Discover the Top 10 attractions to visit Amsterdam with Irro Charter
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Top 10 Attractions

Discover the Top 10 attractions The Amsterdam with Irro Charter

Top 10 attractions in The Amsterdam with Irro Charter

When you arrive at Amsterdam airport, your will be a caring host that will take you for an interesting journey in Amsterdam. Our Bus rental in Netherlands will be delighted to show your group Amsterdam city which is famously known as a city for bikes, while pedaling along the complex streets it can get a little chaotic.

Our Tour bus can be a safe option to view the gentle canals, which will provide a good backdrop for exploring the square Jordaan and Rembrandtplein. Irro Bus Charter’s bus rental is best choice to explore this nice city with character and charm. If you decide to travel with a group, then Irro Bus Charter’s chartered bus is best option to travel in Amsterdam. Irro Bus Charter will ensure your group to a safe, prompt and enjoyable journey.

Do you need inspiration what to expolore in Amsterdam? Kindly find here our top 10 places to go in Amsterdam:

Restaurant tables lining the beautiful canals of Amsterdam under blue skies during springtime, Netherlands
  1. Rijksmuseum

    The The Rijksmuseum is Holland's main national museum. The displays depict Holland's art and culture from the Middle Ages through to the present. Our bus company will be best partner to get there.
  2. Vondelpark

    Vondelpark is the largest and most popular-municipal park in Amsterdam. With our bus rental it will take just a few minutes to get there. The lush 45-hectare site features a popular open-air theater, various playgrounds for children and many cafés and restaurants, making it a vibrant activity centre in any season. It's not surprising that it is so loved by locals and tourists alike.
  3. Van Gogh museum

    Let the Van Gogh museum overwhelm you with the wonderful works of Van Gogh and discover how he influenced the history of art. Irro Bus Charter bus company will be best partner to travel there safely and explore this incredible art museum.
  4. A'DAM Tower

    It may look brand new, but it was originally opened in 1971, when this building was home to the Royal Dutch Shell oil company. With our chartered bus you can easy reach this wonderful park and it will only take 25 minutes. The A'DAM Tower was built in early 2016 as one of the most exciting nightlife and artistic hubs in Amsterdam after a multi-million Euro refurbishment.
  5. Vuurtoreneiland

    This is literally a Lighthouse Island. This restaurant located on a small island on the shore of the Ijsselmeer Bay east of the city center of Amsterdam. Yet this is not a typical restaurant – this rugged outpost hosts a temporary glass greenhouse in the summer, while dinner in the winter is served in an underground bunker heated by a fire and clothing offered on each chair. You can drink a glass of wine while enjoying the wonderful views, let our tour bus bring you home afterwards.
  6. amsterdam2
    Beautiful sunrise over Amsterdam, The Netherlands, with flowers and bicycles on the bridge in spring
  7. Artis Zoo

    The ARTIS Amsterdam Royal Zoo was the first zoo in the Netherlands founded in the heart of Amsterdam. It is a place where nature and cultural heritage come together; a place where since 1838 history has been made and where new stories are produced every day. Hiring a coach with a driver from our bus company will be the best choice.
  8. Albert Cuyp Market

    Bus rental guarantees that you will find your way to The The Albert Cuyp Market which is open to anyone who knows and loves Amsterdam. The market was established in 1905 and is one of the most popular locations for locals as well as for tourists, students, day trippers and entrepreneurs.
  9. Flevopark

    Flevopark is located in the Indische Buurt, on the eastern side of Amsterdam. Large groups of members within the Jewish community initially idealized the park as a large Jewish cemetery in 1908 and were led by a well-known naturalist, Jac P. Thijsse. The Park is a bit outside city centre and by hiring a tour bus by Irro Bus Charter, we will help you take your group to the park and back hassel free.
  10. Anne Frank Museum

    The The Anne Frank House, also known as the Museum of Anne Frank, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Amsterdam. When visiting museum you will experience an emotional part of history. Our Chartered bus recommends if you are visiting in the morning, you may want to schedule something simple and fun for the afternoon.
  11. Eye Film Institute

    The Amsterdam Museum of Film invites you to enjoy movies on four screens, visit the exhibition room, the immersive basement, the museum shop and the restaurant and café. You'll get to know all the facets of video and moving images at EYE Amsterdam, the Netherlands ' video institute.

Irro Bus Charter will pick you and your group up from Schiphol Airport or any other place in and around Amsterdam city. We are the airport shuttle that gives you flexibility while you can create your individual tour for your group. With our airport shuttle it will take just few minutes to get within the city and start to enjoy your break in Amsterdam. Our airport shuttle would be the wise choice to have while traveling around Amsterdam.

Send us your inquiry now and we will check prices and availability for you in order to give you the best price for your trip to Amsterdam.

Your Bus Charter Europe team.

For more information about Amsterdam and how to get there, please click here.

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