathedral worth a visit. There is also the chance to see the remnants of the original city walls buried underneath the cathedral, as well as its interesting old crypt.
  4. Moravian Karst and Caves

    The Moravian Karst and the caves are famous for their cool air and breathtaking caves and a must to see in Brno. The area is located 25 kilometers northeast of Brno, easy to reach in your comfortable Irro Bus Charter’s charter bus. This karst area stretches over 100 square kilometers and includes more than 1,000 known caves and gorges. Visit numerous stalagmites and stalactites as you hike through the caves on illuminated trails. You can also go on a wonderful boat trip along an underground river. Be sure to visit the Macocha Abyss, a deep gorge that is overlooked by observation platforms and pedestrian bridges. This area is always popular, so make sure to book your tickets and your tour bus for this trip early.
  5. The Moravian Gallery

    The Moravian Gallery in Brno, one of the most important art galleries in the Czech Republic, was founded in 196. The exhibitions extend over a number of the city's most important historical buildings, including the Pražák Palace, the Museum of Decorative Art and the Governor's Palace. The museum houses a diverse selection of fine arts, including paintings, drawings and sculptures. Other highlights include a large selection of photographs and applied arts as well as graphic design concepts.
  6. brno
    St. Peter and Paul Cathedral in Brno
  7. Brno Zoo

    The Brno Zoo is a must for a family with kids to visit. It was founded in 1953. More than 1,800 animals from almost 400 different species live here. In addition to the larger predators shown here, including polar bears, grizzly bears and tigers, there are also many other fascinating creatures to discover, from monkeys to lemurs to fish and reptiles. Of particular note are the many native animals in Eastern Europe and Siberia, including Kamchatka brown bears and arctic foxes.
  8. The Labyrinth and Mint Master’s Cellar

    This is a fantastic underground attraction not to be missed. The labyrinth under the Zelný trh square (Labyrint pod Zelným trhem), which includes many old medieval tunnels and underground corridors that are located under the heart of the old vegetable market winding the city. These historic old cellars, which have been used to store food since the 13th century, now contain fascinating representations of their earlier use and their use as a prison. The equally interesting Mint Master's Cellar is also worth a visit. The old cellars are located under the Dominocan Square and the New Town Hall. You will find exhibits on the history of the city and the work of the mint that was once housed here.
  9. Mendel Museum

    Gregor Mendel, the godfather of genetics, spent almost his entire life in Brno and is now considered one of the most important scientists of the 19th century. Make sure to visit the Mendel Museum to find out more about Gregor Mendel's life and work. At the Saint Thomas Abbey, visit the garden where Mendel conducted his famous pea plant experiments that allowed him to discover the secrets of inheritance. The Mendel Museum outside the old town offers exhibits that shed light on Mendel's methods. You can also find out more about his beekeeping experiments, which were, however, less important for the course of history.
  10. The Church of Saint James

    This church, a beautiful national monument, has been intact for almost 500 years and originally dates back from the early 1200s. It is an impressive Gothic building with high vaulted ceilings. Recent excavations have also discovered that the remains of thousands of people are located under the church. If you dare, you can visit the largest ossuary after next to the Paris Catacombs. It has opened 2012 and offers a view of the bones and skulls of 50,000 people, arranged in decorative patterns and stacks.
  11. Brno Dam

    The Brno Dam is about 6 km from the city center on the outskirts of Brno on the Svratka River. You can reach the dam comfortably with your Irro Bus Charter’s tour bus. The dam is surrounded by extensive forests on both sides and offers many opportunities to explore nature such as hikes, cycling and water sports. You can also take a boat to Veveří Castle, which is located above the dam. The best time to drive to Brno Dam is after sunset in late May and early June, when teams from around the world compete for the highest awards at the Ignis Brunensis Fireworks Competition.

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