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Discover the Top 10 attractions Bremen, with Irro Charter

Top 10 attractions in The Bremen, with Irro Charter

Visit the Top 10 attractions in Bremen with Irro Charter Germany - your bus rental partner The Hanseatic city of Bremen is located in the northwest of Germany close to the North Sea. Bremen is not only a city but a federal state consisting of 2 cities: Bremen and Bremerhaven. Bremen with its more than 1.200 years of history became famous mostly because of ship building and sea trade. Food brands like Jacobs coffee, Becks beer and Hachez chocolate are native to Bremen. The main trading nowadays takes place at the new off shore harbour in Bremerhaven.

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Do you need inspiration where to explore in Bremen? The following are Irro Charter’s Top 10 places to visit in Bremen:

Schnoor - picturesque historic district with cobblestone streets and small colorful houses in Bremen, Germany
  1. Schnoor

    The Schnoor is the oldest quarter of Bremen and the most famous one. Visiting these little and narrow ways will let you feel like walking in the past century. The Schnoor area is close to the river Weser and used to be the Fishermen’s quarter. Many cosy Cafés and restaurants will be found here. It is just a minute-walk from the city centre.
  2. Kunsthalle

    Between the Old Town and The Viertel lies Bremen’s famous Kunsthalle, this is the art museum. You will find on display a wide range of art collections from the 14th century until present day. You will find paintings from Claude Monet, Paul Cezanne and Paula Modersohn-Becker here. Many seasonal exhibitions compliment the collection during the year. Rental bus will be your transport for this.
  3. Universum Science Center

    Looking for a place for knowledge and fun for your group? The Universum Science Center will be the perfect place for you. It is all about feeling, touching, sensing and exploring science discovered of mankind, earth and the cosmos. The site is also often booked as an event location for seminars and shows. The Universum Science Center is located a little outside the City Center of Bremen. Ask your chartered bus to drive you there.
  4. Bremen Market Square with Roland, town Musicians and Hall

    What would Bremen be without its most famous icons like; worth being a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Bremen Market Square is the most impressing place in the city. The Market Square and the Town Hall where constructed between 1405 and 1410. There is a little sculpture of the Town Musicians next to the Town Hall. Every German child was raised with the kids’ story of the Brother Grimm. In the middle of this ensemble stands the Roland of Bremen which is the Patron Saint of the city. Two times in the year the Christmas Market as well as the Freimarkt Fair take place right on the Market Square. Bus Company will take care of your group here.
  5. Valentin Submarine Factory

    Located in Bremen-North the former Valentin submarine factory is a sight for those who are interested in the dark part of Bremen’s history. This factory was built to construct submarines during World War II. Within its measurements it was largest factory of its kind in Germany. The Nazis used forced labour to built and maintain it. We recommend hire bus rental that brings you to Bremen-North.
  6. Bremen
    Bremen Weser, Germany
  7. Grashoffs Bistro

    The Grashoff Bistro with its delicatessen shop was founded in 1872. You will find a fine-dining restaurant with a French touch here in the middle of Bremen. All dishes served are of on an upper price level but definitely worth it. Tour bus can take you to this great establishment.
  8. Bürgerpark

    The Bremen Bürgerpark is the green soul of Bremen. The 202 hectares of trees, lush green, flowers and animals invite you and your group to a relaxed walk. The Bürgerpark is financed and maintained by the citizens whom gave the name for this park. In the middle there is a mini golf area and you can also rent boats to go through the channel.
  9. Schüttinger

    Lovers of local cuisine and craft beer will have their fun at The Schüttinger – Bremen’s oldest brew-pub. Located in the centre of the city close to the Market Square, you and your group will have the perfect evening after a long day. The atmosphere is traditional and rustic. Irro Charter will drive you there.
  10. Louis & Jules Boutique

    Louis & Jules provides fresh Burgers and own delicatessen products such as olive oil. It is located in the uprising Überseestadt which is the former harbour area that turned into a hip quarter now. It has a relaxed Burger Bar with dishes for all tastes.
  11. Worpswede and Paula-Modersohn-Becker

    Worpswede is a little cosy village 20 kilometres outside of Bremen. It is famous for many artists who lived and still reside here. Paula Modersohn-Becker is probably the most famous artist who lived here. Our bus company Irro Charter can provide you and your group with a bus rental that makes it easy to reach Worpswede. It is definitely worth to spend a whole day in Worpswede.

Irro Charter will help you and your group travel around Bremen and Bremerhaven. If you arrive at the Bremen Airport, a booked Airport Shuttle can bring you straight to the City Centre and your accommodation. Rent a tour bus with driver at our bus company to explore the best places in Bremen. A chartered bus is the best solution no matter if you are on a business trip or for leisure purposes. You can send us your inquiry now to have our prompt offer.

Your Irro Charter Team.

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