Discover the Top 10 attractions in  Augsburg with Irro Charter
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Top 10 Attractions

Discover the Top 10 attractions The Augsburg with Irro Charter

Top 10 attractions in The Augsburg with Irro Charter

Visit the Top 10 places in Augsburg with Irro Bus Charter Germany - your bus company Once you arrive at Munich Airport or Augsburg Central Train Station then airport shuttle by Coach Charter will be your kind carer that will drive your group in Augsburg. Our Bus Company will be delighted to show your group Augsburg ss the administrative capital and local center of Bavarian's Swabia region. Our Chartered bus can take you through the 15BC ruins where the Romans founded the third oldest German city after Neuss and Trier, around Augsburg. Our Tour bus can show you how the city had long been at the center of European trade routes, but its glorious days were in the early modern era when the banking families of Fugger and Welser amassed inconceivable riches. Our Bus rental will bring your group to the first Renaissance buildings in Augsburg, just north of the Alps, with the towering City Hall and the luxurious residence of the Fugger family. Coach Charter Europe is normally the essential travel companion required when arriving in Augsburg. If you decide traveling with a group, then chartered bus in Europe by Irro Charter is best option to transport with in Augsburg. Coach Charter Europe will ensure your group safe, prompt and enjoyable travel. If you need inspiration where to go in Augsburg, then find here our top 10 places to explore in Augsburg:

Augsburg Town Hall
  1. Fuggerei

    Jakob Fugger, the influential merchant banker, started the world's oldest social housing project in 1516. 52 houses were constructed within a decade and the series of streets, squares, and served by a church became a kind of mini city of its own. We recommend to visit their official website for more information about this stunning project.
  2. Botanischer Garter

    What began as a nursery in the 1930's has flourished to a 10-hectare plant collection from around the globe. This compound now boasts 3,100 species, with 1,200 of them are tropical, subtropical and those that grow in greenhouses. Coach Charter Europe recommends using our bus company to get to this Garten and enjoy the flower splendor.
  3. City Hall

    Completed at a considerable cost in the 1610s when Augsburg was at its peak era, the City Hall represents the city's former riches and power during the Renaissance times. Our Rental Bus is your reliable companion to get there.
  4. Augsburg Cathedral

    Coach Charter Europe's Tour bus can show you the ancient elements in the majestic cathedral of Augsburg with Romanesque style that dates back to the 10th century, but the dominant theme is Late Gothic style from the 14th century. On the pillars of the nave are paintings by Hans Holbein the Elder, while medieval stained glass abounds, the oldest of which are high in the clerestory of the South side and were made at the end of the 11th century.
  5. Schaezlerpalais

    This was the 18th-century banker Benedikt Adam Liebert's former home. It is a Rococo gem in its own right. It has magnificent gardens, courtyards and interiors, culminating in an extraordinarily rich 1760s ballroom embellished with candlesticks, a huge fresco on the ceiling, high mirrors and masses of gold stucco. Our Bus Rental will take there.
  6. Augsburg2
    Augsburg, Germany
  7. Perlachturm

    Perlachturm is considered one of the most impressive northern Renaissance ensembles in the Alps region. The tower is 70 meters high and our tour bus recommends visits between April till November, as well as from Friday to Sunday during the Christmas market.
  8. St Annes's Church

    Originally attached to a monastery from the 14th century, St Anne's Church witnessed one of the most important moments of the Reformation history: in 1518, Martin Luther remained among the Carmelite friars of the monastery when he encountered the Papal Legate who forced him to submit to the pope. Bus Rental is your transport there.
  9. Augsburg Zoo

    Since the 8th century, the town had exotic animals when Charlemagne kept his pet Asian elephant here. Fast-forward 1,300 years and Augsburg's Zoo is now one of the 20 largest in Germany, providing shelter for 1,600 creatures of 300 different species. Coach Charter Europe recommends your tour group travel by our chartered bus to safely and comfortably get to the Zoo. For more information, have a look at the official website of the Augsburg Zoo - klick here.
  10. Mozarthaus

    Rental bus will show you the gabled house from the 17th century, where the father of the great composer Leopold Mozart was born in 1719, but is now a museum. The audio-guided tour shows handwritten notes, books, engravings, music sheets, and musical instruments like Johann Andreas Stein's original grand piano.
  11. St Ulrich's and St Afra's Church

    As an Imperial Abbey, St Ulrich's and St Afra's was essentially an independent enclave within the Free City of Augsburg. Bus Company can drive you to the church which holds the sarcophagi for the saints Ulrich, Afra and Simpertus, and all former Bishops of Augsburg.

Airport shuttle by Coach Charter Europe will pick you and your group from Munich Airport or Augsburg Central Train Station or any other place in and around the city. With our airport shuttle you can start to enjoy your holidays in Augsburg on time. We are the tour bus that provides you flexibility while you can create your individual tour with your group. Our bus company would be the wise partner to have when traveling around Augsburg.
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