Lion's Club Youth Camp 2023
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Lion's Club Youth Camp 2023

At a time when the world is marked by convulsions, conflicts flare up that seemed to have been overcome long ago. But it is precisely at such moments that the importance of organizations like the Lions movement becomes clear - founded in the middle of the First World War with the aim of uniting peoples and bringing people together.

The Hanover-Lower Saxony Lions District has long been committed to the need for action in this area and is doing all it can to help. After all, what could be more valuable than bringing young people from different countries together and teaching them values such as tolerance, cultural competence and respect for different ethnic groups? Under the motto "International Understanding," the Hanover-Lower Saxony Lions District is making its contribution - and not just financially.

In the fall of last year, the district decided to organize an "International Youth Camp". Under the organization of LF Eugen Prändl, the then zone leader III/4, and the overall management of KJL LF Christian Rathmann, a small but powerful Orga team was formed, which invested months of preparation.

On July 1, 2023, the longed-for young people landed at Hamburg Airport. A fantastic adventure began, which would be unforgettable for the young people as well as for the participating Lions friends and their families.

The actual camp life began at the Gustaf Stresemann Institute in Bad Bevensen. Here, a program awaited the young people that they would not soon forget. Starting with a two-day visit to Berlin, followed by a varied program supported by the generous donation of Irro - they provided buses and drivers free of charge.

From a visit to Berlin and sightseeing to technology workshops and cultural excursions, the youth camp offered an impressive range of experiences. The young people not only got to know Germany, but also learned about themselves, their teamwork skills and their cultural diversity.

The closing party on July 18 was the crowning finale. The LC Bad Bevensen generously sponsored the event, and high-ranking guests attended. Here it became clear how successful the camp was - not only in its implementation, but especially in connecting people from different parts of the world.

Lions Youth Camp 2023 was a journey of tolerance, respect and friendship. The organizers and participants can be proud to have made a valuable contribution to international understanding. This camp was more than just a trip - it was a step towards a harmonious world where cultural diversity is seen as enrichment.

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