Discover the Top 10 attractions to visit Belgium with Irro Charter
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Top 10 Attractions

Discover the Top 10 attractions to visit Belgium with Irro Charter!

Top 10 attractions to see in Belgium with Irro Charter

One you arrive at Belgium you can choose on of five airports and then airport shuttle will be your kind host that will take you for a wild journey in Belgium. Bus Company will be delighted to show your group the Belgium, one of the most popular holiday destinations in Europe, draws visitors throughout the year, with places to visit in both summer and winter. Tour bus will help you find incredible natural beauty in Belgium and if you're a history buff then there's plenty to see in the form of beautiful churches, interesting museums and epic towering castles. Chartered bus can show you Belgium which is one of the smallest countries in Europe but it still packs a punch in terms of attractions and if you come here you can spend time in some of the most beautiful locations in the world. Bus rental by Coach Charter Europe is normally the essential travel companion required when arriving in Belgium.

If you decide travel with your tour group bus rental by Coach Charter Europe is best option to travel in Belgium. Chartered bus by Coach Charter Europe will ensure your group safe, prompt and enjoyable travel.

Do you need inspiration where to go in Belgium? Find here our top 10 places or things to explore while visiting Belgium:

Grote Markt in Antwerp, Belgium
  1. Beers

    Belgium is the undisputed champion of craft beers, and every area you visit will have some fantastic local beers that you should definitely try!There are several beer bars with a large variety of different beers; try to find one near you and let the host/owner make some recommendations (they are likely eager to help you out and honored to be asked for their suggestion).

  2. Belgian Chocolate

    Almost every village in Belgium has its own chocolate shop, where recipes are often passed down through generations. This chocolate-making and perfecting culture is admired all over the world.Belgian chocolate is widely regarded as the best available. And there is plenty of it, with Belgium producing approximately 220,000 tons of chocolate each year.

  3. Belgian Waffle

    During your stay, be sure to try a Belgian waffle, whether from one of the waffle stands or in a cafe with a cup of coffee. Belgian waffles are slightly thicker than regular waffles and can be topped with whipped cream, icing sugar, strawberries, and jelly.

  4. Canal cruise in Bruges

    Because of its many canals, Bruges is sometimes referred to as the Venice of the North, but in my view, Venice should be referred to as the Bruges of the South. Bruges is one of the most pleasant cities in Belgium in many respects, and sailing through it by boat on the canals is a perfect way to appreciate its beauty. The city that should be on everyone's bucket list.

  5. The Atomium

    The Atomium is one of Belgium's and its capital's ultimate symbols, consisting of nine large steel balls linked by thin tubes. The incredible architectural feat was built to resemble an elementary iron crystal magnified to 165 billion times its original scale. The gravity-defying Atomium, the crown jewel of Brussels' 1958 World's Fair, has remained a signature characteristic of the city's skyline. Chartered bus by Coach Charter Europe is best partner to visit this incredible complex.

  6. Portauthorityhouse
    Port Authority House
  7. The Royal Greenhouses of Laeken

    The Belgian monarchy's Royal Greenhouses are a sight for sore eyes, not to mention a lovely scent for the nose, in a gorgeous fusion of Art Nouveau architecture and exotic greenery. Walking through its pavilions during the annual spring month when it opens its doors to the public, Earthly heaven doesn't seem too far away. Our bus company will be best partner to visit these amazing greenhouses.

  8. Napoleon’s Waterloo

    The hundreds of reenactors who gather each year to commemorate Napoleon's illustrious defeat on the fields near Waterloo demonstrate that the eponymous battle lives on in the collective imagination. Aside from the annual spectacle, the Lion's Mound and a slew of other memorials remember the French general's tragic day two centuries ago.

  9. Grand-Place

    If you ask the world's most creative drawer to design a successful, late medieval market square, you're likely to get something like Brussels' Grand-Place. With scores of baroque guild houses, the ornate "King's Palace," and the 15th-century City Hall, the plaza is concealed from view and accessible through one of six spindly cobbled alleys. All of this contributes to the strikingly uniform appearance of Europe's best-preserved medieval plaza.

  10. Victor Horta’s Major Townhouses

    Victor Horta, generally regarded as the founder of the Art Nouveau movement, left a legacy of revolutionary townhouses in Brussels that transformed the face of late-nineteenth-century architecture in the West. When it comes to choosing between his four UNESCO-labeled townhouses, the Maison & Atelier Horta honors the artist in his former home, while UNESCO describes the Hotel Solvay as “the most ambitious and spectacular” of his Art Nouveau work.

  11. Flanders Fields

    For the majority of the First World War, allied troops were buried in a bloody trench-war stalemate in the fields around Ypres, in the Flemish region of Belgium. Memorials can be found throughout the countryside and region, and the nearly ruined Cloth Hall has been transformed into the In Flanders Fields Museum, named after the famous poem.
    Bus charter Europe will pick you and your group from five Belgium airports or any other place in and around the country. With our airport shuttle it will take just few minutes to get inside the city and start to enjoy your holidays in Belgium. We are the airport shuttle that gives you flexibility while you can create your individual tour with your group. Our airport shuttle would be the wise partner to have when traveling around Belgium.
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