Discover the Top 10 attractions to visit  Antwerp with Irro Charter
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Top 10 Attractions

Discover the Top 10 attractions The Antwerp with Irro Charter

Top 10 attractions in The Antwerp with Irro Charter

After arriving at Antwerp airport, Irro Charter’s airport shuttle will be your host that will drive you on your journey in and around Antwerp. Our Bus Company recommends the following best options to experience in Antwerp; Belgium's second largest city and home to the country's largest port. Antwerp is a clear choice for travelers. Our Tour bus can show you why this city looks so cool, due to its historic position as home to mogul and diamond dealers. By making the choice to Charter a bus by Irro Charter to help you explore this nice city with its unique character and charms, you will be very satisfied.

If you decide to travel with a group, bus rental by Irro Charter is best option to travel in and around Antwerp and Belgium. Irro Charter will ensure your group travels to be safe, prompt and enjoyable.

Do you need to be inspired as to where to go in Antwerp? Kindly find here our top 10 tips on where to go in Antwerp:

Port authority house (Porthuis) designed by famous Zaha Hadid Architects. Antwerp, Belgium

  1. Red Star Line Museum

    Our Tour bus can show your group the Red Star Line Museum, which exhibits the tales of many migrants who left Belgium through Red Star Line ships for America. The Red Star Line Museum is located in the shipping company's old warehouses. The exhibitions show how they transported steamer to steamer full of people westward, and provides an outstanding eye for detail and historical background.
  2. The Mas

    This This massive Lego ® brick-like structure is located in the heart of an old harbor neighborhood, redeveloped by its existence. When you've had your historic sights filled inside Antwerp then you can visit the new MAS museum. With our bus company it will take just a few minutes to get there.
  3. The Home of Rockoxhuis

    In 17th Century Antwerp, Nicolaas Rockoxhuis became something of a political star. He was an advocate and activist and his house is still beautiful to this day. Rental bus by Irro Charter will be best partner to explore this famous politician’s house.
  4. Town Square

    The Grote Markt or town square of Antwerp dates back to the 16th century and is a fine example of this period's architecture. Crafted in Renaissance and Gothic styles, the town hall is the vivid centrepiece. Brabo, a mythical giant slayer, is the statue in the middle of the square and dates back to 1887.Our Chartered bus reminds you that the nearby Hofstraat Street is where the old stock exchange stood until the 16th century.
  5. Central Station

    Looking at a train station may not be one of the best things to do in many towns but it is an absolute must in Antwerp. The gothic architecture of the impressive exterior of the building will take away your breath and the main hall is equally beautiful. Bus Company by Irro Charter will be glad to pick up and drop off your group to this beautiful impressive station.
  6. Antwerp2
    Grote Markt in Antwerp, Belgium
  7. Ruben’s House

    The Rubens house is the painter Pieter Paul Rubens ' former home. Rubens himself designed the home as both a place to live, and as a studio to work in. With our tour bus it will take literally just a few minutes to get there, to explore this old and glory art house.
  8. Zoo

    Founded in 1843, the Antwerp Zoo makes a perfect day out when you're eager for something different than museums and architecture. The zoo may be one of the oldest in the country, but it has new and world class facilities with state-of - the-art enclosures and breeding programs. You can rent a bus with driver from our chartered bus company, that will take you to explore this historical animal’s home.
  9. Cathedral of our Lady

    The largest cathedral in the Low Countries can be admired from the outside as well as from the inside. Construction took 169 years until completion in the year 1521. The spire is visible from many parts of the town and never fails to take one's breath away. Irro Charter’s chartered bus highly recommends you visit this amazing cathedral with Baroque decor and Ruben’s artwork.
  10. Chocolate Nation

    Visit the world's first Belgian museum of chocolate in central Antwerp. Visitors are taken on a 60 to 90 minute chocolate journey in fourteen different themed spaces. For centuries the love tale between this tiny nation and the sweet delight was flourishing. This museum caters for group travel and private travel. If you travel with a group you can hire a coach with driver from Irro Charter’s bus company.
  11. Grote Markt

    Grote Markt was originally a forum or square situated just outside the medieval quarter. The first annual markets were held by foren van Brabant (Brabant fairs).

When you want to come to Antwerp, airport shuttle by Irro Charter will pick you and your group from Brussels Airport or any other place in and around the city.

We are the airport shuttle that provides you with flexibility while you can form your individual tour with your group. Irro Charter’s airport shuttle is the the wise partner to have when traveling around Antwerp.

Send us your inquiry now and we will check prices and availabilit in order to give you the best price for your trip to Antwerp.

Your Irro Charter team.

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