Discover the Top 10 attractions in Bastia with Irro-Charter
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Top 10 Attractions

Discover the Top 10 attractions The Bastia with Irro Charter

Top 10 attractions in The Bastia with Irro Charter

Bus Company will be delighted to show your group Bastia, which is a town on the northern part of the island of Corsica, France. Tour bus will show you Bars and restaurants lining up the old harbor behind the majestic Saint-Jean-Baptiste church. Once you arrive at Bastia airport then Irro Charter’s airport shuttle will be your expert host that will take you for a pleasant journey in Bastia. Bus rental in France by Irro Charter is your special key to experience a wonderful and memorable voyage in Bastia. If you decide to travel with your group, then chartered bus by Irro Charter is your best option to travel in Bastia. Bus Company by Irro Charter reminds group directors to plan their time between visits carefully to manage itinerary points, and still have time for other activities.

Do you need inspiration where to drive in Bastia? Please find here our top 10 places to go in Bastia:

Bastia, Corse
  1. The Old Port

    Tour bus can show your group the Old Port of Bastia, positioned between the Citadel and the Market Square,it is a real nice place to live where it is nice to rest and enjoy all its charm. Chartered bus recommends that you have to take a seat there on the terrace of a café early in the morning to watch the return of fishing vessels. Or you can walk along the quays admiring the vessels, or enjoy a nice ice cream while contemplating the colorful façades of the houses.
  2. La Cittadella

    Get ready with some comfortable walking shoes to visit the citadel on top of the cliffs south of the old harbor. Bus Company by Irro Charter recommends taking some time to walk around and enjoy its small village with many restaurants and cafés.
  3. Church of Saint-Mairie

    This beautiful baroque church of the 17th century was originally the cathedral of Bastia for decades, before the diocese of Mariana was dissolved and Bastia fell under the diocese of Ajaccio. To get there you can rent a bus with driver in our bus company.
  4. Musée de Bastia

    Around the beginning of this decade, the regional museum was refurbished, and is now with 17 rooms. Comprehensive information boards with tour bus will give you a full overview of Bastia's birth and development, its position as a seat of power, the culture that flourished here and the people who ruled the Palace of the Governor. We recommend to visit their official website for more information.
  5. Chapelle Sainte-Croix

    A baroque oratory with an almost daunting rococo interior is also in the citadel, overflowing with gold, statues, carved marble and rich murals. Rent a coach with driver from our bus company and enjoy a 1,5 hour drive to the religious chapel.
  6. bastiacity
    Bastia city on Corsica
  7. Market Square

    The market square of Bastia is actually Place de l'Hôtel de Ville, or (City Hall Square). It is right next to Saint-Jean Baptiste, the previous church. If you don't want to enjoy a leisurely meal at one of the restaurants in the city, Chartered bus recommends that you can buy anything between La Table du Marche and the Saint-Jean Baptiste at the little market. They're very helpful when choosing a wine or cheese.
  8. Saint-Nicolas

    Bastia's central square is one of the largest in France, at 300 meters by 70, and almost twice the size of Piazza San Marco in Venice. Bus Company will show how amazing this is.
  9. Palais des Gouverneurs

    Moving up from the old harbor and you can enter the Genoese Citadel. There is a village named Terra Nova, the new settlement, within the walls. A bus rental by Irro Charter will be the best partner in discovering many restaurants here with fantastic views of the sea and the old harbour; it is a perfect spot to enjoy lunch.
  10. Shopping in Bastia

    You will have many chances to buy Corsican products during your holiday in Bastia. Knives are a specialty here, like nearby Sardinia (actually a member of the same land mass as Corsica). You can hire the coach with driver from chartered bus and take all day long to drive around Bastia’s region and enjoy shopping, Corsican wines and fruits found on the island.
  11. Place du Marché

    Another photogenic square, Place du Marché, is surrounded by elegantly decaying apartment buildings with painted shutters that has a border for outdoor tables. Tour bus by Irro Charter suggests staying at hotel l’Alivi, located outside Bastia in the small village of Ville-di-Pietrabugno. Our tour bus will take care of transporting your group all around Bastia. You just need to enjoy good food, great service and beautiful views. Airport shuttle from Irro Charter will pick you and your group from Bastia airport (BIA) or any other place in and around the city. We are the airport shuttle that gives you flexibility while you can create your individual tour with your group. Our airport shuttle would be the wise partner to have when traveling around Bastia.
  12. Send us your inquiry now and we will check prices and availability for you in order to offer you the best price for your trip to Bastia.

    If you are looking for more information about Bastia and how to get there, klick here.

    Your Irro Charter team.

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