Discover the Top 10 attractions in Bologna with Irro Charter
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Top 10 Attractions

Discover the Top 10 attractions in Bologna with Irro Charter

Top 10 attractions in Bologna with Irro Charter

Bus Company will be delighted to show your group Bologna wich serves as the capital of Northern Italy's Emilia-Romagna region and has an actual population of about 387,000. Tour bus has to admit Bologna is situated in the middle of Italy, north of < a href="/bus-charter/italy/florence/">Florence, south of Venice and south-east of Milan. As a big university city with its long history, Bologna has a splendid collection of cultural sights, beautiful architecture, with museums of high quality. One you arrive at Guglielmo Marconi International Airport then airport shuttle will be your kind host that will take you for a wild journey in Bologna. Bus rental by Irro Bus Charter is genuinely your consistent support to ensure brilliant holidays in Bologna.
If you decide travel with group Chartered bus by Irro Bus Charter is best option to travel in Bologna. Bus company by Irro Bus Charter italy kindly let know about some of the planned endeavors, so preparations are arranged before the trip to Bologna.

Do you need inspiration where to go in Bologna? Find here our top 10 places to go in Bologna:

Statue of Neptune on Piazza del Nettuno in Bologna
  1. Piazza Maggiore

    As the central square in Bologna, the Piazza Maggiore is located right in the center of the town and serves as a vital historical place. Our Bus company wants to admit there is a wonderful feel and atmosphere in the Piazza, and occasionally open air movies and concerts are held here.
  2. Garisenda and degli Asinelli Towers

    The two towers are widely known as landmarks of Bologna and are situated at the point where the ancient Via Emilia (Aemilian Way) entered the city, in the center of the city. They had been constructed at some point of the Middle Ages and had a military role (signaling and defense) in addition to reflecting the family's social fame which had them built with their grandeur. Our Tour bus company is happy to advice that the recently-restored Asinelli Tower is the only one open to the public.
  3. San Patronio

    Bus company by Irro Bus Charter recommends to visit dedicated to Saint Petronius, who is in fact Bologna's patron saint, the church has a Gothic style and is noted for its sheer scale and unfinished front façade. Inside the church feels actually epic – The big brick columns adorned with decoration seem to stretch all the time and the main altar attracts your interest as you walk down the central aisle.
  4. Archiginnasio

    Bus rental recommends your group explore Archiginnasio. Identified as one of Bologna's most significant buildings, the Archiginnasio was once the University of Bologna's main buildings, and now houses the famous Anatomical Theater. This splendid constructing changed into created inside the sixteenth century and is located at the Piazza Galvani.
  5. Archeological Museum

    A quality museum inside the heart of Bologna, the Archaeological Museum gives a superb insight into the records of the city for the duration of the ages. Bus Company has to admit each collection contains a superb display of various objects such as tools from the Bronze Age, skeletal remains, pottery, weapons, china and marble statues.
  6. La Piazzola Market

    This ancient market has been held in Bologna for hundreds of years and keeps to show increasingly famous with each the locals and tourists. Tour bus is happy to advice that practically everything can be found here for sale from clothing, shoes, fashion accessories, flowers, pottery and jewelry.
  7. bologna2
    Piazza maggiore bologna
  8. Monte della Guardia

    The world's longest portico leads up to Monte della Guardia summit. At the top you can enjoy unprecedented panoramic views of Bologna and its surrounding areas. Tour bus by Irro Bus Charter recommends hire a coach with driver and drive at least 1,5 hour to reach this wonderful hill with church top of the hill.
  9. Santuario di Madonna di San Luca

    Chartered bus by Irro Bus Charter recommends visit one of the oldest churches in Bologna, the Sanctuary of Madonna turned into first created in 1194 but not finished till 1765. This church sits on pinnacle of the Monte della Guardia and offers fantastic perspectives of the town of Bologna. It is also an image of the Virgin Mary, which Luke the Evangelist supposedly painted.
  10. Neptune Fountain

    The Neptune Fountain lays just a few steps from the church. Designed in the 16th century by the great architect Giambologna, the fountain is one of the town's landmarks and one of Italy's finest fountains.
  11. Torre Prendiparte

    As chartered bus mentioned earlier, Bologna was once filled with tall, narrow stone towers during the Middle Ages – only a handful remain in their original shape and form today, one of which is the Torre Prendiparte. It now houses a bed and breakfast establishment that provides a unique experience, but the tower levels are still open and you can climb to the top and explore this magnificent building.

Where to stay in Bologna? If you intend to spend your entire vacation in Bologna itself, the best place to stay in the historic center is by far. Our chartered bus still will be able pick you up and help discover region around Bologna. Airport shuttle by Irro Bus Charter will pick you and your group from Guglielmo Marconi International Airport or any other place in and around the city. With Airport shuttle it will take just some minutes to drive to the Bologna city center. We are the airport shuttle that gives you flexibility while you can create your individual tour with your group. Airport shuttle would be the wise partner to have when traveling around Bologna. Sent us your inquiry now and we will check prices and availability for you in order to give you the best price for your trip to Bologna.

Your Irro Bus Charter team.

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