Top Hidden Treasures in Germany
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Top Hidden Treasures in Germany

When life was on a normal pace till February 2020, so many tourist groups were visiting Germany and rushing through the famous highlights in the major cities like Berlin, Munich, and Frankfurt. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has hit very hard the travel world almost globally to a stop in March 2020 for the first time in recorded history. Then since July 2020 some local travel possibilities have opened within the country and within the EU family as well.

This opportunity created the need to explore more parts of this amazing country in the quest to find the hidden touristic treasures and off the beaten track spots in Germany. That effort resulted in some great finds worth traveling to and exploring by every one interested in adventure, history and natural beauty.

Trust the following highlights will add more value and excitement to your upcoming trips in Germany:

Walhalla (memorial)

The Walhalla (hall of fame) is a memorial established to honor the distinguished people who plaid significant part of Germanic history. The celebrated names are from the Anglo-Saxons that cover Swiss and Austrian German speakers and some who went to Britain as well. In 1826 King Ludwig I of Bavaria commissioned the erection of a monument located on a special hill looking over the Danube River, nearby city of Regensburg, and designed similar to the ancient Greek Parthenon. The memorial is a wonderful place to learn about German speaking stars of several great accomplishments, and an insight into the 1800 years of history it covers. The top of hill location offers great views of the Danube River and its lush green banks. This place is recommended for history, nature and hiking enthusiasts.

Sächsische Schweiz National park – Basteibrücke

The Saxon Switzerland national park is really a wonderland of natural forest with breathtaking rock formations that makes it a heaven for nature and sports enthusiasts. You will find here abundant cycling ways, hiking trails, excellent rock climbing points, and boating activities on the Elbe River. This beautiful green park is located on the border between Germany and The Czech republic. It will make the perfect rest break stop on the way between Prague and Dresden, with a little more than an hour from Prague, and little less than hour from Dresden. The must see in this adventure is the Basteibrücke bridge. This bridge was originally built as a wooden structure in 1824, but over time sand stones have been added to solidify the foundations and structure to the brilliant status it is now presented in. The views and scenery around this bridge are simply stunning.

Lichtenstein Castle

Lichtenstein Fort is located in Honau, Baden-Württemberg. The strategic mountain top position was the location of a knight’s castle built in 1100AD. Then over centuries and fierce battles was destroyed, and rebuilt, and destroyed, until the final building in 1840. The Duke of Urach Wilhelm Graf von Württemberg in 1840 commissioned the palace/castle compound to be built on the foundations of the ruins of an ancient knight's castle. The style and furnishing were dedicated to the great German style of romanticism during the middle ages. The result is now a spectacular castle with opulent interiors, and breath taking views from the exteriors that really brings to mind the most famous German castle in Bavaria. It is considered a day trip to Lichtenstein Fort in Honau, Baden-Württemberg is simply a visit in time to the golden period of German enlightenment. Once you experience all it has to offer, you are considered educated in refined German styles.

Schwerin Castle

Schwerin city is a small town with galleries and museums surrounded by nice minimalist style buildings, reflecting the classic north German designs. The city is also the capital of state Mecklenburg – Vorpommern. The parliament of this state is housed in the Schwerin Castle with some sections still open for the public to visit today. For many centuries this Palace-Castle was the official seat of power for the Mecklenburg grand dukes. This amazing palace was originally built on a small island in Lake Schwerin as the Slavic castle in the middle of the tenth century. The current palace and island designs are the result of numerous phases of reshaping, redesign, rebuilding, and extensive added features over the 10 centuries of its heritage. In parts of documented literature this palace is nicknamed as the “Fairytale Castle” or the “Cinderella Castle” due to its beautiful and very appealing architecture. The palace gardens stretch far around the compound island, which are designed in the English style and make great matching of water, lush green, and flowers in spring and summer.

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