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Discover the Top 10 attractions Bratislava with Irro Charter

Top 10 attractions in The Bratislava with Irro Charter

Once you arrive at Bratislava airport then Irro Charter Europe's airport shuttle will be your expert host that will take you on your dream journey in Bratislava. Bus Company will be delighted to show your group the capital of Slovakia, which will be love at first sight for your group. This city radiates elegance, culture and rich history.
Chartered bus can take you to historical sites and museums to explore the legacy of how Bratislava was known actually as Pressburg until 1919, and belonged to the kingdom of Hungary for over 1000 years up to that point. Tour bus can show you the amazing treasures like the Hungarian crown jewels which were housed in a castle from the 16th century. Also can show you the cathedral of the city where eleven kings and queens of the Hungarian kingdom have been crowned. Irro Charter's bus rental is genuinely your consistent support to ensure brilliant holidays in Bratislava.

If you wish to travel as a group, then Bus rental service is the answer. Irro Charter Europe's Chartered bus is best option to travel in Bratislava. Tour bus service will help you explore Bratislava and enjoy your holidays.
Irro Charter's Bus Company kindly asks group managers to let group know early about some of the planned endeavors, so preparations are arranged before the trip to Bratislava. Our Airport Shuttle will take care of your group transferring from airport to hotel and back.

Do you need inspiration where to visit in Bratislava? Please find here our top 10 places to explore in Bratislava:

Presidential palace in Bratislava, Slovakia in the sunny summer day
  1. Bratislava Castle

    Bus rental can take you to Bratislava's Castle which is located on a strategic hill, where the castle overlooks the Old Town's best viewpoint. From its 47 meter excessive crown tower, where the royal coronation insignia have been, there you will find great views not only of Bratislava city, but on a clear sky day views of the neighboring countries are possible.
  2. Slavín War Memorial

    This is considered the largest warfare memorial in Central Europe, which thanks to its place at height of 52 meters is one of the dominant structures of the city. Residents and visitors make their way to the terrace for the best view of the Bratislava skyline at all times of the day. Slavín War Memorial is 15 minutes ride from city center. You can hire a coach with driver from our bus company.
  3. ST. Elisabeth's Church(Blue Church)

    The Church of St. Elisabeth, designed in the style of Art Nouveau in the early 20th century, is distinguished by its blue color. The effect is an unusual, façade-like fairytale and an interior that looks more like a ballroom than a church. The church is located 3 kilometers outside city center. Hire our tour bus to enjoy nice ride through Bratislava.
  4. Old Town Hall

    The Old Town Hall has a stunning interior as well as exterior structure. Actually the City's History Museum occupies the majority of the building. The Museum of the City of Bratislava is considered the oldest museum in Slovakia since 1868. Airport shuttle guarantees you will find beautiful panoramic views of the old town after ascending the narrow staircase that leads to the building's 45 meter high tower.
  5. Michael's Gate

    Chartered bus recommends to visit the only surviving fortified town gate since the 14th century. You need to be informed that when you pass through St. Michael's Entrance, you will reach the Old Town's pedestrian area. You can climb the tower and see the small arms museum and the town's fortifications.
  6. bratislava
    Christmas market in Bratislava, Slovakia
  7. Cumil Statue

    Take a picture with Cumil. Bratislava has a few funny statues around which are ideal picture options that are available, but Cumil is by far the most popular. Tour bus recommends making sure you watch your step while walking through the Old Town because Cumil is not very tall, and might trip you.
  8. GrassalKovich Palace

    This is the Slovak President's official residence, and it is a magnificent Rococo Palace from 1760s, located on Hodžovo Square just north of the Old Town. The palace is not open to the public, as the President's permanent residence; however bus company confirms that you can pause for a picture in front of the new fountain.
  9. Bratislava Synagogue

    Between the years 1923-1926, this synagogue was designed in cubist style according to the designs of the architect Artur Szalatnai-Slatinský. The Jewish Cultural Museum's permanent exhibition is located in the upper floor and is open to the public during the summer season. Hire a bus with driver by bus Rental Company to ride from city center to the historical synagogue.
  10. Bratislava Zoo

    Everyone visiting Bratislava with children will need to visit the Bratislava Zoo, where all sorts of animals such as giraffes, hippos, red pandas, leopards, monkeys, chimpanzees, and crocodiles are kept. There is a Dinopark with dinosaur models of life size, too. Hire a coach with driver by chartered bus and enjoy your comfy ride to this wonderful animal world.
  11. Transport Museum

    If you are auto enthusiasts, then you'll love the Bratislava Transport Museum's collection to the full. With over 100 cars from the interwar period to the 1970s, and some vintage motorcycle models where you'll feel like you're at an antique car show.

How to get to Bratislava?

Your group can fly to M.R. Stefanik Bratislava International Airport located just half an hour drive from the city center by airport shuttle bus. Coach charter Europe will pick you and your group from M.R. Stefanik Bratislava International Airport or any other place in and around the city. It is just 30 minutes drive from city depending on traffic. With our bus Company it will take just few minutes to reach inside the city and start to enjoy your holidays in Bratislava.
We are the tour bus that gives you options while you can create your individual tour with your group. Also you can choose Vienna International Airport and our chartered bus will transfer your group to city center of Bratislava. Our bus rental service would be the wise partner to have when taking airport transfers in Bratislava.
Send us your inquiry now and we will check prices and availability for you in order to offer you the best price for your trip to Bratislava.

Your Irro Charter Europe team.

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