Discover the Top 10 attractions in Bergen with Irro Charter
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Top 10 Attractions

Discover the Top 10 attractions in Bergen with Irro Charter

Top 10 attractions in Bergen with Irro Charter

Bus Company would like to introduce the city of Bergen in Norway. It was once the biggest city within the Nordic countries and the capital of Norway throughout some of the country’s most influential past periods. Bergen these days is the second-largest city in the country. Tour bus advises to view the dramatic deep fjords and mountainous peaks around Bergen that may become the starting point to explore deeper into Norway. Once you arrive at Bergen airport then our airport shuttle will be your expert host that will take you for a once in a lifetime journey in Bergen. Chartered bus by Irro Bus Charter is your support to experience a wonderful and memorable expedition in Bergen.

If you decide travel with your group, then bus rental by Irro Bus Charter is your best option to travel in and around Bergen. Tour bus by Irro Bus Charter repeats to group leaders to plan their time between visits carefully to manage the schedule on time, and still have time for other activities.

Do you need inspiration what see in Bergen? Please find our top 10 places to drive to in Bergen:

Nordlicht in Bergen Norwegen
  1. Bryggen

    The row of slender heritage wood houses painted in yellow, ochre and purple on the Japanese quayside in the Vågen bay is certainly one of Bergen’s enduring images. Bryggen is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and these edifices would once have been commercial warehouses, maintaining cereal from Europe and stock fish caught. Bus Company can show around there.
  2. Fløibanen and Fløyen

    With Bergen regarded in Norway as the city of the seven mountains, it is very natural that you and your group would want like to hike to one of them. The most effortlessly handy mountain is Fløyen, which is close to the city center. Irro Bus Charter recommends hiring a coach with driver from our bus company and easily drives to this beautiful mountain area.
  3. Fish Market

    Bus rental recommends taking a trip to the the Fish Market near the center of Bergen early in the morning one day to enjoy the lively surroundings and the colorful choices of the treasures of the sea coming fresh from the fishing boats. Also you can have a hearty fresh breakfast there.
  4. Troldhaugen

    Built in 1885, the Troldhaugen house was erected for one of Norway’s most well-known composers, Mr. Edvard Grieg, and his wife. Our Bus Company can take you for around half and hour ride to this musically and historically important museum.
  5. Kode Art Museums

    KODE is one of the biggest museums combining art, design and music in the Nordic region. This status is mainly because of the combination of seven museums including artists’ homes, and other buildings in addition to its critical buildings inside the center of the Bergen city center. A Tour bus can take your group around all the different spots there.
  6. bergen2
    Rathausplatz in Bergen, Rügen, Ostsee
  7. HardangerFjord

    To actually take in all the beauty of this Fjord, you’ll need at least an afternoon time to start understanding what nature has to offer here. The infrastructure is very strong there, with buses, ferries and tour corporations vying to give you the satisfactory enjoyment of a landscape of ethereal beauty. A Chartered bus can drive you to where you can start your journey there.
  8. Rosenkrantz Tower

    Bus rental recommends visiting the Rosenkrantz Tower. It is named after the nobleman and Governor Erik Rosenkrantz who oversaw the remodeling of the tower into what is considered one of Norway’s top Renaissance residences in the sixteenth century.
  9. Damsgård Manor

    Across the Damsgårdssundet (Damsgård Sound) is what may be the finest wood Rococo mansion in the world. Damsgård Manor was built during the 1770s for the minister of military Joachim Christian Geelmuyden Gyldenkrantz at a time when aristocratic retreats were moving up at the outskirts of the city. Tour Bus can drive your group there.
  10. Vilvite Science Centre

    Bus rental by Irro Bus Charter recommends if you’re in Bergen with the little ones and the climate isn’t cooperating, the VilVite Science Centre means a laugh and schooling in same measure. The center has seventy five stations, inviting children to learn by means of getting excited with video games and interactive experiments. Hire a coach with driver by our bus company and you and your little ones will safety get a ride to explore scientific adventures.
  11. Bergen Aquarium

  12. If the wonders of the North Sea have caught your fancy, a visit to Bergen’s Aquarium is a must. You will be fascinated by the live demonstrations, each day shows, screenings and events in an area that has fashioned an important part of the neighborhood’s cultural identity for over 50 years. Irro Bus Charter will transport your group there.

Bergen Airport Flesland is placed 18 kilometers south of Bergen. Airport shuttle by Irro Bus Charter will pick you and your group from Bergen airport or any other place in and around the city. It will take just a few minutes to drive to the city center by airport shuttle bus. We are the airport shuttle that gives you flexibility while you can create your individual tour itinerary with your group. Our airport shuttle would be the wise partner to have when traveling around Bergen. You can send us your inquiry now and we will check prices and availability for you in order to provide you the best price for your trip to Bergen.

Your Irro Bus Charter team.

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