Discover the Top 10 attractions in Belfast with Irro Charter
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Top 10 Attractions

Discover the Top 10 attractions in Belfast with Irro Charter

Top 10 attractions in Belfast with Irro Charter

The Northern Irish capital is seeing an significant resurgence of interest as a tourist destination. A Chartered bus in Europe by Irro Bus Charter will show you the beautiful gems that the city is on the rise after years of relative peace. The recent centenary of the sinking of the Titanic, the iconic liner constructed in Belfast's dockyards, has given this city more new attention. When you arrive at Belfast airport, your expert will be the airport shuttle that will take you to Belfast for your journey. Bus Company will be delighted to show your party that Belfast has a friendly atmosphere with a great sense of humour, an ever-growing range of places to eat, drink and have fun, and a feeling of a small town that makes it easy to get around. Irro Bus Charter tour bus is your special key to experiencing a beautiful and unforgettable ride to Belfast. If you want to fly with a party then Irro Bus Charter Bus Rental is your best choice for traveling in Belfast.

Irro Bus Charter's Bus Company advises group directors to carefully

schedule their time between visits to handle sightseeing on time, and still have time for other activities.

Want ideas where to stop in Belfast? Our top 10 places to visit at Belfast can be found here:

Rathausplatz in Bergen, Rügen, Ostsee
  1. Titanic Belfast

    Our tour bus will show your party the Belfast docks at the old Harland and Wolff shipyard where the world's most famous ocean liner was constructed. Elements from the Titanic's interior have been reproduced with care, and you can read contemporary bills from the ship's sinking. We highly recommend their official website for further information.
  2. Botanic Gardens

    Chartered bus will take you to a garden that was built in 1828 as a personal park, and then it took nearly 70 years until the Botanic Gardens were completely opened to ordinary people. The Irish iron creator Richard Turner, who designed the famous glasshouses at Kew and Glasnevin, had prepared some buildings.
  3. The Cathedral Church of St Anne´s

    Belfast was built in phases in the early twentieth century at the site of the old St Anne's parish church dating back to 1776. Tour bus acknowledges that the building is neo-Romanesque and has plenty of unique things to do with other High Medieval churches, such as carved tympanums at the western entrance, column capitals carved within the nave, and an ambulatory apse. Click on the official website of the cathedral to get more information and schedules.
  4. HMS Caroline

    Launched in 1914 and moored within the Titanic Section, HMS Caroline is the surviving vessel that fought the 1916 Battle of Jutland and is still intact there. Bus company recommendations so you can see the cabins and mess restored on board, and check out immersive exhibits on naval combat during the First World War. Before visitin this stunning museum, please check out their official website for more information.
  5. Ulster Folk and Transport Museum

    The Ulster Folk Museum has gathered historic homes from across Northern Ireland, creating the fictional city of "Ballycultra" to shed light on Ulster town and early 20th century life. Irro Bus Charter suggests driving to get there with our Bus service. It will take approximately 25 minutes to drive. Visit their official website beforehand.
  6. Belfast1
    Rathausplatz in Bergen, Rügen, Ostsee
  7. Grand Opera House

    The Grand Opera House opened in December 1895 by renowned theatre designer Frank Matcham. The influence of oriental architecture, especially the domes on the facade, is what makes this building distinct from other UK theatres. Irro Bus Charter will be taking you to see this famous location. Please have a look on their official website for schedules and tickets.
  8. Cave Hill

    As it is called, Cave Hill Country Park Cave Hill is covered in heaths, meadows and moorlands, peppered with interesting archeological sites and blessed with views of the city, Belfast Lough, Mourne Mountains, Carrickfergus and the Scottish coastline. Rental bus is going to be your drive trainer there.
  9. Belfast Castle

    Built in the 19th century by George Chichester, 3rd Marquess of Donegall, at the southern boundary of the Cave Hill Country Park is a stately home in Scottish Baronial style. The construction's name comes from the Castle of Norman Belfast, originally in the very heart of the region.
  10. Belfast Zoo

    Bus Company recommends one of the best traffic attractions in Northern Ireland; Belfast Zoo is built on 22 hectares of leafy land north of Belfast Castle. Approximately. 130 species in the park and most favourites such as giraffes, zebras, tigers, lions and Asian elephants. You will find a large variety of primates too.
  11. Albert Memorial Clock

    This neo-Gothic Victorian monument can be located nearly 35 meters high on Queens Square, to the left of the River Lagan financial institution. Tour bus advice that the square sits on land reclaimed from the river and the clock tower was built in the late 1860s in memory of the consort and husband Prince Albert of Queen Victoria.

Irro Bus Charter airport shuttle will pick you and your party from one of the two airports in Belfast, or from any other location in and around the area. Airport shuttle service will take 30 minutes to reach the city centre. We are the airport shuttle which gives you versatility when creating your individual group tour. When flying around Belfast our airport shuttle will be the wise partner to have. Send us your inquiry now and we'll test rates and availability for you to recommend the best price for your Belfast journey.

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